The Sunday Jazz Brunch Presents

Sergio Pereira 

Air Date: 2/13/2022

Back in 2018 guitarist and composer Sergio Pereira released his second album, Nu Brasil
Let me get right to the point: this is a great album, nothing less than a truly impressive effort.  Mr/ Pereira wrote or co-wrote all of the songs, and the arrangements are superb. Besides Mr. Pereira's acoustic guitar, we have the outstanding pianist Helio Alves, plus strings, woodwinds, flute, trumpet, harmonica - whatever is needed to express the emotions of these original songs.

Now we have the followup release, Finesse. Recorded remotely during the pandemic, as so many releases are in the past couple of years, it continues the originality and high level musicianship of the earlier release. 

As a listener of Brazil/World Hour on the Sunday Jazz Brunch, you certainly know what makes for great Brazilian jazz. Part of it has to do with that bossa nova or samba rhythm; part of it has to do with the interesting melodies and harmonies that seem to flourish down in Mr. Pereira's home country. (He was born in Rio but moved to NYC at an early age.) But for me and maybe you as well, it is the emotional aspect which, when added to those other characteristics, makes this music pretty much irresistible to jazz heads like us. 

That's what I have found on these two releases: all the ingredients that make for great Brazilian jazz.

On this edition of the SJB, I have devoted most of Brazil/World hour to both CDs. Enjoy!

More New Material

This week we have an all-digital release from saxophonist Ryan Oliver. It features strings, which I notice is becoming a 'thing.' That's ok with me, as long as the strings are not used to make a too-sweet concoction. For those of you old enough to get the reference, this is not Mantovani.

Saxophonist Steve Slagle has released a ballads album that you'll hear during the second hour.

Vocalist Shelly Rudolph is a new artist to SJB. Again we have strings, and it is good. Check out the track Butterfly Heart.

During Groove Hour you'll hear a groove version of Neil Young's Harvest Moon from vocalist Dee Bell. While the vibe is different from the original, the great melody comes through in this unique interpretation.

Finally, you'll want to stick around for the track from the young artist Micah Graves. The cats on this release will treat you to several minutes of virtuoso playing. Seat belts are suggested.

Have a great Sunday and enjoy the show!


Photo of Sergio Pereira by Alex Postigo

HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

David Janeway\Distant Voices 2022\11 In Passing
Yaron Gershovsky\Transitions 2022\A Song for Mia
Alex Sipiagin\Upstream 2021\Miyako
Jacqui Naylor\Lucky Girl 2011\Beautiful
John DePaola\Take Two 2021\That's All
Mafalda Minnozzi-CinemaCity 2021-02 Loss of Love
Matt Olson\Matt-Olson-Open-Spaces 2022\Gravity and Levity
Gregory Porter-All Rise-09 Modern Day Apprentice-2020
Ryan Oliver\With Strings 2022\For You
Chiara Civello\Chansons 2022\I Will Wait for You
David Janeway\Distant Voices 2022\11 In Passing

HOUR TWO: New For You

Matt Olson\Matt-Olson-Open-Spaces 2022\Fade to Black
Shelly Rudolph\The Way We Love 2022\Butterfly Heart
Steve Slagle Trio\Ballads- Into The Heart Of It 2022\The Four Margarets
Eric Person\Blue Vision 2022\Geri
Chiara Civello\Chansons 2022\09 - I WISH YOU LOVE (Que reste-t-il de nos amours)
Matt Gordy\Be With Me 2022\Camouflage
Doug Scarborough\The-Color-of-Angels 2022\The Everything
Dave Stryker\As We Are 2021\Lanes
Nicholas Payton\Smoke Sessions 2021\Gold Dust Black Magic
David Finck\BASSic Instinct 2021\BASSic Instinct
Terence Blanchard\Absence 2021\Diana

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Sergio Pereira-Nu Brasil-06 Per Te 2018
Sergio Pereira\Finesse 2022\Finesse
Chris Cortez\Hermanos 2022\04 Un Pedazo De Tu Sonrisa
Diego Figueiredo-Broken Bossa-07 Valsa Curitibana 2015
Sergio Pereira\Finesse 2022\Morning Mist
Sergio Pereira-Nu Brasil-06 Nu Brasil 2018
Ted Moore Trio\The Natural Order of Things 2020\Amorzinha
Gregg Karukas\Serenata 2021\Long Ago
Sergio Pereira-Nu Brasil-02 East River 2018
Sergio Pereira\Finesse 2022\Give Me
Dianne Reeves-Bridges-05 Bridges 1999

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Brian Simpson\All That Matters 2021\Daybreak
Dee Bell\Love for Sailing Over Seas 2022\Harvest Moon
Matthew Whitaker\Connections 2021\A New Day
Nnenna Freelon\Time Traveler 2021\Marvin Medley
Eric Marienthal & Chuck Loeb-Bridges-06 Lucky Southern (2015)
Shelly Rudolph\The Way We Love 2022\Stand by Me
Micah Graves\Pawns 2022\Spirit
Chris Standring\ten\11-magic-carpet-reprise
Basia-Butterflies-10 rachel's waltz 2018
Chris Standring\ten\Magic Carpet Ride
Euge Groove-08 Push it Forward feat Adam Hawley (2016) Euge Groove
Najee-Center of the Heart-09 Center of the Heart 2019


Dee Bell said…
Thank you for including the Dee Bell CD. So sorry to be late to this posting. Perhaps this is in the archives?

Just saw Chico Pinheiro and Romero Lubambo at the Blue Note Napa. They were phenomenal. Romero is on the first two tracks of the latest CD. His guitar mastery on both of the opening tunes is amazing.

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