The Sunday Jazz Brunch Presents

Jacky Terrasson

Air Date: 5/19/2024 on 90.5 WICN 8am-12pm ET

Here's a pianist and his trio whose material I always eagerly await: Jacky Terrasson. The last release was in 2019, the album 53. So it's been five years, and now we have his new CD Moving On.

Here are my main takeaways for this artist. 

First, he almost always has at least one track that really stands out on any particular release, for me, anyway. To mention a couple, I'd say Baby Plum from his 1995 release Reach is one, and The Dolphin from his 2002 release Smile is another.

Second, when he records with vocalists, they are usually pretty interesting ones. For example, his work with Cassandra Wilson on the 1997 CD Rendevous was actually where I first heard the dark voice of Ms. Wilson. 

Another CD in this category would be the 2005 tribute to Burt Bachrach and Hal David, Close To You, with relatively unknown, but quite talented, vocalist Rigmor Gustafsson.

Now we have his new CD, and I will stick my neck out here and proclaim that Enfin, an original song on this CD, is the standout. You can hear it during the 9am hour.

I'd love to have Mr. Terrasson talk with us on the show. I'll work on it!



HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Andy Milne\Time Will Tell 2024\Broken Landscape feat Joh Hebert b Clarence Pen d
Andy Ezrin\I Was Here 2024\Snowfall
Abena Koomson-Davis\Where is Love 2024\Where is Love
Kandace Springs\Run Your Race 2024\My Poor Heart

Tierney Sutton and San Gabriel 7-Good People 2024-08 Autumn Love
Noah Haidu\Standards II 2024\Days of Wine ad Roses
Sarah Michaels\Chapter 1 Full Circle 2024\You'll Be Fine
Lauren White\Making it Up as We Go Along 2024\Turn Out the Stars

Vanessa Perea\This is the Moment 2024\It Amazes Me
Zach Rich\Solidarity 2024\Broken Mirrors
Kandace Springs\Run Your Race 2024\Look
Kenny Washington\What's the Hurry\Smile

HOUR TWO: New For You

Abena Koomson-Davis\Where is Love 2024\\Perserverance
Brian Bromberg\LaFaro 2024\Solar
Lizz Wright\Shadow 2024\Your Love
Stacey Kent\Summer Me Winter Me 2024\Postcard Lovers

Jacky Terrasson\Moving On 2024\Enfin
Behn Gillece\Stick Together 2024\Lazy September
Sean Fyfe\Stepping Stones 2024\Stepping Stones
Tierney Sutton and San Gabriel 7-Good People 2024-06 Happy Goodbye

Andy Ezrin\I Was Here 2024\I'm Runnin' Out of Time
Tony Monaco-Over and Over 2024-06 Sailboat
Vanessa Perea\This is the Moment 2024\Something Happens To Me

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Hendrik Meurkens-The Jazz Meurkengers 2024-01 A Slow One
Diego Figueiredo-Broken Bossa-08 Regra Tres 2015
Stacey Kent\Summer Me Winter Me 2024\La Valse Des Lilas
Stella Bass\Too Darn Hot\Estate

Bianca Rossini\Apaixonada 2023\10 Sempre Acaba No Barzinho
Gabriel Espinosa\Bossas and Boleros 2023\First Responderz
Mafalda Minnozzi\Natural Impression 2023\02 Começar De Novo
Sarah McKenzie\Without You 2023\Bonita

Lori Bell Quartet-Recorda  Me, Remembering Joe Henderson 2024-09 Recorda Me
Janet Evra\Meet Me In Paris 2023\Paris (Encore)
Cyrille Aimée\A Fleur de Peau 2024\08 Ma Préférence
Sarah Michaels\Chapter 1 Full Circle\What A Day If I Spend It With You

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Brian Bromberg-Jaco-07 The Chicken 2002\The Chicken
Norman Brown-It Hits Different 2024-05 Strollin' feat Tom Shuman
Lizz Wright\Shadow 2024\Your Love
Jacqui Naylor-Treasures of the Heart 2024-02 Treasures of the Heart
Streetwize-Lift Me Up 2024-01 Leave The Door Open

Kim Waters\Shakedown\Hidden Treasure
Euge Groove\Comfort Zone 2023\Up Close
Jeff Lorber Fusion-The Drop 2023-02 Altered State
Incognito-Into You 2023-13 1993

Jo Harrop\The Path of a Tear 2024\Beuatiful Fools
Remy Le Boeuf\Heartland Radio  2024
Edy Forey\Culture Today 2024\Take Your Time
Brian Simpson\All That Matters 2021\Bonita


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