Air Date: 9/26/2021

Every now and then a song comes along that is extremely well-suited for your Contemplative Hour, the first hour of the show. Such is the case with Daybreak, the title song of the latest CD from Susan Krebs and her band Mixed Remotions. 

The track opens with a delicious, gentle conversation between vibes, acoustic guitar, and percussion. In particular, Jerry Kalaf's light touch on vibes elevates the sound to the point that it competes, in my mind, for top prize in the 'best chill music' category. The instrumental accompaniment is exceptional for its ability to capture and re-create the life experience of chilling.

You'll hear the track early during the first hour of the show.

Antonio Adolfo's New CD

I am always so happy to get a new CD in from Antonio Adolfo. It seems like the last one (Bruma, a celebration of Milton Nascimento) just came out. 

I guess that is just how time seems to by flying by. Now we have his new one, Jobim Forever.

Here's why I like the music of Antonio Adolfo: 

Firstly, it is great jazz. He is either playing material from great, mostly Brazilian, composers, or he is playing his own superb original works. 

Second, the musicanship is first rate, and he often employs many musicians for each release. 

Third, I can play his tracks in any of the first three hours of the show. That's versatility!

So we'll be enjoying plenty of this new release together on the Sunday Jazz Brunch.


Steve Million

Steve Million has two new CDs. Jazzwords featuring Sarah Marie Young is unique, very original. One of the tracks, The Way Home, is just lovely. 

His other CD is called What I Meant To Say, and we just got that one in. But I can tell you it has several very nice tracks on it, that we'll be getting to over the next few shows.

Marion Meadows

A few weeks ago we got in a new single from Marion Meadows, Twice as Nice. We just got the full CD in, and it is vintage Meadows. A great groove sound from the saxophonist.


Summer comes to a rainy close here in the Boston area. I hope you made good memories during the summer. Be healthy.


Photo credit: "Vineyard Spring Sunrise" by Jaykhuang is licensed under CC BY 2.


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Lima-Johannes Tonio Kreusch\Manisero 2021\06 Por Causa de Voce
Susan Krebs With Mixed Remotions\Daybreak 2021\Daybreak
Alan Broadbent\Broadbent Plays Brubeck 2021\Bossa Nova USA
Hamilton de Holanda-Intimo-11 Amor, Saudade Amor 2007
Pat Coil-How Deep is the Ocean 2021-09 Prelude in E Minor
Kristin Callahan\Lost In a Dream 2021\Lost In a Dream
Chris Standring\Wonderful World 2021\Autumn in New York
Tanya Dennis-White Sails Blue Skies 2021-09 White Sails
Antonio Adolfo\Jobim Forever 2021\09 Estrada do Sol
Joanie Pallatto\My Original Plan 2021\About a Song
Greg Germann\Tales of Time 2021\Quarantine
Rebecca Kilgore\Trio Volume  2021\Old Soft Shoe

HOUR TWO: New For You

Pat Coil-How Deep is the Ocean 2021-Letter to Evan
Susan Krebs With Mixed Remotions-Daybreak 2021-04 Inside A Silent Tear
Steve Million\JazzWords 2021\The Way Home feat Sarah Marie Young
Kristin Callahan\Lost In a Dream 2021\Round Midnight
Chris Standring\Wonderful World 2021\Green Dolphin Street
Brennen Schedler Quartet-Keep Steppin' Down 2021-02 3AM Breeze
Kenny Shanker-Beautiful Things 2021-01 Cool Mint
Rahsaan Barber-Mosaic 2021-06 NaDJe And The Snow
Troy Roberts and Tim Jago - Best Buddies 2021 - 04 -  - Zeena
Lee Smith-Faith in the New Day 2021-07 The Lamp is Low
Behn Gillece-Still Doing Our Thing 2021-09 Going on Well
Steven Feifke Big Band-Kinetic 2021-10 Closure

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Antonio Adolfo\Jobim Forever 2021\Wave
Lima-Johannes Tonio Kreusch\Manisero 2021\Estrellita
Fahir Atakoğlu-For Love 2020-06 Coracao Vagabundo-Gypsy Heart feat Luciana Souza and Romero Lubambo
Kenny Polson\Colors of Brazil - 2021\ Incompatidade De Genios
Alfredo Cardim Trio\Bossa Nova Bossa Blues-11 Esperança Perdida (1995)
Ashleigh Smith-Sunkissed-01-Best Friends
Astrud Gilberto-Look to the Rainbow-10 El preciso aprender a ser so (Learn to Live Alone) 1966
Basia\Time and Tide 1987\Astrud
Bill Beach-Búzios-08 Antes da Separação [Before Parting] 2011
Bill Cunliffe Trio-Sunrise Over Molokai-10 Tereza My Love 2019
Brian Andres Trio Latino-Mayan Suite-02 Viento Solar-2020
Carol Bach-Y-Rita-Minha Casa , My House-08 Pra Quem Quiser Me Visitar 2016
Chiara Civello-The Space Between-03 Un passo dopo l'altro 2007

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Vincent Ingala\Fire And Desire 2021\Aftermath
Tomo Fujita-Pure-01 Kyoto
Sade\The Ultimate Collection, Disc 1\Nothing Can Come Between Us
Rick Braun-Crossroads-02 Brazz Street 2019
Marion Meadows\Twice as Nice (Single)
William Kanter Woods-Cobalt Blue-10 Small Wonder 2004
The Sax Pack-Power of 3-08 When Morning Comes 2015
Fourplay-Yes, Please!-04 Robo Bop 2000
David Finck\BASSic Instinct 2021\09 So What (feat Kelly Mittleman and Andy Snitzer)
David Sanborn-Time And The River-08 Spanish Joint 2015
Brian Simpson - All That Matters 2021 = When I Found You
Jazz Funk Soul-Life And Times-08 Room W Vu 2019


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