On the Sunday Jazz Brunch, Let's Talk With

Lynne Arriale

Air Date: 6/12/2022 

Listen to the interview here.

If you have ever had a medical situation and you interacted with medical staff, maybe at a hospital or urgent care center, you might have wondered about the fact that perfect strangers could be so kind and focused on your well being. With all that is going on in the world, such caring for one another might get drowned out by the sturm and drang contained in the daily news reports.

Lynne Arriale
But there are many places where strangers do care about one another. Lynne Arriale's new CD, The Lights Are Always On, takes inspiration from just such care. A medical professional used that expression to illustrate how staff feel about taking care of those in need: There is always someone ready to help. You are not alone.

Please join me on 6/12/2022 9am ET for a chat with Ms. Arriale about the new CD, how she transitioned from her classical training to become an award-winning jazz pianist and composer, how she composes and arranges her works, and what other artists she likes to listen to. 

For me, as one who is passionate about this music as you may well be, this is simply fascinating stuff. When I listen to a piece of music, such as a number of songs from Ms. Arriale's new CD, I sometimes wonder where the gift comes from, that produces music that can communicate from one person to another and touch each other's soul.

In ancient Greece, the Muses were credited for giving artistic inspiration, and throughout the centuries there is the idea that inspiration comes from a holy place. Why would that be? Perhaps because inspiration and the art it produces is mysterious and powerful, and can move people in deep and profound ways. 

This is what I seek to learn about, and what we may discover from what you may likely consider to be a rather provocative interview with Ms. Arriale, in terms of how the music can have more power when you understand better how it was created. 

Please join me for a deep dive into the music of Lynne Arriale.


Photos by Andrea Canter


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Marilyn Scott\The Landscape 2022\Summer Night
Lenny Marcus Trio\When a Door Opens 2022\Snow Waltz
Dan Dean\Fanfare for the Common Man 2021\Debussy - Prelude 8, La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin (The Girl with Flaxen Hair)
Paul Winter & Oscar Castro-Neves-Brazilian Days 1998-09 Canto Triste
June Bisantz-Love's Tango-06 Ocean Dreams 2018
Bob James Trio-Espresso-04 One Afternoon 2018
Doug Lofstrom\Music for Strings 2021\Music for Strings II
Natalie Cole\Snowfall on the Sahara 1999\His Eyes, Her Eyes
Dave Stryker\As We Are 2021\Saudade
John Moulder\Metamorphosis 2021\Morning Angels
Jo Harrop\The Heart Wants 2022\All Too Soon Feat Christian McBride
Immanuel Wilkins-The 7th Hand 2022-05 Witness
Chris Botti-Impressions-07 Setembro 2012

HOUR TWO: New For You

Lynne Arriale Trio\The Lights Are Always On 2022\March On
Lynne Arriale Trio\The Lights Are Always On 2022\Sisters
Lynne Arriale Trio\The Lights Are Always On 2022\Sounds Like America
Steve Davis\Bluesthetic 2022\Faraway Dream
San Gabriel Seven feat Sinne Eeg-Under The Stars 2022-07 What About Love
Jackie Messina\Necessary Arrangements 2022\06 Little B's Poem
Marilyn Scott\The Landscape 2022\The Sun
Goldings Bernstein Stewart-Perpetual Pendulum 2022-02 Lets Get Lost

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Andrea Brachfeld-Brazilian Whispers-04 Amparo 2020
Hendrik Meurkens\And The WDR Big Band 2022\01 A Night In Jakarta
Phill Fest\Seresta 2022\Sambinha pro Sizao
Michael Benedict-Jazz Vibes 2022-05 Noite Triste
Chiara Civello-The Space Between-07 Isola 2007
Chris Botti-Italia-02 Italia (feat. Andrea Bocelli) 2007
Diego Figueiredo\Follow the Signs 2022\Samba in New Orleans
Tom Ranier\This Way\Desafinado
Toninho Horta-Moonstone-05 Liana 1989
Toninho Horta-To Jobim with Love-05 Cristiana 2008
Vinicius Cantuária-Sol Na Cara-02 Rio Negro-1996

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Justin Lee Schultz-Opus 1 2022-08 Hela
Chris Standring-Simple Things-2022-04 A Thousand Words (For Samantha)
Najee\Savoir Faire 2022\Modern Lovers (Featuring Frank McComb).
Marilyn Scott-Innocent of Nothing-10 A Change 2006
Albare\Freedom 2022\Adeus
Lou Pomanti & Friends\Lou Pomanti 2022\Stoned Soul Picnic 4:33 feat. Emilie-Claire Barlow & Randy Brecker (L. Nyro)
San Gabriel Seven feat Sinne Eeg-Under The Stars 2022-06 The Festival
Joyce Cooling-Global Cooling-05 What Are We Waiting For 2009
Marion Meadows-Twice As Nice 2021-05 Yesterday Is Gone
Jo Harrop\The Heart Wants 2022\Everything's Changing
Norman Brown\Let's Get Away 2022\Sunset On Chandler
Pat Bianchi-Something to Say - Music of Stevie Wonder 2022-06 If it's Magic


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