Dan Dean

Air Date 12/19/2021

So after a forty year career as bassist, composer, producer and recording engineer, what do you do next? Why, you sing the parts to famous orchestral pieces, overdubbing to create alternative chorale-based works - of course!

We have two new CDs from Dan Dean, with a track from each during this show.

In the first hour you'll hear a track from Mr. Dean's Fanfare for the Common Man, taking its title from Aaron Copeland's popular work. 

Featuring well-known and instantly recognizable pieces from Bach and Mozart, the CD also includes lesser-known works such as Katchaturian's Gayane's Adagio, used in the soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey.  

On today's show we have a piece by Debussy for your Contemplative Hour.

Specifically, for each of the eleven pieces, Mr. Dean has taken all of the orchestral parts - on the order of twenty or so - and performed them with his voice instead. For each voicing, Mr. Dean needed to pick the appropriate vowel sound, since there were no actual lyrics. All the recorded voice parts were then dubbed together to create the chorale effect. 

You'll notice the superb sound on this CD, which is what you would expect from a recording engineer. Also, it is interesting how perfect the chorus sounds compared with an actual chorus. That's what you can achieve when you have control of the entire process, including the singers!

The Other CD

Also just released is guitarist John Stowell's Rain Painting, in which Mr. Stowell is joined by the voice and bass playing of Dan Dean. 
As with Fanfare for the Common Man, the music here is one-of-a-kind, defying categorization. But you may have noticed that I don't let categorizations get in the way of exposing good music to your discriminating ears!

In the case of both CDs, the effort to produce the music was enormous. All of the parts needed to be recorded and then perfectly dubbed. Fanfare for the Common Man required one year to produce.

More New Material

I'm listening more to vocalist Karen Marguth's new CD, Until, and you'll enjoy of few of these tracks during the show.

Bassist Martin Wind's new CD is very good, and it features Bill Mays on piano.

I was so glad to get a new CD in from Charles Langford for Groove Hour. It's been a long time since we got something from the tenor saxophonist.
Tune in to WICN for the best jazz to accompany your holiday season. All the best to you and your family.

Top Photo by Steve Korn

HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Dave Stryker\As We Are 2021\Dreams Are Real
Dan Dean\Fanfare for the Common Man 2021\Debussy - Prelude 8, La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin (The Girl with Flaxen Hair)
KAREN MARGUTH - Until 2021 - What Color is Love
Diego Figueiredo-Broken Bossa-01 Broken Bossa 2015
Royce Campbell-Cool School 2021-02 Another Chance
Alex Sipiagin-Upstream 2021-06 Rain
Carlos Vega-Art of the Messenger 2021-03 Ode to the Patient Observer
Dan Siegel-Faraway Place 2021-02 Sentimental Story
Nicole Henry\TIME TO LOVE AGAIN. 2021\Wild is the Wind
Orrin Evans-The Magic Of Now 2021-07 Dave
Denise Donatelli-Whistling In The Dark- The Music Of Burt Bacharach 2021-09 A House Is Not A Home

HOUR TWO: New For You

Sean Michael Giddings\Red Willow 2021\Opening Scene
Elena Maque\Feel Again 2021\Lover Man
Victor Gould-In Our Time 2021-06 Queen Alma
Carrie Wicks\Reverie 2021\A Love for Just Part
Dave Stryker\As We Are 2021\Lanes
Jared Hall\Seen on the Scene 2021\Mating Call
Alexis Cole\Sky Blossom - Songs From My Tour of Duty 2021\Pure Imagination
KAREN MARGUTH - Until 2021 - Hearts and Bones
John Stowell\Rain Painting feat Dan Dean 2021\Alora Andiamo!
Susan Krebs With Mixed Remotions-Daybreak 2021-01 Can't Get Out Of This Mood
Rebecca Kilgore\Trio Volume  202110 That Sunday That Summer

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Dave Stryker\As We Are 2021\Saudade
Elena Maque\Feel Again 2021\The Girl From Ipanema
Martin Wind\Astorian Queen 2021\05_E Preciso Perduar
Rosana Eckert\Brasuka - A Vida Com Paixao 2021\Samba Jiji
Carlos Vega-Art of the Messenger 2021-11 Serenata for Bela
Mafalda Minnozzi-CinemaCity 2021-10 Lappuntamento
Antonio Carlos Jobim-Some of the Best - Estrada Du Sol
Tanya Dennis-White Sails Blue Skies 2021-03 Slow Reckless Tango
Marc Antoine-Something About Her 2021-10 Song For Sasha
Zoe Scott\Shades of Love  2021\Wave
Lee Smith-Faith in the New Day 2021-05 Lo Siento Mi Amor
Elena Maque\Feel Again 2021\Like a Song

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Brian Simpson\All That Matters 2021\All That Matters
Richard Elliot\Authentic Life 2021\Authentic Life
Mike LeDonne\It's All Your Fault 2021\Rock With You
Vincent Ingala\Fire And Desire 2021\This or That
Chris Standring\Real Life 2020\Another Train
Marion Meadows-Twice As Nice 2021-02 Lunchbox
Charles Langford-Powerless 2021-02 Bliss
Marion Meadows-Twice As Nice 2021-04 Step to This
Larry Carlton\Soul Searchin 2021 - Larry Carlton And Paul Brown - Blue Skies
Charles Langford-Powerless 2021-10 New Day
Marc Antoine-Something About Her 2021-03 Marco Polo


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