Female Vocalists, New Material

Air Date: 7/11/2021

I've discovered that the category of female jazz vocalists exhibits a cyclical nature; that is, new releases come in waves. And at the moment, we have a wave!

On this edition of the Sunday Jazz Brunch you'll hear a track or two from our spotlight vocalists: Anaïs Reno, Tanya Dennis, Joanie Pallatto, Jacqui Naylor, and Zoe Carter-Fitzgerald.

Beginning during hour one, we have Tanya Dennis singing the title number from her new cd, White Sails Blue Skies, a tribute to the boating life. I felt something when listening to her songs, and now I know that if I imagine myself on a sailboat on a clear summer morning, then that's where this song wants me to be and what it wants me to feel.

Also during hour one we have seventeen-year-old Anaïs Reno. In between her drama studies at Laguardia High School for the Performing Arts in New York City, she has time to record an Ellington/Strayhorn tribute CD! We''ll hear Strayhorn's Daydream during the hour.

Georgia Mancio and Alan Broadbent

Here's a nice writeup on Zoe Carter-Fitzgerald, an eclectic singer with roots in Americana and blues. Her latest CD Waterlines, only her second, features jazz and country along with blues and Americana based music. The track I picked for you to end the first hour is probably a jazz tune. 🎷😎

Jacqui Naylor has been singing her own eclectic form of jazz since 1998, when she released her self-titled debut album. During hour two you'll hear a track from her newest CD -- her thirteenth album, titled The Long Game

Joanie Pallatto features the excellent guitarist Fareed Haque, and we hear a tune from her new CD My Original Plan that showcases Mr. Haque as well as pianist Bradley Parker-Sparrow.

Also featured is vocalist Georgia Mancio. Her new CD with pianist/composer/arranger Alan Broadbent is called Quiet is the Star. Ms. Mancio has a pure, angelic voice. It is clear from all the tunes that there is a perfectly 'simpatico' musical relationship between the two artists. And I always use that cute picture whenever the opportunity arises! (Photo by Tatiana Gorilovsky)

I hope your summer is going well, and thanks for listening to the Sunday Jazz Brunch.


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Ricardo Silveira - Solo - 03 - That Day In Tahiti 2021
Rahsaan Barber-Mosaic 2021-07 La Mordida
Amit Friedman-Unconditional Love 2021-10 Junk
Paul McCartney-Kisses on the bottom-01 I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter 2012
Tanya Dennis-White Sails Blue Skies 2021-05 White Sails
Mark Lewis-Naked Animals 2021-08 The Seven Angels
Joanie Pallatto\My Original Plan 2021\Rest
Jeremy Pelt-The Art Of Intimacy, Vol. 1-02 Little Girl Blue-2020
Behn Gillece-Still Doing Our Thing 2021-04 Blue Sojourn
Anaïs Reno-Lonesome Thing- Anaïs Reno Sings Ellington & Strayhorn 2021-07 Daydream
Sam Hirsh-Quite Frankly - Inroducing Sam Hirsh-05 Reminiscing-2020
Zoe Carter-Fitzgerald-Waterlines 2021-06 These Words

HOUR TWO: New For You

Paul Silbergleit\Hidden Standard 2021\Love Boat
Chris Saunders\Dancing With the Widow St. James 2021\I Wonder
Alan Broadbent\Quiet Is The Star Feat Georgia Mancio 2021\I Can See You Passing By
Vinnie Riccitelli Octet\For the Record 2020\Flugesville
Tanya Dennis-White Sails Blue Skies 2021-01 Chiaroscura
Reggie Quinerly-New York Nowhere 2021-06 Wine Cooler Heads Prevail
Jacqui Naylor\The Long Game 2021\Love Look What You've Done
Vinnie Riccitelli Octet\For the Record 2020\Along Came Betty
Kendall Carter-Introducing Kendall Carter 2021-11 Blues for Kendall
Steven Feifke Big Band-Kinetic 2021-09 Midnight Beat
Zoe Scott\Shades of Love  2021\Baby It's You
John DePaola\Take Two 2021\Wives and Lovers

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Embrace of Rio-Joe Carter-10 Esperanca Perdida 1996
Lee Smith-Faith in the New Day 2021-05 Lo Siento Mi Amor
Roderick Harper-Evolving 2021-09 In Summer Estate
Amit Friedman-Unconditional Love 2021-07 Alma
Phyllis Chapell-Naked World-01 I Only Have Eyes for You (2015)
Juan Carlos Quintero - Caminando - 02 - Caminando
Hendrik Meurkens\Manhattan Samba 2020\Clear of Clouds
Zoe Scott\Shades of Love  2021\Wave
Peter Eldridge\Mad Heaven\Voce E Eu 2011
Nelson Riveros\The Latin Side of Wes Montgomery 2021\Four on Six
Tony Monaco\Strollin 2021\Happy Sergio
Ricardo Silveira - Solo - 02 - Preciso Aprender A Ser Só copy

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Paul Colombo Group\Rio Crystal 2021
Jeff Lorber\SpaceTime 2021\Sun Princess
Richard Elliot\Authentic Life 2021\Walk With Me
Chris Standring\Real Life 2020\Out of the Blue
Brian Simpson\All That Matters 2021\Daybreak
Euge Groove\Sing My Song 2020\Hey Boo
Steve Gadd\Blue Note Live Tokyo 2021\Doesn't She Know by Now
Bob James Trio-Espresso-06 Topside 2018
Thinking of You (Radio Edit) - Citrus Sun feat Deborah Bond
Corrine Bailey Rae-06 Green Aphrodisiac (2016)
Chuck Loeb - Between 2 Worlds - 06 - Let's Play
David Sanborn-Pearls-05 For All We Know 1995


Thank you for featuring Joanie Pallatto - My Original Plan (feat. Fareed Haque), on your Female Vocalists, New Material edition of Sunday Jazz Brunch on WICN 90.5FM!

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