Musician's Corner: Eliana Cuevas - I Will Be Free

Air Date: 6/18/2023 on 90.5 WICN 8am-12pm ET


Seré Libre means I Will Be Free, and it is the title of the new CD from Venezuelan/Canadian vocalist and composer Eliana Cuevas.

Perusing the CD front and back cover, a number of questions are raised:

  • This is Venezuelan music. How does that differ from the Brazilian music we know and love?  
  • There is a twenty-seven piece orchestra. Is that typical of Venezuelan music? If rhythm is central to music as it is in Brazilian music, then how does that sound with orchestra?
  • The orchestra is all Canadian and the musicians are classically trained. Will we hear a European classical sensibility in the arrangements, the sound, the conducting?
These  questions crossed my mind before I even spun the CD.

 Tune in between 10am-11am ET 

to hear this edition of Musician's Corner.

The discussion you'll hear on Musician's Corner will center on Ms. Cuevas' original song Llegó. The song is written with certain percussion instruments in mind, native to Venezuela. There are two similar such instruments and they each play a unique rhythm. When combined, there is a special feeling that you'll only hear in Venezuelan music. Ms. Cuevas describes the sound of each instrument and we hear a sample prior to the song playing. It is delightful to have this background when listening to the song. It must be tremendously difficult for a twenty-seven piece orchestra to synchronize their parts with this unusual percussive effect.

Don't miss this interesting and lively edition of Musician's Corner on the Sunday Jazz Brunch.

Astrud Gilberto 

Also during Brazil/World hour, I devote one set to the famed singer, recently passed, Astrud Gilberto. 

Ms. Gilberto is a seminal figure in the world of Brazilian jazz, noted especially for her English rendition of The Girl From Ipanema on the 1963 album Getz/Gilberto, which won a coveted Grammy award for best album of the year. 

Astrud Gilberto was nominated for best vocal performance by a female.



Photos of Eliana Cuevas by Shayne Gray

HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Joe Locke-Makram 2022-04 Elegy For Us All
Joe Chambers-Dance Kobina 2023-09 Moon Dancer
Walter Smith III-return to casual 2023-05 Mother Stands For Comfort
Louis Hayes-Exactly Right! 2023-04 So Many Stars

Billy Childs-Lyric-05 The Old Man Tells His Story 2005
Dan Dean\Fanfare for the Common Man 2021\Khachaturian - Gayane's Adagio
Kevin Kaska Jazz Orch-Shades of Rio-07 Serenade from Rio 2018

Noah Haidu\Standards 2023\Skylark
Michael O'Neill Quintet-Conversations with Birds 2023-05 I Remember
Anthony E Nelson Jr\Swinging Sunset 2023\Why Did I Choose You

HOUR TWO: New For You

Thomas Fonnesbaek & Justn Kauflin\Danish Rain 2023\003 Windows
Eric Alexander-A New Beginning - Alto Saxophone With Strings 2023-06 Anita
Joe Locke-Makram 2022-02 Raise Heaven (For Roy)

Michael O'Neill Quintet-Conversations with Birds 2023-07 A Tadd Off
Nick Green\Green on the Scene 2023\Barry
Pierre Chambers\Shining Moments 2023/Dear Ann

Noah Haidu\Standards 2023\Last Dance II feat Steve Wilson
Louis Hayes-Exactly Right! 2023-02 Is That So
Harry Allen Orchestra-With Roses 2023-03 The Maestro

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Musician's Corner: Eliana Cuevas\Sere Libre 2023\Llegó
Edward Simon\Femeninas 2023\Feminina feat Magos Hererra
Emilie-Claire Barlow-Tribute-07 De Flor Em Flor 2001

Astrud Gilberto-Look to the Rainbow-13 A Certain Sadness 1966
Astrud Gilberto-Look to the Rainbow-03 Felicidade 1966
João Gilberto-Amoroso,Brasil-14 Cordeiro De Nanã 1976
Astrud Gilberto-Look to the Rainbow-07 Look to the Rainbow 1966
Basia\Time and Tide 1987\Astrud

Steen Rasmussen Quinteto-Canta-10 Distrito ChinêS 2018
Stacey Kent-The Changing Lights-01 This Happy Madness 2013
Susan Pereira\Tudo Azul\Our Day Will Come

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Kombo - Pedley and Pondel-This is the Good One 2023-02 Wind it Up
EMarc Jordan\Waiting for the Sun to Rise 2023\Everybody wants to rule the world
Wayne Alpern\Frankenstein 2021\More Than Yesterday
The 3 Keys-We 3 Keys 2023-01 That Beat

Leo Sidran-What's Trending 2023-01 What's Trending
Chloe Jean-Fairy Tale Fail 2023-08 Where Love Began
Yellowjackets-Parallel Motion 2022-07 Resilience

Darmon Meader\Losing My Mind 2023\The Song Is You
Gregory Porter\Take Me to the Alley\02 Don’t Lose Your Steam (2016)
Hil St. Soul\Back in Love 2022Love and Fire
Marion Meadows-Twice As Nice 2021-03 Pandora



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