The Sunday Jazz Brunch Presents

Sunday's Playlist

Air Date: 6/9/2024 on 90.5 WICN 8am-12pm ET

HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Lauren Henderson\Sombras 2024\Seasons
Joe Locascio\November The Music of Phil Gurlik 2023\Solare
Andy Ezrin\I Was Here 2024\If I Don't See You
Eric Alexander-Eric Alexander With Strings-02 Dreamsville 2019

Jo Harrop-The Path of a Tear 2024-01 Beautiful Fools
Noah Haidu\Standards 2023\Old Folks
Lucy Wijnands & John Di Martino-Call Me Irresponsible 2022-02 Deep In A Dream
Yosef Gutman Levitt\The World and Its People 2024\he World and Its People

Kelly Green\Seems Green Soul Studios 2024\Try Your Wings
Blue Moods\Swing & Soul 2024\Gaslight
Remy Le Boeuf\Heartland Radio  2024\Little Song
Lauren White\Making it Up as We Go Along 2024\I'm Glad There is You

HOUR TWO: New For You

Win Pongsakorn\Time Has Changed 2024\003 Hummingbirds at Balata Garden
Lucy Wijnands & John Di Martino-Call Me Irresponsible 2022-03 Suddenly It's Spring
Champian Fulton\Jazz at the Ballroom Flying High 2024\Lullaby of the Leaves feat Carmen Bradford v
Vanessa Perea\This is the Moment 2024\Something Happens to Me

Eric Alexander\Timing is Everything 2024\After the Rain
Ken Peplowski\Unheard Bird 2024\You Go to My Head
Tim Lin\Birdwatching 2024\Ornithology
Mike Clement\Hittin' It 2024\That's It

Lauren Henderson\Sombras 2024\Walking
Francesco Cataldo-Amaranto 2024-05 Better Days
Behn Gillece\Stick Together 2024\Cyclic Episode
Leigh Pilzer\Beatin' The Odds 2024\How Much Longer

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World
CeCe Gable\Love on the Tyrrhenian 2024\Little Boat
Roberto Menescal-Nosd Eo Mar 2023-09 Copacabana de Sempre
Ron Rieder\Latin Jazz Sessions 2024\Spring Serenade
Amber Weekes\A Lady With A Song 2024\Wave

Sarah McKenzie\Without You 2023\The Voice of Rio
Lori Bell Quartet-Recorda  Me, Remembering Joe Henderson 2024-07 Outer Urge
Sergio Pereira\Bossa+ 2024\Sea of Love
Cyrille Aimée\A Fleur de Peau 2024\Inside and Out

Vanessa Perea\This is the Moment 2024\05 Se Te Olvida (La Mentira) _ Sabor A Mi
Diego Figueiredo\Follow the Signs 2022\Five Times
Stacey Kent\Summer Me Winter Me 2024\11 Ne me quitte pas
Julie Kelly\Freedom Jazz Dance\08 Al Otro Lado del Rio

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Jeff Lorber Fusion-The Drop 2023-08 Mindshare
Brian Simpson\Soul Connection 2023\See You Again
Incognito-Into You 2023-09 Come to Me
Don Braden-Earth Wind And Wonder-02 Can't Hide Love 2018

Eric Alexander\Timing is Everything 2024
Streetwize-Lift Me Up 2024-02 About Damn Time
Gregory Porter-Liquid Spirit-03 Lonesome Lover
Tony Monaco-Over and Over 2024-03 My Lil Rosie Girl

Nnenna Freelon\Time Traveler 2021
Tritone Collective\TriTone Asylum 2022\The Road To Hue
Gato Barbieri-The Shadow of the Cat-09 Para Todos (For Everyone) 2002
Najee\Poetry In Motion\Duology



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