Best of 2021, Part Two

Air Date: 1/16/2022

We're not done yet! 

This show, the second in the Best of 2021 Series on SJB, opens with an original from the 2021 release of pianist-composer Orrin Evans, The Magic of Now. Then, wait until you hear the version of Pure Imagination from guitarist Graham Dechter - it's delightful. Mr. Dechter, along with Randy Napoleon, is one of my treasured finds on guitar from 2021.

Next up is bassist Martin Wind, who includes Bill Mays in his trio on My Astorian Queen. Award-winning young pianist Victor Gould's 2021 release In Our Time is featured next, with a somber track In Memoriam.

The two-CD set from drummer Gerry Gibbs has a couple of great tracks perfect for Contemplative Hour, and we'll hear Lonely Dreams. Then we have trumpeter Alex Sipiagin.

John Stowell's CD Rain Painting features the interesting vocal work of Dan Dean. For more great vocal work, perhaps with a more standard kind of sound, we have the release from Nicole Henry. 

His amazing guitar technique can be heard on Pasquale Grasso's Reflections in D to end the first hour.

The Second Hour 

To kick off the second hour, we'll have two songs that harken back to the '60s: Lennon/McCartney's Across the Universe from Alexis Cole, and then Harry Nilsson/Fred Neil's Everybody's Talkin' from Judy Wexler. 

Then on to the title track from Bruce Brown's 2021 CD filled with humor, pathos, and scathing wit, Death of Expertise. By the way, I will play a snippet from my interview with Mr. Brown.

Pianist/Composer Steve Million had two releases during the year. We'll hear a track from each. On Jazzwords, Sarah Marie Young is the featured vocalist.


I've written quite a bit about Antonio Adolfo, and his 2021 release Jobim Forever kicks off the third hour. Kristen Callahan, a very intruiging young vocalist follows up with a track from her third release. Zoe Scott follows with another approach to Jobim on her lush recording Shades of Love. All three tracks are written by Antonio Carlos Jobim, WICN's artist of the month.

Alan Broadbent gets a slot in this hour thanks to his arrangement with strings of Dave Brubeck's Bossa USA. Similarly, Dave Stryker's release with string quartet is represented by the beautiful track Saudade.

The final set of the hour will be so very interesting. The track from Angel Roman & Mambo Blue is a really nice surprise. Mafalda Minozzi's release celebrating Italian cinema is next - a wonderful CD with so many familiar tunes. Gemma Sherry's Bim Bom is a perfect pick-me-up after two very thoughtful numbers. You'll recognize Armando's Rhumba from Jenny Klukken, a jazz marimba player!


During Groove Hour we have vocalist Samara Joy with Pasquale Grasso on guitar. Another vocalist in the hour is Nnenna Freelon with her long-awaited release Time Traveler.

Matthew Whitaker is an exciting young keyboard player, and we hear him on organ during the hour. 

The hour and show end with two excellent sax players, Kenny Garrett and Alexander McCabe. 

One More

There is one more installment of the Best of 2021 series on SJB. After that, I have a bunch of new releases in 2022 to showcase for you.



HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Orrin Evans-The Magic Of Now 2021-07 Dave
Graham Dechter-Major Influence 2021-06 Pure Imagination
Martin Wind\My Astorian Queen 2021\Solitude
Victor Gould-In Our Time 2021-11 In Memoriam
Gerry Gibbs-Songs From My Father Disk 2 2021-06 Lonely Dreams
Alex Sipiagin-Upstream 2021-02 Upstream
JOHN MOULDER - Metamorphosis Suite 2021 - Into the Dazzling Darkness (Intro)
John Stowell\Rain Painting feat Dan Dean 2021\Alora Andiamo!
Nicole Henry-TIME TO LOVE AGAIN  2021-7. Wild Is The Wind
Dan Siegel-Faraway Place 2021-06 Faraway Place
Pasquale Grasso-Pasquale Plays Duke 2021-13 Rflections in D

HOUR TWO: New For You

Alexis Cole\Sky Blossom - Songs From My Tour of Duty 2021\06 Across the Universe
Judy Wexler\Back to the Garden 2021\Everybody's Talkin
Bruce Brown\Death of Expertise 2021\Death of Expertise
Chuck Owen + Jazz Surge Big Band\Within Us 2021\Sparks Fly
Jae Sinnett Trio\Altered Egos 2021\Mr Syms.
Steve Million\JazzWords 2021\Nica's Changes Featuring Sarah Marie Young
Steve Million\What I Meant to Say 2021\What I Meant to Say
Randy Napoleon\Rust Belt Roots 2021\Jean de Fleur
Carrie Wicks\Reverie 2021\Meet Me at No Special Place
Alexander McCabe-Body And Soul 2021-05 Angela

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Antonio Adolfo\Jobim Forever 2021\07 Agua de Beber
Kristin Callahan\Lost In a Dream 2021\Once I Loved
Zoe Scott\Shades of Love  2021\Quiet Nights
Alan Broadbent\Broadbent Plays Brubeck 2021\Bossa USA
George Cables-Too Close for Comfort 2021-10 A Valentine for You
Dave Stryker\As We Are 2021\Saudade
Elena Maque\Feel Again 2021\03 The Girl From Ipanema
David Finck - 05 Bateu, Levou, Who's Wrong or Right (feat Téka Penteriche and Trist Curless)
Rebecca Kilgore\Trio Volume  2021\13 There's a Small Hotel
Angel Roman & Mambo Blue\Festive Interplay 2021\Never Far
Mafalda Minnozzi-CinemaCity 2021-12 Se
Gemma Sherry-Music to Dream To 2021-05 Bim Bom
Jenny Klukken-Color in Motion 2021-07 Armandos Rhumba
Karen Marguth\Until 2021\La Ronda

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Brandee Younger\Somewhere Different 2021\Tickled Pink
Pieces of a Dream\Fired Up 2021\Ear Candy
Samara Joy-Samara Joy 2021-07 It's Easy to See
Nnenna Freelon\Time Traveler 2021\Betcha By Golly Wow
Vincent Ingala\Fire And Desire 2021\Aftermath
Matthew Whitaker-Connections 2021-02 A New Day
Adrianne Duncan-Gemini 2021-03 Gemini
Andre Ferreri Quintetto - Numero Uno - 10 - Making Minor Changes
Michael Waldrop\Michael Van Waldrop 2021\Continuity
Vincent Ingala\Fire And Desire 2021\This or That
Kenny Garrett-Sounds from the Ancestors 2021-02 Hargrove
Alexander McCabe-Body And Soul 2021-05 Angela


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