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Musician's Corner: Joe LoCascio

Air Date: 12/17/2023 on 90.5 WICN 8am-12pm ET

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When I was chatting with pianist and composer Joe LoCascio prior to putting together this Musician's Corner, I mentioned to him that his latest CD reminds me of another  pianist, Steve Kuhn. I didn't just blurt this out; I had thought about whether I should say something like that. After all, not everyone worships the great pianist as I do. 

There is a pause. Then Joe asks"What did you say? Did you say Steve Kuhn?"

"Yes," I replied. 

Now a longer pause. It seemed endless. Uh-oh. I must have said the wrong thing. It is getting wronger as the seconds pass.

"I LOVE Steve Kuhn," Joe says. "He's my idol!"


I guess I got lucky this time. The conversation went rather smoothly after that!

That Sound

So yeah, his playing on the new CD November, the Music of Phil Gurlick, does remind me of Steve Kuhn. It has 'that sound.' a kind of expansive playing, with plenty of cymbal work and an excellent bass player. This is just the sort of piano trio I really like. It is very thoughtful and, well, contemplative. Perfect for the first hour of the show. However, because I don't want to miss the non-early-risers, we'll air this segment around 9:30 ET, during the second hour.

 Tune in 9:30 ET 

to hear this edition of Musician's Corner.

So here's the backstory about Phil Gurlick. Mr. Gurlick is a good friend of Joe LoCascio who also happens to compose and arrange. His material is not necessarily jazz, but Joe liked some of Phil's melodies and they talked about Joe arranging them for piano trio and producing a CD. They agreed and now we have the CD. 

During this interview, you'll hear how Joe took the material, kept the melody but changed the harmony, maybe added an introduction, and played the result in a piano trio that is very tight and whose members listen carefully to each other. 

We'll also hear a bit from Phil Gurlick as well.

Tune in to this interesting and informative segment with Joe LoCascio.


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Joe Locascio\November The Music of Phil Gurlik 2023\November
Leslie Pintchik-True North 2015-07 Falling In Love Again
Arina Fujiwara\Neon\01 Yuki ga Furu 96K 24bit

Matt Rollings Trio\The Valentine Sessions 2023\Small Bossa
Ivan Lins\My Heart Speaks 2023\002 The Heart Speaks (Antes e Depois)
Chris Botti\Vol 1 2023\Fix You
Sarah McKenzie\Without You 2023\Without You
Earl Klugh-HandPicked-12 If I Fell 2013

Tim Green-Catching Yourself Gracefully 2003-03 Catching Yourself Gracefully
John Pizzarelli\Stage and Screen 2023\As Time Goes By
Joe Locascio\November The Music of Phil Gurlik 2023\Contrails
Rachael and Vilray-I Love a Love Song 2023-02 Een in the Evening

HOUR TWO: New For You

Dare to Love-Mercedes Nicole 2023-06 Candy
Jocelyn Gould-Sonic Bouquet 2023-08 Is That So
Ron Blake-Mistaken Identity 2023-01 Is That So
Robin McKelle\Impressions of Ella 2023\My One and Only

Joshua Redman\where are we 2023\Manhattan
Emmet Cohen\Emmet Cohen featuring Houston Person 2023\Sunday Kind of Love
Ivan Lins - My eart Speaks\The Heart Speaks (Antes e Depois) feat Dianne Reeves
Janet Evra\Meet Me In Paris 2023\Mia Mia

Joe Locascio\November The Music of Phil Gurlik 2023\Solare - Musician's Corner
Joe Locascio\November The Music of Phil Gurlik 2023\Lost River Waltz -Musician's Corner
Joe Locascio\November The Music of Phil Gurlik 2023\Phil's Place\Musician's Corner
Luiz Bonfá-The Bonfá Magic-04 Fat Tuesday's Theme [Instrumental] 1992

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Roberto Menescal-Nosd Eo Mar 2023-05 Noe E O Mar
Sarah McKenzie\Without You 2023\The Voice of Rio
John Pizzarelli-Bossa Nova-09 Francesca 2004
Ivan Lins-Live at MCG-06 Quem Ri Melhor,Onde Está a Honestidade 1999

Roberto Menescal-Nosd Eo Mar 2023-01 Barquinho
Michael Franks\Rendevous In Rio\Under the Sun
Nate Najar Trio-Aquarela do Brasil-08 samba for felix 2014
Peter Eldridge\Stranger in Town\11 Someone to Light Up My Life ()

Roberto Menescal-Nosd Eo Mar 2023-04 Bye Bye Brasil
Mafalda Minnozzi\Natural Impression 2023\15 Samba De Uma Nota Só
Janet Evra\Meet Me In Paris 2023\006 - C'est Magnifique
Affinity Trio\Hindsight 2023\Parisian Poet
Jackie Ryan-Passion Flower-03 Luiza 2002

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Kombo - Pedley and Pondel-This is the Good One 2023-06 Hitomi's Rose
Incognito-Into You 2023-03 Nothing Makes Me Fell Better
Jeff Lorber Fusion-The Drop 2023-10 Tail Lights
Gregory Porter-All Rise-11 Phoenix-2020

Brian Simpson\Soul Connection 2023\Through the Tears
The 3 Keys-We 3 Keys 2023-11 Something Nice
Hil St. Soul\Back in Love 2022\Fingerprints
Lindsey Webster\Reasons 2022\Stay with Me feat Randy Brecker

Rick Braun-Can You Feel It-05-Get Up and Dance
Richard Elliot\Authentic Life 2021\Walk with Me
Spyro Gyra-Original Cinema-11 Getaway 2003
Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance-05 Starburst 1979


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