The Sunday Jazz Brunch Presents

Michael Weiss

Air Date: 2/27/2022

When an artist releases a very good CD and then makes us wait nearly twenty years for the follow-up, well, that makes me feel like I've entered a time machine. Soul Journey, pianist Michael Weiss' fourth CD as a leader, was released in 2003. I look back on that time as the 'early years' of the Sunday Jazz Brunch, and that CD was one of my goto releases for the show. 

Of course, Mr. Weiss has not been inactive during that time. He appeared on several CDs as a sideman with Frank Wess as well as the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. In 2010 he teamed up with Dick Oatts for a release called Two Hearts.

Here we are in 2022, and Mr. Weiss now releases his fifth CD as a leader, Persistence. Tune in to the first hour to hear his interpretation of the Jimmy Van Heusen composition, Only the Lonely. As I listened to this track, I felt myself feeling sad and lonely. You can't do much better than that as an artist, to generate a specific emotion in your listeners.

In the second hour, you'll hear the muscular sound of Eric Alexander's tenor saxophone on Second Thoughts, one of the four original numbers on this release. I'm so glad to hear originals, as Mr. Weiss is a fine composer and arranger.

Finally, during Brazil/World Jazz Hour, we'll enter that time machine and go back to 2003 to hear La Ventana from his prior release. This is one of those songs that I played quite a bit back then, and I enjoyed every minute of the latin-tinged original. As with the rest of the songs on this CD, all originals, the pace is driving and intense, with a great horn section and fine solo work by the pianist. 

Special Contemplativity

Like my new word? I want to convey that this week's contemplative hour is just really special, for a number of reasons. 

I frequently come back to Paul McCandless and the beautiful sound he achieves on the oboe. Of course, his sound is unique, as he is only one of a few jazz oboists at work today. We'll hear two superb tracks from Mr. McCandless.

Thomas Heflin is on my radar as a trumpeter with a great sound and something to say. I've been playing tracks from his recent release Morning Star for the last few weeks, all quite lovely. 

Patricia Barber is intense and mellow at the same time. Take a listen during the hour and you'll see what I mean.

Also, you'll hear a 2008 release from Frank Kimbrough featuring Joe Locke on vibes. This CD has been compared favorably with those from Chick Corea and Gary Burton.

The song Moonlight in Vermont is so pretty, and we hear two versions: a vocal featuring Gail Pettis, and an instrumental from drummer Joe Farnsworth's recent release City of Sounds. Ms. Pettis has a voice that is a smooth as the proverbial silk; Kenny Barron places every note perfectly as the pianist in Mr. Farnsworth's trio. 

Jimmy Greene has long been a favorite of mine on the tenor saxophone. His 2020 release While Looking Up is one of the CDs he has produced since enduring a horrific tragedy. We end the hour with a track from the release. 

I'm so glad to have you with me as we listen to this wonderful music.


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Paul McCandless-Premonition-07 Last Bloom 1991
Thomas Heflin\Morning Star 2022\Interlude
Michael Weiss\Persistence 2022\Only the Lonely
Patricia Barber-Mythologies-02 Morpheus 2006
Paul McCandless-Premonition-10 Premonition 1991
Frank Kimbrough-Verrazano Moon-06 Forgiveness 2008 feat Joe Locke comp burton/corea
Gail Pettis-May I Come In-04 Moonlight in Vermont 2007
Joe Farnsworth-City Of Sounds 2021-05 Moonlight In Vermont
Gregoire Maret-Gregoire Maret-04 Travels 2012
Jackie Allen-Rose Fingered Dawn-07 Moon's On The Rise 2017
Jimmy Greene-While Looking Up-08 I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)-2020

HOUR TWO: New For You

Bill Banfield's Jazz Urbane 2\Hey Holla When You Hear Me 2022\Unmistakably You feat. Yanina Johnson
Jorge Garcia\Dedicated To You 2022\Dedicated To You
Matt Gordy\Be With Me 2022\Be With Me feat Sherry Williams
Sergio Pereira\Finesse 2022\Dreamsville
Courtney Freed\Big Crazy Love 2022\When We Were Lovers
Michael Weiss\Persistence 2022\Second Thoughts
Yaron Gershovsky\Transitions 2022\Awakening
Doug MacDonald\Overtones 2022\Ricky Speaking feat L.A. All-Star Octet
David Janeway\Distant Voices 2022\Waltz for Zweetie
Matt Olson\Matt-Olson-Open-Spaces 2022\Ups and Downs
Matt Gordy\Be With Me 2022\Wheatland

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Jorge Garcia\Dedicated To You 2022\With You Always
Gabriel Mervine-06 Ghana (2016)
Doug MacDonald\Overtones 2022\Bossa for PK
Michael Weiss-Soul Journey-08 La Ventana 2003
Claudio Roditi-07 Levitation (2011)
Rosana Eckert\Brasuka - A Vida Com Paixao 2021\005 Deusa Do Meu Carnaval
Diego Figueiredo-Broken Bossa-09 Caravan 2015
Chris Cortez\Hermanos 2022\Topaz
Corina Bartra\Amber Sun 2022\9 Puente de los suspivos
Sergio Pereira\Finesse 2022\Samba De Outono

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Bill Banfield\Hey Holla When You Hear Me 2022\Money Funny feat Grace Kelly
Thom Rotella_Say Hey! single 2022
Vincent Ingala - Shadow Dancer single 2022
Brian Simpson\All That Matters 2021\Whisper to Me
The Sax Pack-Power of 3-05 Like Old Times 2015
The Stanley Clarke Band-Up-04 Brazilian Love Affair (Dedicated to George Duke) 2014
Micah Graves\Pawns 2022\Odd Times
Kevin Eubanks-Zen Food (2010)-10 Das It 2010
Chris Standring-Soul Express-03_constellation
Wes Montgomery-Down Here on the Ground-05 Up And At It 1995
Norman Brown\Heart To Heart\Heading Wes
Chuck Loeb-All There Is-02 Sierra Nevada 2002


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