The Sunday Jazz Brunch Presents

Musician's Corner: Joanie Pallatto In The Middle of Life

Air Date: 5/21/2023 on 90.5 WICN 8am-12pm ET


As vocalist Joanie Pallatto tells us on the next edition of Musician's Corner, the song title In the Middle of Life could also have been "In the midst of life." She does not intend your interpretation to mean something related to "mid-life," as in "mid-life crisis". Although of course, you can be in the middle of life during a mid life crisis!

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, I would like to suggest that you tune in this Sunday around 9am to hear Ms. Pallatto tell us about this song. 

Tune in Sunday around 9am during the Sunday Jazz Brunch to hear this edition of Musician's Corner with Joanie Pallatto.

She'll talk about how she came up with the lyrics, the melody, the intro, the interludes, the song form, and how she provides a 'palate cleanser' for the listener.

In one spot the song briefly shifts from major to minor key, and she explains where that is and sings it for you. You cannot but listen to the song with much greater appreciation than if you had not heard the talk beforehand.

The song comes from her new CD, Accidental Melody. The CD contains thirteen original songs, and is her fourth album of all original songs.

During the show you'll also hear a few tracks from Ms. Pallatto's previous CD, My Original Plan, released in 2021.

Very New

Several tracks in this show are new and never played before on SJB, including new material from Wayne Escoffery, Ken Fowser, George Coleman, and Jackie Ryan.

I hope you enjoy the show, and thanks for tuning in to the Sunday Jazz Brunch.


Photo of Joanie Pallatto by Sparrow 


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Dizzy & Fay\Hooked 2023\Never Mind
Joe Locascio\November The Music of Phil Gurlik 2023\Winter Again
Buster Williams\Unalome 2023\In The Middle of a Rainbow
Peter Smith\Dollar Dreams 2023\Prayer for Jay

Dave Stryker\As We Are 2021\As We Were
Bill Cunliffe Trio\Border Widow's Lament 2023\Interiors
Joanie Pallatto\My Original Plan 2021\Rest
Joe Magnarelli-My Old Flame-09 McChesney Park 2010

Pierre Chambers\Shining Moments 2023\The Nearness of You
Michael Morreale\Stories of Recent Vintage 2023\Bill Must Have Played This
Ed Cherry\Are We There Yet 2023\Spring is Here
Samara Joy\Linger Awhile 2022\Round Midnight

HOUR TWO: New For You

Chris Keefe\Opening 2023\3 - Modern
Brendan Lanighan Octet\A Little Optimism 2023\A Little Optimism
Mike Melito\To Swing is The Thing 2023\Lush Life

Joanie Pallatto\My Original Plan 2021\About a Song
Wayne Escoffery\Like Minds 2023\Idle Moments
Musician's Corner: Joanie Pallatto\Accidental Melody 2023\In The Middle of Life

Ken Fowser\Resolution 2023\All Avenues
Nick Green\Green on the Scene 2023\A Tear and a Smile
Dizzy & Fay\Hooked 2023\Home is Where My Heart Is

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

George Coleman\Live at Smalls 2023\Meditation
Eliane Elias-Quietude 2022-09 Tim-Tim Por Tim-Tim
Xiomara Torres\La Voz del Mar\La Puerta
Jackie Ryan-This Heart of Mine-07 Anos Dourados 2003

Various Artists-The Girl From Ipanema- The Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook-13 Wave-1995 feat Oscar Peterson
Various Artists-The Girl From Ipanema- The Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook-10 Meditação (Meditation)-1995 feat Joao Gilberto
Various Artists-The Girl From Ipanema- The Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook-05 Água de beber-1995 feat Astrud Gilberto
Various Artists-The Girl From Ipanema- The Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook-09 Samba de uma nota só (One Note Samba)-1995 feat Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd

Al Foster\Reflections 2022\Monk's Bossa
Susan Reed\Thousands of Ways 2022\Hope
Aimee Allen-Wings Uncaged-07 Fotografia 2018

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Vincent Ingala-Personal Touch-04 Dream Girl 2018
Ray Obiedo-Carousel-09 Sunset 2019
Andrew Neu\In Clear View 2019\Clear View
The Sax Pack-Power of 3-08 When Morning Comes 2015

Carmen Lundy-Soul to Soul-02-Life Is A Song In Me
Hil St. Soul\Back in Love 2022\Love and Fire
Darmon Meader\Losing My Mind 2023\
Lindsey Webster\Reasons 2022\11 - I'm Ok (feat. Nicholas Payton)

Rick Braun-Can You Feel It-08-Silk
Ed Cherry\Are We There Yet 2023\Lawns
The Jazz Crusaders-Happy Again-02 When You're So Far Away 1995


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