Latin Dance Party!

Air Date: 8/15/2021

When I was asked to participate in a ballroom dance lesson, I resisted with every ounce of strength I could muster. You know, it's a guy thing. 
Eventually  I assented. Yes, I felt like a completely uncoordinated clod, and of course I was exactly that. But whenever I made a mistake, which was just about every ten seconds, I wound up laughing at myself like crazy. I decided that even if I didn't learn to dance, at least I would derive great amusement from my efforts.
Now my mistakes are a bit further apart -- maybe fifteen or twenty seconds instead of ten.  But I am still having fun! And that is the key. Fun. That's why you do it. 
You like music, right? And do you like feeling the rhythm of the music? When your body moves to the rhythm (or even quite approximately in my case) it really enhances the musical experience. 

Since I play so much Latin music for you during Brazil/World hour, I figured why not bring in some dance moves and make it a party? So here we are with the following dances you'll hear starting at 10am ET on the next edition of the Sunday Jazz Brunch:
Click on any of these links for the basics of each style.

Never fear, however -- you don't need to dance the exact steps. Once the music starts playing, if your body feels something, then maybe get up and do some freestyle dancing. Don't worry - nobody's looking, and I won't tell!

The other thing about the music is that I have been told that jazzy dance music is just not dance-able. That is, if it is jazz then you'll have trouble dancing to it. I don't buy that. So let's prove that idea wrong. Check us out starting at 10am ET and please, tell me if it works ( And don't forget - have fun!

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  • Created: 4 May 2008

HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Billy Test-Coming Down Roses 2021-09 Belonging
Kristin Callahan\Lost In a Dream 2021\05 Lost In A Dream
Steve Kuhn-Remembering Tomorrow-11 Silver 1995
Stefano Di Battista-Round About Roma-03 Tartaruga 2002
Shirley Horn-But Beautiful- The Best Of Shirley Horn On Verve-07 A Time For Love 2005
Sergio Pereira-Nu Brasil-04 Greta 2018
Silvio Amato\Variations of Relevance 2020\08 Thruthful Intentions
Take 6-So Cool-13 Love and Harmony 1998
Takuya Kuroda-Bitter & High-07 For All We Know 2012
Salena Jones-Salena Jones Meets Kenny Burrell & Richie Cole-15 For All We Know 2000

HOUR TWO: New For You

Billy Test-Coming Down Roses 2021-09 Belonging
Kristin Callahan\Lost In a Dream 2021\Lush Life
Alex Collins\Together 2021\Night Dreamer
Tanya Dennis-White Sails Blue Skies 2021-White Sails
TuneTown-Entering Utopia 2021-12 Blue Gardenia
Gregory Porter-All Rise-05 Faith in Love-2020
Code Quartet-Genealogy 2021-02 Watching it all Slip Away
Eugene Maslov-When I Need to Smile-09 Sweet Lana 1999
Wesla Whitfield-With A Song In My Heart- The Rodgers & Hart Songbook-14 Glad To Be Unhappy 1999
Eric Dolphy-Outward Bound-05 Glad to be Unhappy-1960
Rebecca Kilgore\Trio Volume  2021\There's a Small Hotel


Jim Stubblefield-Guitarra Exotica-06 Rumba Arabe 2007 RHUMBA
Susie Hansen-The Salsa Never Ends-04 Que Pase La Tormenta 2002 SALSA
Yulia Musayelyan\Oblivion 2021\09 To Ostatnia Niedziela TANGO
Eliane Elias-Bossa Nova Stories-12 Minha Saudade 2008 SAMBA
Eguie Castrillo-Palladium Tradition-06 Con Calma 2006 SALSA
Andrea Brachfeld\Brazilian Whispers\Andrea Brachfeld-Brazilian Whispers-06 Samba Medley- Piano na Mangueira,Olele Olala,O Nosso Amor 2020 SAMBA
Aguanko-Pattern Recognition-07 Mojo Mohito Cha-Cha 2018 CHA-CHA
Putumayo Presents-Acoustic Brasil-02 Paulinho da Viola - A Voz do Povo 2005 SAMBA
Sade\The Ultimate Collection, Disc 1\Smooth Operator RHUMBA
Tito Puente-King of Kings- The Very Best of Tito Puente-01 Dance Mania (Mambo) 2002 MAMBO
Dianne Reeves-Beautiful Life-10 Tango 2014 TANGO
Latin Giants of Jazz-The Latin Giants Play the Music of the Palladium...Tito Lives-10 Miedo al Cha Cha Cha 2008 CHA-CHA

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Najee\The Smooth Side Of Soul\03 Perfect Nites 2012
Richard Elliot\Authentic Life 2021\Elegant People
Brian Simpson\All That Matters 2021\Whisper to Me
Justin Lee Schultz - Gruv Kid 2020 - Color Blind
Walter Beasley-Rendezvous-07 Can This Be Real 2002
Ken Navarro-All the Way-04 In the Sky Today 2003
Kenny Garrett-Simply Said-08 Can I Just Hold Your Hand 1999
The Jeff Lorber Fusion-Impact-10 Valinor 2018
Rick Braun-Crossroads-09 Come With Me 2019
Jeff Lorber\SpaceTime 2021\\SpaceTime
Euge Groove\Sing My Song 2020\Gatito
Gato Barbieri-The Shadow of the Cat-11 Last Tango (Theme From Last Tango in Paris) 2002
Gregory Porter-Take Me To The Alley\13 Holding On (2016)


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