The Sunday Jazz Brunch Presents

The Gestalt of Jazz Radio

Air Date: 8/14/2022

When you cook a great meal, the delicious food is usually a result of the blending of flavors and spices. Each individual spice has its own flavor, but when you combine them all you get something new, something bigger than the individual spices.

A waterfall is made of a great many drops of water. But when you look at the waterfall, you don't see the drops, you see a new object made up of the drops, something that is bigger and different than its components. 

Listening to music can be similar in a way. Each song may be beautiful, but when they are put together in a certain way, you might get something bigger. An emotion elicited by one song might be reinforced by the songs that come before and/or after it. The result is something bigger than just a few songs that happen to be played together. 

That's the goal here on the Sunday Jazz Brunch: to create something bigger, something made of beautiful songs, but that when put together have a stronger emotional impact than the sum of the emotional impacts of each of the songs.

I get very excited when I hear an emotional song such as Norma Winstone's Just Sometimes during the first hour, but then when it is followed up by the superb Oscar Castro Neves and Paul Winter, and then Steve Kuhn with strings, well, now you have something big. You feel the emotion.

Or how about hearing a song played by its composer as an instrumental, and right after that you hear a vocal version of the song, giving it perhaps a somewhat different effect. Put them together, as I have done with Antonio Adolfo's Pretty World during Brazil/World hour, and the two versions can reinforce each other and elucidate the composer's intent.

All of this is to say that the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts, if the parts are put together the right way. 

I look at the Sunday Jazz Brunch as a four-hour concert, not a simple collection of songs put together. One song leads to the next. You might have planned to switch channels after that song you just enjoyed, but before you can do that another great song comes on and that switching channel idea goes out the window. 

That's my goal anyway. To present you with irresistible jazz in a format where the songs are beautiful, and together they make something even more beautiful. 

If the show achieves that, then it has achieved the Gestalt of Jazz Radio.


Thanks for tuning in to the Sunday Jazz Brunch.


Einstein collage image by Ruotailfoglio, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Alan Pasqua-My New Old Friend-03 Highway 14-2005
Kenny Burrell-Tenderly-16 Couplet Romantic- Why Did I Choose You--My Foolish Heart 2011
Alan Broadbent\Broadbent Plays Brubeck 2021\Strange Meadowlark
Alex Sipiagin-Upstream 2021-06 Rain
Andy Bey-American Song-05 Midnight Sun 2004
Jackie Ryan (v)-Tamir Hendelman (p)-Christoph Luty (b)-Jeff Hamilton (d)-Larry Koonse (g)-Red Holloway (ts)-Carol Robbins (hp)-You And The Night And The Music-10 You Are There 2006
Norma Winstone-Stories yet to tell-01 Just sometimes 2010
Oscar Castro-Neves and Paul Winter-Brazilian Days-05 Minha Namorada 1998
Steve Kuhn with Strings-Promises Kept-04-Morning Dew 2000
Brian Simpson-Unified-11 And Then You Loved Me 2020

HOUR TWO: New For You

Jeremy Manasia\Butcher Block Ballet \05 Curibita Girl
Tierney Sutton\Paris Sessions 2 2022\August Winds
Thomas Linger\Out In It 2022\Linger's Lament
Sally Terrell\Feel Alive 2022\Out in the Blue
Jimmy Haslip\New Dreams 2022\Barry Coates, Jimmy Haslip, Jerry Kalaf - 07 Sacred
Boris Kozlov-First Things First 2022-02 Flow
Frank Kimbrough\Frank Kimbrough 2003-2006 2022\Regeneration
Catherine Russell-Send For Me 2022-04 Make It Last
Jeremy Pelt-Soundtrack 2022-10 You and Me
Evan Drybread\Tiger Tail 2022\Atlantic Mirror
Todd Herbert\May Waltz 2022\This is for Albert
Alberto Pibiri Trio\Stardust 2022\Stardust

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Diego Figueiredo\Follow the Signs 2022\Infinite
Antonio Adolfo\Octet and Originals 2022\Pretty World
Daniela Soledade\Pretty World 2022\Pretty World
Tierney Sutton\Paris Sessions 2 2022\Doralice
Otmaro Ruiz, Bruno Mangueira\Essência\08 Santa Clarita
Omar Sosa & Yilian Canizares-Aguas-02 Dos Bendiciones 2018
Pablo Ziegler-Bajo Cero-02 Flor de Lino 2003
Diego Figueiredo-Compilation-04 Choro Azedo-2020
Phill Fest\Seresta 2022\Song For My Son
Trio Da Paz-Somewhere-11 Somewhere 2005
Najee\Savoir Faire 2022\04 - Najee - A Felicidade - Happiness

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Marion Meadows-Twice As Nice 2021-05 Yesterday Is Gone
Paul Brown - 04 - Elegance
Lou Pomanti & Friends-Lou Pomanti 2022-06 Me and Mrs. Jones
10 - Norman Brown - Sunset On Chandler
David Benoit-David Benoit and Friends-09 Feel it Still 2019
07_Come Back Home
001 Daggerboard - The Dream Within A Dream
006 Yvonne Flores - Morning Joe
010 Bill Banfield's Jazz Urbane 2 - Money Funny (featuring Grace Kelly, Christian Scott)
Yvonne Flores\Sheer Bliss 2022\Take it Away
Yaron Gershovsky\Transitions 2022\What She Said


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