The Sunday Jazz Brunch Presents

Joe Magnarelli

Air Date: 5/1/2022

I've been listening to Joe Magnarelli for some time, and I get a little excited whenever he comes out with a new CD. The latest release on which he appears is from the media company Night is Alive, called Old New Borrowed and Blue. Joining him in this project are Wayne Escoffery (tenor & alto Sax), Lonnie Plaxico (bass), and Willie Jones III (drums).

Mr. Magnarelli is inspired mainly by jazz recorded in the timeframe 1940-1960. His hero and greatest influence is Charlie Parker. 

In this edition of the Sunday Jazz Brunch,  you'll hear two tracks featuring the fine trumpeter, one from the aforementioned Night is Alive release, and one from his 2010 effort, My Old Flame.

The earlier release also features strings, and I am always interested to see how the arrangement deals with them. We'll hear a latin version of Dave Brubeck's The Duke during Brazil/World hour starting at 10am ET.

New For You

This week I introduce some very new projects. 

Orrin Evans and Kevin Eubanks have an interesting new duet CD that kicks off the show. Also during contemplative hour we have a very pretty track from Dan Costa and Randy Brecker.

Aarron Bazzell is a new tenor saxophonist that we'll hear during the second hour. Also during the hour, you'll hear the SJB premiere of  material from vocalist Cece Gable and pianist Deanna Witkowski.

Finally, during groove hour we have the latest from two very popular guitarists: Chris Standring and Norman Brown. 

Don't miss the great music coming up on May 1! And don't forget, if you miss the show, you can play it from our archives up to two weeks after it airs.

Thanks for tuning in!


Top photo by Roberto Priolo, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons.


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Orrin Evans\EEE Eubanks Evans Experience 2022\002 EEE - Dreams of Loving You
Nicholas Payton\Smoke Sessions 2021\No Lonely Nights
Dave Stryker\As We Are 2021\As We Were
Rosana Eckert\Brasuka - A Vida Com Paixao 2021\Reina's Song
Randy Napoleon\Rust Belt Roots 2021\The Man Who Sells Flowers
Rebecca Kilgore\Trio Volume  2021\That Sunday That Summer
Alan Broadbent-Every Time I Think of You-10 Woody 'N' Me 2006
Dan Costa & Randy Brecker - Iremia 2022 (Single)
Lynne Arriale Trio\The Lights Are Always On 2022\Heroes
Pat Bianchi-Something to Say - Music of Stevie Wonder 2022-04 Moon Blue
Diego Figueiredo\Follow the Signs 2022\Our Friends

HOUR TWO: New For You

Aaron Bazzell-Aesthetic 2022-02 Asked and Answered
Cece Gable-Next Year's Song 2022-05 Like A Lover ( O Cantador)
Lynne Arriale Trio\The Lights Are Always On 2022\Into the Breach
Reid Hoyson Project-Reid Hoyson Project Featuring Keith Bishop '' Your Move'' 2021-02 Stablemates
Deanna Witkowski-Force of Nature 2022-07 Force of Nature
Sassha Dobson, Peter Bernstein-Girl Talk 2022-03 Girl Talk
Joe Alterman-The Upside Of Down 2021-05 The First Night Home
Jorge Garcia\Dedicated To You 2022\Dedicated To You
Joe Magnarelli-Old New Borrowed Blue 2022-05 Jimmy Mimi and Me
Eric Wyatt-A Song Of Hope 2021-10 Central Park West
Sean Fyfe\Late Night 2022\Late Night

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Yolanda Flores\Sheer Bliss 2022\Boracay
Joe Magnarelli-My Old Flame-05 The Duke 2010
Doug MacDonald\Overtones 2022\Bossa for PK
Andrea Brachfeld-Brazilian Whispers-04 Amparo 2020
Diego Figueiredo\Follow the Signs 2022\Jobim Forever
Joao Gilberto-Joao voz e violao-03 Eclipse-2000
Kenia-On We Go-09 Illusion 2016
Kenny Barron-Sambao-04 Belem 2008
Kristine Mills-Bossanovafied-05 Burden of Choice 2009
Lauren Henderson-Musa 2021-06 Luz (Featuring Sullivan Fortner, Eric Wheeler & Joe Dyson)

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Chris Standring\Simple Things 2022\Shadow of Doubt
Brian Simpson\All That Matters 2021\What I'm Waiting For
Norman Brown\Let's Get Away 2022\Back at Ya
Chris Standring-Sunlight-09 Do Not ADJust Your Set 2018
Gato Barbieri-Passion and Fire 1994-07 Ruby
Charles Goold\Rhythm In Contrast 2022\Patti's Mood
Yolanda Flores\Sheer Bliss 2022\Take It Away
Bill Banfield's Jazz Urbane 2\Hey Holla\(Quiet Storm) Questin (featuring Donald Harrison)
Chris Standring\Simple Things 2022\Change the World
Charles Langford-Powerless 2021-05 Feel The Light
Norman Brown\Let's Get Away 2022\ - Late Night Drive
Marion Meadows-Twice As Nice 2021-07 I Can't Make You Love Me


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