For Our Fund Drive, We Are

Bringing You The Best Jazz, Plus

Air Date: 12/4/2022

The great jazz will continue this Sunday, with a little fundraising mixed in, but the music plays on. We know that for your Sunday Morning, you prefer maximum music with minimum talk, and that's what you'll get on every edition of the Sunday Jazz Brunch.  

Needless to say, we are public radio, and the public is you

This being your station, perhaps you would consider becoming a sustaining member. We'll break up your donation into small monthly payments and automatically charge your credit card.

You might stack that up against any of your other monthly subscriptions: streaming video, the newspaper/magazine, the gym, the food service,  or anything else that goes under the description things worth paying something for.

You can subscribe and/or donate here: WICN DONATION PAGE. For best results do it Sunday morning during the show!

The phone number is 508-752-0700 if you prefer to call. 

Listen from here: WICN live stream.

I hope to hear from you on Sunday 8am - 12pm ET. Thanks for your support!

Radio Antenna photo by Jagro, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons 




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