The Sunday Jazz Brunch Presents

New Jazz, From the Planet Tralfamadore

Air Date: 10/23/2022

While I was driving to the office the other day I had to take a detour, as the traffic was just too heavy on the usual route. It just so happened on that day and at that time, what with the alignment of certain celestial bodies and a few other cosmic happenings, that I found myself wandering through the chronosynclastic infindibulum. It was there that I encountered a young man (some say he is really a Tralfamadorian) who played for me parts of a new CD, and he invited me to a CD release party back on earth, in Framingham, Massachusetts. He asked me to invite all my friends. That is why I write to you today, dear reader.

The person or alien called himself Jason Yeager, and he gave me a copy of the CD. It is called Unstuck in Time: The Kurt Vonnegut Suite. Mr. Yeager (I assume that "mister" is an appropriate appellation for a Tralfamadorian, if he is such) mentioned that Kurt Vonnegut is one of his favorite writers, if not his all-time favorite, and since he also enjoys the music of Thelonious Monk, he decided to fuse the two (metaphorically I'm sure), along with some other influences,  and produce this semi-programmatic music. 

Once I heard the mellifluous sounds of the new musical suite, I must say I was hooked.  It was not quite a religious experience, although the thought that it might be did occur to me. And so I contacted my friend Winston, who belonged to (some say he was the founder of) the well known Church of God the Utterly Indifferent. "Yes, that's the ticket!" he said. "If you want to see things the way a Tralfamadorian does, then you must read the books of Kurt Vonnegut and listen to the music of Jason Yeager!" Winston seems to know what he is talking about, so on the next edition of the Sunday Jazz Brunch I share two songs from the CD with you.

I hope you like them.



Note from Marty: Today's blog was written by my alter-ego, Kilgore Friedman. We know each other so well that I thought it would be OK for him to write the blog in my stead. For the record, I agree with everything Kilgore has written here. Way to go, Kilgore! P.S. If anything is amiss I will be sure to tell him!

Click Here to See the Interview with Jason Yeager

Photo of Mr. Yeager standing at what appears to be a Tralfalmadorian train station, and CD Cover Design by Christopher Drukker. CD cover drawing by Ron Crawford.


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

John Dimartino\Impromptu  2012\My Ideal
Gregory Tardy\Sufficient Grace 2022\Sufficient Grace
Roberta Donnay\Blossoming 2022\11 Spring in Manhattan
Craig Davis\Tone Paintings 2022 05 A Ditty for Dodo
Whitney Marchelle\Strong Black Women 2022\Retrograde feat  Brandee Younger - Harp
David Bloom\Shadow of a Soul 2022\Lushness for Life
Marcello Carelli - The Era 2022-03 Just Sit Tight
Josh Nelson  & Bob Bowman Collective-Tomorrow is Not Promised 2022-03 Sometime Ago
Steve Turre\Generations 2022\Sweet Dreams
Aimee Allen\Love and the Catalyst 2022\Worlds Collide
John Dimartino-Passion Flower-14 Lotus Blossom-2020
Tia Brazda-When I Get Low 2022-05 Smile

HOUR TWO: New For You

Jason Yeager\Unstuck in Time\03 Ballad For Old Salo
Fraser MacPherson\From the Pen Of 2022\Why Am I Blue
Ted Kooshian\Hubub! 2022\07 - Hymn for Her feat vocalist Jim Mola
Ana Nelson\Bridges\07 Fruit of the Groove
Roberta Donnay\Blossoming 14 I Wish You Love
David Bloom\Shadow of a Soul 2022\True Bloo
Boris Kozlov-First Things First 2022-11 Eclipse (bass. feat Art Hirarara
Jason Yeager\Unstuck in Time\08 - Jason Yeager - Nancy's Revenge
Bobby Watson\Back Home in Kansas City 2022 005 Bobby Watson - The Star in the East
Marcello Carelli - The Era 2022-06 Desesperacion

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Dafnis Prieto Featuring Luciana Souza\Cantar 2022\Brisa
Duduka Da Fonseca-Samba Jazz in Black & White-03 Bye Bye Brasil 2006
Daniela Soledade\Pretty World \Como E Gostoso Sonhar
Diego Figueiredo-Compilation-05 Samba in NY-2020
Eddie Daniels-Heart Of Brazil-13 Auto Retrato 2018
Doug MacDonald\Overtones 2022\Bossa for PK
Tania Maria-Tempo-03 A Chuva Caiu 2011
Daniel Girón-Prisma-04 Iris 2017
Daniela Soledade\Pretty World 2022\Winter Samba
Electro Samba Orchestra-Bossa Nova Classics Vol 1 2022-06 Chovendo Na Roseira

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Chuck Loeb-All There Is-07 In the Hands 2002
Chris Davis Big Dog\FOCUS11\Chris Big Dog Davis - Blue Light Special (feat. Kim Waters)
Chris Standring\Simple Things 2022\The Gist of You
Ed Cherry-Soul Tree-09 In Your Own Sweet Way 2016
Lindsey Webster\Reasons 2022\The Way
Marion Meadows-Twice As Nice 2021-03 Twice As Nice
Mark O'Connor-Mirage-03 Three Up One Down 2003
Nils Landgren & Joe Sample-Creole Love Call-06 Don't Take Your Love to Hollywood 2006
Norman Brown-Let It Go-10 Liberated 2017
Norman Connors-Remember Who You Are-07 Naima
Reza Khan\Imaginary Road 2021\01_Waiting for the Sky
Paul Brown\Promised Land 2022\Wolfpack


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