Noah Haidu (Photo by Chris Drukker)

The Sunday Jazz Brunch Presents

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Air Date: 11/5/2023 on 90.5 WICN 8am-12pm ET

No, nothing here about Marvin Gaye. Sorry!

Just some musings this week as we revisit a show from a few months ago. 

As I write this I'm listening to songs you'll hear in an upcoming show, like Chris Standring playing Giant Steps, or a new tune from Brian Simpson that just makes me feel good, or a really great version of Cole Porter's Dream Dancing from vocalist Linda Purl. I could go on an on, but wait a minute, aren't I supposed to write about this show?

Ok you got me. So about this show.

This is the one that includes a Musician's Corner interview with pianist Noah Haidu, showcasing his new CD Standards, which features Buster Williams. If you missed it, then here's a good chance to catch it again, and read about it here.

Just before that, check out the juxtoposition of Charlie Parker and Greg Abate, two of my favorite alto sax players!

And now I feel guilty, about the Marvin thing. So here, check out the George Benson number in hour four. 
Marvin said I'm good. ­čĹî


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Michael Morreale-August 17th 2023-06 Emily
Tim Ray Trio-Fire & Rain 2023-08 Lawns
Dan Wilson-Things Eternal 2023-06 Things Eternal feat Jessica Yafanaro
Carol Welsman-For You-11 The Shadow of Your Smile 2017

Vicente Archer\Short Stories 2023\Drop of Dusk
Sienna Dahlen & Bill Coon\Balladextrous 2023\Day Dream
Thomas Fonnesbaek & Justn Kauflin\Danish Rain 2023\Everything I Love

Ben Wolfe-Unjust 2022-05 The Corridor
Chloe Jean-Fairy Tale Fail 2023-02 Cry Me a River
Noah Haidu\Standards 2023\All The Way
Rahsaan Barber-Mosaic 2021-06 NaDJe And The Snow

HOUR TWO: New For You

Michael Morreale-August 17th 2023-07 A Time for Love
Dan Wilson-Things Eternal 2023-08 Smile Please
Walter Smith III-return to casual 2023-09 K8 + BYU$
Eric Reed-For Such a Time as This-12 Hymn of Faith-2020

Charlie Parker-Compact Jazz- Charlie Parker 1987-08 Just Friends
Greg Abate-Reunion Live at WICN 2023-02 Light Speed
Nick Green\Green on the Scene 2023\Barry
Charlie Parker-Compact Jazz- Charlie Parker 1987-15 The Song Is You

Musician's Corner: Noah Haidu\Standards 2023\A Beautiful Friendship
Jane Potter-Now I Know-09 Beautiful Friendship 2014
John Dimartino-Passion Flower-14 Lotus Blossom-2020

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Diego Figueiredo\My World 2023\My Friend Ken
Stan Getz-Moments In Time 2016-02 O Grande Amor
Luiz Millan\Brazilian Match\006 Morungaba
Diego Figueiredo-Broken Bossa-13 Samba Do Aviao 2015

Jackie Ryan + John Clayton & Friends-Listen Here-08 La Puerta 2012
Ivan Lins-I'm Not Alone-10 Camaleão 1996
Jerry Kalaf\Welcome to Earth 2014\Siyaya Samba

Luiz Millan\Brazilian Match\Luiz Millan - Sopro de Esperanca
Miguel De Leon\Malandro\A Voz do Morro
Diego Rivera\Love and Peace 2023\Composure
Lauren Henderson-Conjuring 2023-04 Es Magia (Featuring Gabe Schnider, John Chin, Eric Wheeler & Joe Dyson)

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Keiko Matsui\Euphoria V2 2023 - Love And Nothing Less (Featuring Lalah Hathaway, Gregoire Maret)
Ken Fowser\Resolution 2023\Reminiscent of You
Leo Sidran-Cool School (Music of Michael Franks)-07 Lotus Blossom 2018
Fareed Haque-Deja Vu-03 Teach Your Children 1997

Fourplay\Silver\Horace 2015
Fernandez & Wright-Unsung-03 Thinkin It Lately 2009
Jazz In Pink featuring Gail Jhonson - All That Jazz -  featuring Marion Meadows
George Benson-That's Right-Marvin Said 1996

Norman Brown\Let's Get Away 2022\Sunset on Chandler
Norman Connors-Remember Who You Are-04 You And I .wav
Paul Hardcastle-The Jazzmasters 4-06-Time 4 Living
Paul Hardcastle-The Jazzmasters 4-07-Signs of Life (Still Searching)


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