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Musician's Corner: 

Greg Abate Remembers Phil Woods

Air Date: 4/30/2023 on 90.5 WICN 8am-12pm ET


Bird Lives!

That's my first reaction upon hearing a good bebop alto saxophonist. Which is getting harder to do these days. One artist who has kept the bebop tradition alive is Rhode Island's own Greg Abate. Closing in on twenty recordings since his first live date in 1991, Mr. Abate is a prolific exponent of the jazz genre.

That's also true for Phil Woods, Mr. Abate's friend, band mate, and sometimes mentor. Mr. Woods, whose discography stretches seeming endlessly, played together with Mr. Abate, and you'll hear them perform Moonlight in Vermont during the Musician's Corner segment that airs between 9:30 - 10am ET on the Sunday Jazz Brunch.

Tune in between 9:30 - 10AM ET to hear this Musician's Corner Segment featuring Greg Abate and Phil Woods.

The opening number is a ballad that Mr. Abate wrote, Farewell Phil Woods. Phil Woods died in 2015, and it seemed much too early. I remember first hearing the song on a recording with Tim Ray on piano. 

The emotion is pronounced. After hearing Mr. Abate speak, you may be deeply moved when the song plays. 

Don't miss this very personal and intimate segment of Musician's Corner.

Very Straight Ahead

Leading up to Musician's Corner during the second hour, you'll hear superb straight ahead jazz from some of the best in the business. Mike Melito's new CD To Swing Is the Thing is straight-up goodness. Nick Green has mostly the same personnel, and he swings just as hard with his own brand of bebop alto saxophone.

I hope your spring is blooming. 


Photo of Greg Abate by David Forman

Photo "Phil Woods" by Tom Marcello is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Wayne Alpern\Saxology 2023\Turn Out the Stars
Steve Smith\Time Flies 2023\Ugly Beauty
Joanie Pallatto\Accidental Melody 2023\In the Middle of Life
Harvie S & Kenny Barron-Witchcraft 2013-03 For Heaven's Sake
Bill Cunliffe Trio\Border Widow;s Lament 2023\Looking Back
Pierre Chambers\Shining Moments\03 - The Nearness Of You
Dizzy & Fay\Hooked 2023\There You Are (In My Heart)
John Bailey-Time Bandits 2023-09 Lullaby
Dave Stryker\Prime 2023\As We Were
Darmon Meader\Losing My Mind 202305 - Gaia's Lament
Paul Marinaro\Not Quite Yet 2022\The Island

HOUR TWO: New For You

Steve Smith\Time Flies 2023\Self Portrait
Pierre Chambers\Shining Moments 2023\Lonely Girl
Joe Locascio\November The Music of Phil Gurlik 2023\Artifact
Mike Melito\To Swing is The Thing 2023\Big Red
Nick Green\Green on the Scene 2023\Barry
Brendan Lanighan Octet\A Little Optimism 2023\A Little Optimism

Greg Abate-Gratitude (Live)-05 Farewell Phil Woods (Live) 2019
Phil Woods-Kindred Spirits Live at Chan's (Disc 2)-06 Moonlight in Vermont [Short Version] 2016
Rachael & Vilray-Rachael & Vilray (Disc 1)-04 Treat Me Better 2019

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Chris Keefe\Chris Keefe 2023\Chobim
Jackie Ryan-Recuerdos De Mi Madre 2023-02 Sabor A Mí
Buzz Amato\Muse Cafe 2023\Angel in My Pocket feat voc Melissa Ellen
Eliane Elias-Quietude 2022-04 Só Tinha Que Ser Com Você (This Love That I've Found)
Ed Cherry\Are ;We There Yet 2023\Tres Palabras
Darmon Meader\Losing My Mind 2023\Lembra De Mim
Arturo Sandoval-Rhythm and Soul 2022-05 View from Corcovado
Xiomara Torres\La Voz del Mar\La Puerta
Joe Henderson-Page One-01 Blue Bossa 1963
Lee Morgan-Cornbread-03 Ceora-1965
Charlie Byrd-Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros-12 O Pássaro (The Bird) 1963

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

The 3 Keys-We 3 Keys 2023-09 Camaleao
Yellowjackets-Parallel Motion 2022-01 Intrigue
Buzz Amato\Muse Cafe 2023\04 Angel In My Pocket
Keith ORourke\Imperfect Perfectionist 2022\The Hare
Hil St. Soul\Back in Love 2022\Blessed
Al Green-Everything's OK-02 You Are So Beautiful 2005.
Al Jarreau All I Got 04 Feels Like Heaven 2002
Rick Braun-Can You Feel It-08-Silk
The 3 Keys-We 3 Keys 2023-05 Work It Out
Keiko Matsui\Euphoria V2\Blue Water
Jazz Funk Soul\Forecast 2022\Count Me In
Jean Carne - Hope That We Can Be Together Soon



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