The Sunday Jazz Brunch Presents

Chris Standring

Air Date: 7/10/2022

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If you are a fan of guitarist Chris Standring, you won't want to miss this week's Groove Hour, Sunday 11am ET, streaming from our WICN page. We're going to take a very condensed tour of a big chunk of his releases, as shown above. This will include his latest Simple Things, still fairly fresh off the presses.

Chris Standring has been rather busy of late, producing three CDs in quick order and touring all around. One of those three CDs was something of a departure for Mr. Standring, as he played the standards along with strings.

If you are not familiar with Mr Standring, he is a modern guitarist, with a heavy influence of Wes Montgomery. 


Every track you hear from Mr. Standring during Groove Hour has some kind of groove. Between that groove and the buttery tone, the sound is infectious, sweeping you up. Don't fight the urge to get up and dance during these sets.

Mixed in with Groove Hour you'll hear some very soulful music, from artists like Nnenna Freelon and Bobby Caldwell. It's going to be a good time.


During Contemplative Hour I have a very beautiful song from saxophonist Jeff Ellwood, featuring Alan Pasqua on piano. Jeff provides a brief introduction, taken from an interview we did more than a year ago.

Contemplative Hour will take you through a lush garden of many moods. 

During New Hour you have the latest material. We happen to be in a high point in terms of the quality and quantity of music that is being released. I think that if you listen to this hour, you will be amazed at how much new material there is, that is really worth listening to.

I hope your summer is going well.


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Bill Mays Trio-Going Home-03 Shohola Song 2003
Jeff Ellwood\The Sounds Around The House\he Sounds Around The House
Jenna Mammina-Inner Smile-02 Love Again 2004
Marilyn Scott\The Landscape 2022\The Sun
Andrea Brachfeld-Lady of the Island-08 Lady of the Island 2012
Sam Kirmayer\In This Moment 2022\The New Same Old
The Brazilian Trio-Aguas Brasileiras-08 Aguas Brasileiras-2020
Chris Botti-Impressions-11 Contigo en la Distancia 2012
Lynne Arriale Trio-A Long Road Home-02 Will O' The Wisp 1997
Claudio Roditi-Double Standards-09 Conceicao 1997

HOUR TWO: New For You

John Moulder\Metamorphosis 2022\Magical Space
Nancy Kelly\Jazz Woman_ The Reel To Real Sessons 2022\Move Over
Lou Pomanti & Friends-Lou Pomanti 2022-12 Slow Hot Wind (Lujon)  feat. Marc Jordan
Steve Davis\Bluesthetic 2022\Encouragement
Andrea Brachfeld\Insight-Evolution 2022\Being With What Is
Marco Pignitaro\Awakening 2022\Because
Alberto Pibiri Trio\Stardust 2022\Stardust
San Gabriel Seven feat Sinne Eeg-Under The Stars 2022-07 What About Love (Featuring Sinne Eeg)
Boris Kozlov-First Things First 2022-02 Flow
Jo Harrop\The Heart Wants 2022\Everything's Changing
Lynne Arriale Trio\The Lights Are Always On 2022\Loved Ones
Jeremy Pelt-Soundtrack 2022-10 You and Me
Yvonne Flores\Sheer Bliss 2022\Sheer Bliss

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Peter Erskine, Alan Pasqua And Darek Oles-Live in Italy 2022-04 Nuages [Live]
Molly Flannery-Undercurrents 2022-01 Estrada Do Sol
Antonio Adolfo\Jobim Forever 2021\Estrada Do Sol
Hélio Alves-It's Clear-10 The Dolphin-2009
Sinne Eeg & The Danish Radio Big Band-We've Just Begun-05 Hvorfor er lykken så lunefuld-2020
Serafin LaRiviere\Because You're Mine 2021\One Note Samba
Yvonne Flores\Sheer Bliss 2022\Boracay

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Chris Standring\Simple Things 2022\Don't Get Me Started
Rick Braun-Can You Feel It-03-Take Me to the River
Chris Standring\Wonderful World 2021\Green Dolphin Street
Nnenna Freelon-Tales of Wonder=08  Until You Come Back To Me (2002)
Chris Standring\ten\Ready Steady Flow
Chris Big Dog Davis Focus - Just When You Thought You Had Enough (feat. Nick Colionne)
Chris Standring-Sunlight-05 No Explanation (Featuring Mica Paris) 2018
Bobby Caldwell-Time & Again-12 Where Is Love 2001
Chris Standring\Real Life 2020\Shake You Up
Corrine Bailey Rae\The Heart Speaks in Whispers-03 Been to the Moon (2016)
Chris Standring\love-paragraphs\Cake
Eric Darius ,-Retro Forward-05-Broke Down
Chris Standring-Blue Bolero-03 Please Mind The Gap


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