The Sunday Jazz Brunch Presents

Jazz Like You've Never Heard Before

Air Date: 11/13/2022

Okay, maybe I am being a bit dramatic - you might have heard music like the new tracks I have for you on the next edition of the Sunday Jazz Brunch. But in some cases, not very often, I'm sure.

Susan Reed

She's a violinist, vocalist, and storyteller, with links to classical, fiddle, and Klezmer music in addition to her jazz background. With guitar, bass, and drums providing backing, Ms. Reed entertains with instrumental and vocal works on her new CD Thousands of Ways.

Eric Jacobson

Although trumpeter Eric Jacobson is from Milwaukee, he looked to Chicago and New York to form a band for his new project Discover. Included in the band are the Chicago-based saxophonist Geof Bradfield, bassist Dennis Carroll, drummer George Fludas, and New York-based pianist Bruce Barth. Fittingly, we'll hear Dizzy's original Con Alma from the new CD.

Lincoln Goines

If you like bass, and you know I do, then this CD is for you, The Art of the Bass Choir. With ten world class bass players, like John Pattitucci and  Victor Wooten, Mr. Goines shows off the bass sound with songs old and new. He even throws in a cellist for good measure. This is an interesting and enjoyable album.

Adam Shulman 

What is a contrafact? It is a real thing! In music, a contrafact is a new song based on an old one. The composer writes a new melody over the chord changes of an existing song. During the bebop era this was done frequently to avoid paying royalties. Our selection for this show is Not So Easy To Love, which clearly references the standard Easy to Love. I have to say that I have trouble hearing the chord changes to the old standard behind the new melody. I need to listen harder!

More Great Material

Check out the horn arrangement on the show's opening track, drummer Marcello Carelli's What Makes Me Smile. This leads into a Stevie Wonder original jazzed up by pianist John Di Martino.

Aimee Allen's is a fine singer. Check out Night Owl in the first hour. Also, one of the most hopeful and heartwarming albums I have ever listened to is in the first hour mix: Al Jarreau's Look to the Rainbow. Whenever I'm done listening to a song on this CD I feel inspired. 

Right after Al Jarreau is a new singer, Paul Marinaro, who not only has a wonderfully resonant voice, but also sings interesting songs with interesting arrangements.

During groove hour you'll hear the new CD from guitarist Grant Geissman. He's a beast!

Thanks so much for tuning in to the Sunday Jazz Brunch,


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Marcello Carelli - The Era 2022-08 What Makes Me Smile
John Di Martino\I Can't Help It
Tierney Sutton-Dancing In The Dark-09 Emily 2004
Josh Nelson  & Bob Bowman Collective-Tomorrow is Not Promised 2022-07 Blue in Green
Aimee Allen-Wings Uncaged-08 Night Owl 2018
Jimmy Haslip\New Dreams 2022\Coates, Jimmy Haslip, Jerry Kalaf - 03 Faith
Ronnie Foster-Reboot 2022-04 J's Dream
Chris Botti-Italia-04 The Very Thought Of You (feat. Paula Cole) 2007
Al Jarreau-Look to the Rainbow-08-Look to the Rainbow
Paul Marinaro\Not Quite Yet 12-12 Searching (É Luxo Só)

HOUR TWO: New For You

Susan Reed\Thousands of Ways 2022\Hope
Eric Jacobson\Discover 2022\Con Alma
Lincoln Goines\Art of the Bass Choir 2022\ - Common Threads
Nancy Kelly\Jazz Woman_ The Reel To Real Sessons\Jazz Woman
Jazz Professors\Blues and Cubes 2022\- 08 Promenade In Blue
Adam Shulman\Just the Contrafacts 2022 - Not So Easy To Love
Sally Terrell\Feel Alive 2022\Blue Skies
Bobby Watson\Back Home in Kansas City 2022\Celestial
Al Foster\Reflections 2022 - Open Plans
Tim Fitzgerald\Full House 2022\Far Wes

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Aimee Allen-Wings Uncaged-07 Fotografia 2018
Dafnis Prieto Featuring Luciana Souza-Cantar 2022-09 The Muse
Duduka Da Fonseca\Yes 2022\08 A CORRENTEZA
Eliane Elias-Dance of Time-05 By Hand (Em Mãos) 2017
Eddie Daniels-Heart Of Brazil-13 Auto Retrato 2018
Ed Johnson-The Other Road-08 Chorar 2007
Freddy Cole-In the Name of Love-06 I'm Not Alone (Anjo De Mim) 2003
Daniela Soledade\Pretty World 2022\003 - Down In Brazil
Hendrik Meurkens\Samba Jazz Oddysey with  WDR Big Band 2022\You Again
Hélio Alves-Portrait in Black and White-02 Sambetinho-2004

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Jimmy Haslip\Red Heat\03 The Heat (El Calor)
Lindsey Webster\Reasons 2022\Just the Night
Grant Geissman\BLOOZ 2022\09 Stranger Danger with Russell Ferrante
Jazz Funk Soul\Forecast 2022/09 -  Hidden In Plain Sight
Najee\Savoir Faire 2022\Isla Hermosa
Norman Brown\Let's Get Away 2022- - Wes Side Story
Chris Standring\Simple Things 2022\04 - A Thousand Words (For Samantha)
Sassha Dobson, Peter Bernstein\Girl Talk 2022\The Great City
Daggerboard\The Skipper 2022\Conception Point
Courtney Freed\Big Crazy Love 2022\Take Your Time
Jorge Garcia-Crossover 2020-08 Crossover
Vincent Ingala-Personal Touch-05 I Think I'm Falling In Love (With You) 2018


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