The Sunday Jazz Brunch Notes That

You Can Always Count On Me

Air Date: 9/4/2022

Well, yes, you can always count on me to lay out the best jazz around on the Sunday Jazz Brunch. But that's not what I'm talking about.

On this latest release from Hammond B3 artist Tony Monaco, there is a song with this title, an original written by Mr. Monaco. From the opening chords I was hooked, which I think is why they call a memorable riff a 'hook.'

Tony Monaco has been around the block a few times, this being his twelfth album in a fifty-year career. One of his mentors and friend was the great organist Jimmy Smith; another was Don Patterson. In 2000 he was taken under the wing of none other than Joey DeFrancesco, who produced Mr. Monaco's very first album.

Condolences on the recent passing of Mr. DeFrancesco.

Take a look at the photo above to understand the reference to 'Four Brothers.' Besides Mr. Monaco, they are: Willie Barthel III/drums, Edwin Bayrd/saxophones, and Kevin Turner/guitar. 

I dig the song so much that it will appear twice during the show. Maybe it will hook you as well.

Goin' Wes 

Every now and then I like to feature Wes Montgomery during groove hour. Some folks were upset when he started recording lush arrangements featuring strings and the like. It never bothered me. As far as his playing is concerned, it's all good. He was amazing. 

You'll get to hear him in the famous organ trio with Melvin Rhyne. This is some of my favorite Wes. It is very cool. I always thought of it a 'air conditioning music,' as my personal image when listening has been that it makes me feel like I stepped into a nicely air-conditioned club on a very hot summer day. Give me a sweater!

New Material

Drummer Al Foster's brand new release is superb. It features Nicholas Payton, Chris Potter, Kevin Hays, and Vicente Archer. I expect to play a lot of it during the next few weeks.

Vocalist Roberta Brenza, new to the Sunday Jazz Brunch, offers us a charming release. Her unique version of It's Only a Paper Moon will perk up your Sunday morning.

I am still going through the new release from pianist Craig Davis, finding songs that you must hear from his fine piano trio.


You'll hear plenty of female vocalists during Brazil/World hour. I've been on a kick to play Maria Bethânia. Also we have an artist from the Boston area, Molly Flannery. I recall seeing Ms. Flannery perform at the defunct Acton Jazz Cafe and also during a concert in Worcester.

I'm always interested in your feedback. Send me an email at

Enjoy these last few days of summer. 


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Gregory Porter-Nat ''King'' Cole & Me-09 The Lonely One 2017
Shirley Horn-Here's To Life-04 A Time For Love 1992
Chris Botti-To Love Again-03 My One and Only Love (feat. Paula Cole) 2005
Christian Tamburr-People Talk-10 Firefly Creek (2016)
Chris Walden-Full-On!-08 Only the Lonely 2014 feat Tierney Sutton
The Ellis Marsalis Trio-The Ellis Marsalis Trio-06 A Moment Alone 1990
Tanya Dennis-White Sails Blue Skies 2021-09 All to Myself
Weber Iago-Os Filhos do Vento-16 Os Filhos do Vento (Children of the Wind), for ensemble- Part IV. Lua Nova (New Moon). Interlude 2004
Tessa Souter-Beyond the Blue-09 Beyond the Blue (Frederic Chopin’s Prelude in E minor, Opus 28, No. 4) 2012
Tony Bennett & k.d. lang-A Wonderful World-12 If We Never Meet Again 2002
Susan Krebs With Mixed Remotions-Daybreak 2021-04 Inside A Silent Tear

HOUR TWO: New For You

Al Foster\Reflections 2022\Open Plans
Roberta Brenza\It's My Turn 2022\13 ROBERTA BRENZA - Ballad of the Paper Moon - It's Only a Paper Moon
Jazz Professors\Blues and Cubes 2022\The Jazz Professors - 01 Blue Lamp
Neil Swainson\Fire In the West 2022\Kyushu
Craig DavisTone Paintings 2022\Opus No.5
Dan Olivo-Day By Day 2022-09 L.O.V.E.
Ben Morris\Pocket Guides 2022\Old Barney
Evan Drybread\Tiger Tail 06 The Downey Wives
Craig Davis\Tone Paintings 2022\A Ditty for Dodo
Tony Monaco-Four Brothers 2022-02 You Can Always Count On Me
Iwan VanHetten\Parrabean Tales 2022\Spally

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Sergio Pereira\Finesse 2022\Sergio Pereira - 02 Morning Mist
Mafalda Minnozzi-CinemaCity 2021-03 Metti Una Sera A Cena
Marc Antoine-Something About Her 2021-10 Song For Sasha
Maria Bethânia-Canto Do Paje (Song Of The Shaman) 1991-03 Maria - Linda Flor (Beautiful Flower)
Daniela Soledade\Pretty World 002 Daniela Soledade - Como E Gostoso Sonhar
Dan Costa\Suite Três Rios\Chorinho
Nate N\Jazz Samba Pra Sempre 2022\Samba Triste
Otmaro Ruiz, Bruno Mangueira\Essência10 Terra Batida

* Jobim Set *
Antonio Carlos Jobim-Stone Flower 1970-07 Andorinha
Molly Flannery-Undercurrents 2022-01 Estrada Do Sol
Carmen Cuesta-Mi Bossa Nova-11 Meditaçao 2010
Ana Caram -The Other Side of Jobim 1992-01 Esperanca Perdida

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Wes Montgomery-Compact Jazz 1990-05 Sunny
Jazz Funk Soul\Forecast 2022- Jazz Funk Soul - When The Time Comes
Tony Monaco-Four Brothers 2022-02 You Can Always Count On Me
Samara Joy\Samara Joy 2021\It's Easy to See
Wes Montgomery-Wes Montgomery with Melvin Rhyne-06 Besame Mucho 1959
Kandace Springs\Soul Eyes\Springs-08 Fall Guy- ()
Vivian Sessoms-Life II-02 The Best Is Yet To Come (& Twin Souls Reprise) (Featuring Casey Benjamin) 2019
Wes Montgomery-Down Here on the Ground-09 Know It All 1995
Will Downing\Black Pearls\Will Downing-01 Everything I Miss at Home (2016)
Uptown Jazz Tentet-What's Next-10 Voyage-2020
Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance-05 Starburst 1979


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