The Sunday Jazz Brunch Presents

Musician's Corner: Paul Ricci

Air Date: 12/24/2023 on 90.5 WICN 8am-12pm ET


There's a scene in one of my favorite sci-fi flicks, Forbidden Planet, where the ship's doctor tries to use the ancient Krell teaching device designed for Krell children. "My mind has been expanded, it's up there in lights..." he says, or something to that effect, and then he dies from being fed too much information for his little human brain. 

Well, I went too far just then describing one of my favorite movie scenes, and all to explain a little bit about how you will feel once you have finished listening to Paul Ricci talk about a couple of songs from Mafalda Minnozzi's new CD Natural Impression. Your mind will be expanded, and it will be up there in lights as you listen to the songs that Paul explains. It will certainly change the way you listen to those songs. 

 Tune in 10:30 ET 

to hear this edition of Musician's Corner.

But don't worry. No harm will come to you from this, in spite of the admittedly flawed movie metaphor. In fact, if it changes anything at all, it will likely change your life for the better.

Tune in on Sunday during Brazil hour to hear this Musician's Corner. Meantime, let's have a look at some pictures of Paul and vocalist Mafalda Minnozzi at WICN a few months ago. 



All photos by Mitch Bleier, or @mitch.bleier on Instagram..

Paul Ricci and Mafalda Minnozzi

Paul Ricci, Marty Friedman, Mafalda Minnozzi

View in Studio 50 from behind the live mixer.

HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Haver Hellmaier\X-Man in New York 2023\The Nearness of You
Leslie Pintchik-You Eat My Food, You Drink My Wine, You Steal My Girl! 2018-08 A Simpler Time
Gregory Tardy\In His Timing 2023\Cloud Dance

Joe Locascio\November The Music of Phil Gurlik 2023\Lost River Waltz
Silva & Steini\More Than You Know 2023\Try Your Wings
Jocelyn Gould\Sonic Bouquet 2023\02 Tender is teh Night
Sarah McKenzie-Secrets Of My Heart-01 You Only Live Twice 2019

Nicholas Payton-Relaxin' With Nick-01 Relaxin' With Nick 2019
Chris Botti\Vol 1 2023\Time On My Hands
Gregory Porter\Take Me to the Alley]05 Consequence of Love (2016)

HOUR TWO: New For You

Adam Palmer with Polish Orchestra\Second Life 2023\Chopin Medley
Roberto Menescal-Nosd Eo Mar 2023-02 Rio
Mark Winkler\The Rules Don't Apply 2023\Jazz Swings
Dare to Love-Mercedes Nicole 2023-04 If It's Magic
Richard Baratta-Off The Charts 2023-08 Tones For Joan's Bones

Jocelyn Gould-Sonic Bouquet 2023-06 Spring Regardless
Robin McKelle\Impressions of Ella 2023\How High the Moon
Michael Morreale\Stories of Recent Vintage 2023\Harvest Grove
Janet Evra\Meet Me In Paris 2023\C'est Magnifique

Brad Turner\The Magnificent 2023\Bernice
John LaBarbera Big Band\Grooveyard 2023\Tranesome
Samara Joy-Samara Joy 2021-05 It Only Happens Once

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Roberto Menescal-Nosd Eo Mar 2023-04 Bye Bye Brasil
Antonio Adolfo-Bossa 65 2023-03 Bye Bye Brasil
Jackie Ryan-This Heart of Mine-13 Velas Icadus 2003
Eliane Elias-Light My Fire-05 Isto Aqui O Que É (Silver Sandal) 2011

Roberto Menescal-Nosd Eo Mar 2023-05 Noe E O Mar
Gabriel Espinosa\Bossas and Boleros 2023\Sing
Ivan Lins\My Heart Speaks 2023\Rio de Maio
Leny Andrade- Bossas Novas-Bossas novas-12 samba da pergunta 1998
Leny Andrade- Bossas Novas-Bossas novas-14 I'll see you in Rio 1998

Mafalda Minnozzi\Natural Impression 2023\Aguas De Marcos - Musician's Corner feat Paul Ricci
Mafalda Minnozzi\Natural Impression 2023\Estamos - Musician's Corner Paul Ricci

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Euge Groove\Comfort Zone 2023\Walkin'
John LaBarbera Big Band\Grooveyard 2023\K's Delight
Kombo - Pedley and Pondel-This is the Good One 2023-04 Pass a Good Time
Keiko Matsui\Euphoria V2 2023\Blue Water

Brian Simpson\Soul Connection 2023\Barcelona
Leo Sidran-Cool School (Music of Michael Franks)-05 Antonio's Song 2018
Chris Standring\soul-express\Giant Steps
George Benson & Al Jarreau-Givin' It Up-01 Breezin' 2006

Gregory Porter-Be Good-09-Our Love
Grover Washington, Jr.-All My Tomorrows-09 Flamingo 1994
Euge Groove\Comfort Zone 2023\Crossroads
Fourplay-Yes, Please!-03 Once Upon a Love 2000


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