The Sunday Jazz Brunch Presents

Juan Carlos Quintero

Air Date: 3/06/2022

Most guitarists have many guitars. Each guitar has its own feeling, its own sound, its own personality. Selecting the right instrument for a given song or for a session allows the artist to optimize the ability to express emotions musically. The unique characteristics of a given instrument are tied to the desired end result: an effective piece of music.

When I first visited the website of guitarist Juan Carlos Quintero, I noticed his proud bullet-list inventory of guitars. To be honest, I had never heard of many of the makes and models listed. But seeing this list, and also the list of studio recording equipment used to make his master recordings, was telling, for it shows how a true artist accounts for all aspects of the music-delivery supply chain: the instrument and the recording equipment as well as the rhythm, melody, harmony of the music and the technical skill and creativity of the artist him or herself.

Featured this week on the Sunday Jazz Brunch is the new CD from Mr. Quintero, Table for Five, as well as an earlier release, Caminando.

We open Brazil/World hour with a slow rendition of Luiz Bonfa's Manhã De Carnaval. If you were to dance to this tune, I suspect it would be a bolero, maybe a slow rumba. Later in the hour you'll hear the other Bonfa track on this release, The Gentle Rain. 

The earlier release, Caminando, is a reissue of an album from 1997 called The Way Home, and we'll hear the original title number. You'll notice that the older material is performed on acoustic guitar, whereas the new CD is all electric. 

I was surprised to learn that Caminando is a reissue from so long ago. It sounds as if it might have been recorded recently. I assume that Mr. Quintero was involved in remastering this release.

New Artists

Take a look at the playlist and you are sure to find several artists with whom you are not familiar. For example, vocalist Yolanda Flores is a new talent, as well as Amanda Tosoff, Jackson Potter, Nathan Borton, Andrew Nixon, and Sean Fyfe. These are all marvelous discoveries that I am gratified to expose to your discriminating ears. I hope you enjoy all of them!

It really means a lot to me that you listen to the Sunday Jazz Brunch.



Picture of Juan Carlos Quintero by Natalie Quinn courtesy Moondo Music LLC

HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Garry Dial Jay Anderson\Living a Dream We're Not In 2022\Basic Sadness
Bernie Senesky Quartet\Don't Look Back 2022\Together
Steve Million\JazzWords 2021 Hymnal feat Sara Marie Young
Doug Lofstrom\Music for Strings 2021\Midsummer Passage
Jackson Potter-Restless 2021-04 Sophia's Waltz
Amanda Tosoff-Earth Voices 2021-07 To A Stranger Featuring Felicity Williams
Fred Hersch\Breath by Breath 2022\Pastorale
Yolanda Flores\Sheer Bliss 2022\Till There Was You
Nathan Borton\Each Step 2022\Change

HOUR TWO: New For You

Nixon Goretti and Croft\In Congruence 2022\Anticipation
Michael Weiss\Persistence 2022\Only the Lonely
Garry Dial Jay Anderson\Living a Dream We're Not In 2022\Fasting
Fred Hersch\Breath by Breath 2022\Rising and Falling
Shelly Rudolph\The Way We Love 2022\Humanity
Sean Fyfe 2022\Late Night\Happy
Matt Gordy\Be With Me 2022\Be With Me feat Sherry Williams
Bernie Senensky Quartet\Don't Look Back 2022\May in June Orig 1989
Yolanda Flores\Sheer Bliss 2022\Take it Away
Ryan Oliver\With Strings 2022\Arrival

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Juan Carlos Quintero\Table For Five 2022\04-Manhã De Carnaval
Sergio Pereira\Finesse 2022\Samba de Outono
Dee Bell\Love for Sailing Over Seas 2022\Boa Nova
Diego Figueiredo-Broken Bossa-01 Broken Bossa 2015
Ted Moore Trio\The Natural Order of Things 2020\06 Amorzinha
Susan Krebs\Simple Gifts 2015\So Many Stars
Eliane Elias-Mirror Mirror 2021-02 Esta Tarde Vi Llover
Juan Carlos Quintero\Caminando\The Way Home
Chiara Civello\Chansons 2022\I Wish You Love
Juan Carlos Quintero\Table For Five 2022\The Gentle Rain
Mafalda Minnozzi-CinemaCity 2021-07 Anonimo Veneziano

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Brian Culbertson - Feel the Love Single
Bill Banfield\Hey Holla When You Hear Me 2022\Unmistakeably You
Micah Graves\Pawns 2022\05 Fed Up (Featuring Dick Oatts)
Theo Croker-BLK2LIFE !! A FUTURE PAST 2021-09 Happy Feet (for dancers)
Matthew Whitaker-Now Hear This-11 Black Butterfly 2019
Pieces of a Dream-Just Funkin' Around-05 Fast Lane 2017
Charles Langford-Powerless 2021-10 New Day
Richard Elliot\Authentic Life 2021\Secrets
Chris Standring\Real Life 2020\In Other Words
Chuck Loeb-Unspoken-08 Way Up High (2016)
Euge Groove\Sing My Song 2020\Rise


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