The Sunday Jazz Brunch Presents

Sam Kirmayer

Air Date: 3/13/2022

There are so many reasons I love Canada, our neighbor to the north. Now I have another reason: guitarist Sam Kirmayer. 

A native of Montreal, Mr. Kirmayer plays guitar with fluidity and a tone that is superbly clean. Listen to his version of On a Clear Day with Ben Paterson on the Hammond B-3 organ and Dave Laing on drums.

We'll kick off the first hour with this trio performing a song from his 2018 release High and Low - his second as a leader. Recurrence is an original from the guitarist. It recalls the seminal Wes Montgomery trio with Mel Rhyne on the organ. But it is not an homage to Wes; rather, it builds on the organ trio sound pioneered in that now classic recording from 1959, A Dynamic New Sound.

Opening the second hour is a tasty morsel from his latest effort, In This Moment. It's a very pretty tune, and features fellow Canadian artist Sean Fyfe on piano. Speaking of which, Mr. Fyfe has his own new release, a track from which you'll hear in the same set during hour two. As you can see, Mr. Kirmayer is featured on that release as well.

The hour contains one more track from High and Low, the title number. I dig that organ trio sound!

New for You

I have a quite a bit of interesting new material in this edition of the SJB.

Drummer Charles Goold is new to SJB. He has an interesting band including vibraphone.

Daggerboard appears to be the name of the band whose song Agapanthus you'll hear during the first hour. I had to look up the meaning and found that it is a kind of boat design. I'm sure there is a backstory there.

Ryan Cohan's CD features string quartet. It is a couple of years old but I am only getting to play it just now. It is well worth the listen.

Nathan Borton is another new guitarist for the SJB.

Mafalda Minozzi
Tritone Collective is another new group. Their track during hour one The Road To Hue reminds me a bit of the Vangelis soundtrack to the original Blade Runner movie. Let me know if you agree.

Samara Joy is a wonderful new singer on the jazz scene. She'll be appearing at Clark University in Worcester on March 23, along with guitarist Pasquale Grasso. You'll hear a song from the singer's eponymous new CD toward the end of the second hour.

Mafalda Minnozzi Live Broadcast March 20

Yes, that's right, the international recording artist Mafalda Minnozzi will appear live in WICN Studio 50 on March 20 during Brazil/World hour. Stay tuned for details - you won't want to miss this exclusive live event!

Thanks again for tuning in to the Sunday Jazz Brunch. 


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Sam Kirmayer-High and Low-08 Recurrence 2018
Charles Goold\Rhythm In Contrast 2022Lo's Lament
Fred Hersch\Breath by Breath 2022\Begin Again
Daggerboard\The Skipper 2022\Agapanthus Henry Franklin bass
Ryan Cohan-Originations-03 Heart-2020 feat string quartet, Trey Henry bass
Farzin Farhadi\The Cure 2022\Ascent feat string quartet,
Tritone Collective\TriTone Asylum 2022\4 trk-The Road To Hue
Nathan Borton\Each Step 2022\Grant's Groove
David Janeway\Distant Voices 2022\05 Gardenia
Jorge Garcia\Dedicated To You 2022\Dedicated To You

HOUR TWO: New For You

Sam Kirmayer\In This Moment 2022\The New Same Old
Kenny Shanker\Vortex 2022\Nightfall
Sean Fyfe\Late Night 2022\Late Night feat Sam Kirmayer
Sam Kirmayer-High and Low-08 High and Low 2018 feat Ben Paterson organ
Shelly Rudolph\The Way We Love 2022 feat vocalist Redray Frazier
David Benoit\A Midnight Rendezvous 2022\Floating
Marcos Ariel\Piano Blossoms 2021\Lantana
Matt Gordy\Be With Me 2022\Soul Eyes
Samara Joy\Samara Joy 2021\It Only Happens Once
Thomas Heflin\Morning Star 2022\Evensong

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Paul Winter & Oscar Castro-Neves-Brazilian Days 1998-05 Minha Namorada
João Donato-Coisas Tao Simples 1995-04 Café Com Pão (Jodel)
Vinicius Cantuária-Vinicius 2001-08 Nava de Sete
Antonio Carlos Jobim-Stone Flower 1970-09 Sabia
João Gilberto-João-11 Smiled At Me (Sorriu Para Mim) 1991
Tom Keenlyside\A Night at the Espresso 2022\Pelo Amor De Musica Triste
Brent Laidler-Wouldn't Be Here Without You 2022-10 Pretty Little Bossa
Sergio Pereira\Finesse 2022\Morning Mist
Mozayik-Haitian Creole Jazz-03 Sa Te Bel 2005
Miguel De Leon\Malandro 2021\02 Em Vao
Mike Metheny-Old Wine,New Bossa-03 Old Wine,New Bossa-2011
Omar Sosa & Yilian Canizares-Aguas-01 Duo De Aguas 2018

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

James Gaiters\Understanding Reimagined 2022\Chitlins con Carne
David Benoit\A Midnight Rendezvous 2022\A Midnight Rendezvous
Yolanda Flores\Sheer Bliss 2022\Antidote
Brian Simpson-01 South Beach
Norman Brown - Back At Ya 2022 single
Charles Langford-Powerless 2021-08 Let's Chill
Chieli Minucci-Night Grooves-01 Kickin' It Hard 2003
Spyro Gyra-The Deep End-05 Joburg Jam 2004
Steve Gadd Band-Steve Gadd Band-11 Timpanogos 2018
The Stanley Clarke Band-The Message-06 Lost In A World 2018
Yaron Gershovsky\Transitions 2022\Awakening
The Stanley Clarke Band-Up-08 Bass Folk Song #7- Tradition 2014


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