A Little Bit of Trane

Air Date: 7/18/2021

I first heard John Coltrane when I was in high school (that was during the Triassic era, for you young ones reading this). My buddy's brother worked at a record store and had brought home the album Black Pearls. We were listening and my first reaction was: "Not for me!" I didn't understand the music at all.

After a few months and some listening to other sax players, like Coleman "The Hawk" Hawkins, I came back to Trane. I listened to very few other sax players for the rest of high school and partly into college. 

One of those other sax players was Eric Dolphy, whose dexterity on the horn and very emotional style put him right up there behind Trane on my listening list. 

For Sunday's show you will hear Trane and Dolphy play together during hour two, when I spin the track Aisha for you. This is from the 1961 release Ole -- Trane's last effort for the Atlantic label. At the time this album was recorded, Trane had just signed up with Impulse, and had already recorded his first album for the new label, titled Africa/Brass. Dolphy, meanwhile, was signed up to Prestige, and therefore he used the psuedonym George Lane. 

I remember hearing the album for the first time, without realizing that Dolphy was on it. Then, when I heard Dolphy and checked the name George Lane on the cover, I had to laugh. There is nobody who sounds like that - it had to be Dolphy!

The other Coltrane tune I have for you was instigated by vocalist Georgia Mancio, whose 2007 release Trapeze has the famous Tadd Dameron number On a Misty Night. I recall my joy at discovering the album Mating Call, with Dameron himself on piano, along with John Simmons on bass and Philly Joe Jones on drums, and this was one song I could not get out of my head. In fact, I could not get the entire album out of my head.

Tune in toward the end of hour one to hear both versions of the song.

Noteworthy New Material

We have some really great music coming in. I am enjoying the vibes sound of Behn Gillece with his new CD Doing Our Thing. Vocalist Amber Weekes has some very tasty material on her new one, Round Midnight. Also I find myself dreaming of sailboats while listening to Tanya Dennis' new CD White Sails, Blue Skies. The new Reggie Quinerly is quite good, as well as Paul Silbergleit's Hidden Standard. I really do enjoy his arrangement of the theme from Love Boat.

I have found a CD that we got in back in 2018 but I realized I did not play enough for you, so I'm playing it now: Sergio Pereira's Nu Brasil. It is a gorgeous recording.

The weather here in New England has been pretty crazy this summer. It appears to be monsoon season. I guess it's going to be either too much water or too little for us humans on this planet in the coming years.

Nevertheless, I hope you are enjoying your summer!


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Kristen Callahan\Lost In a Dream 2021\Lush Life
Benito Gonzalez-Sing to the World 2021-08 412
Sergio Pereira-Nu Brasil-09 14 Clicks Away 2018
Behn Gillece-Still Doing Our Thing 2021-09 Going on Well
Amber Weekes\Round Midnight 2021\Something Cool
Reggie Quinerly-New York Nowhere 2021-05 Celso
Tessa Souter-Beyond the Blue-07 Sunrise (Johannes Brahms’ Symphony No. 3, Opus 90) 2012
Taylor Eigsti-Lucky To Be Me-06 True Colors 2006
Georgia Mancio-Trapeze 2007=05 On A Misty Night
John Coltrane-Coltrane and Tadd Dameron-Mating Call 1956-On a Misty Night
Weber Iago-Os Filhos do Vento-10 Os Filhos do Vento (Children of the Wind), for ensemble- Part I. Haven. Flute Cadenza 2004

HOUR TWO: New For You

John Patitucci, Vinnie Colaiuta & Bill Cunliffe-Trio 2021-04 The One Step
Kristen Callahan\Lost In a Dream 2021\Kristin Callahan - 04 Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
The Brazilian Trio-Aguas Brasileiras-09 Manhattan Style-2020
Tanya Dennis-White Sails Blue Skies 2021-05 White Sails
Ian Hendrickson-Smith-The Lowdown 2021-06 Don't Explain
John Coltrane-Ole Coltrane [Atlantic Jazz 1373-2]-03 Aisha-1961
Lorraina Marro\Love Is For All Time 2021\I'm Not Alone
Wayne Alpern\Frankenstein\Send in the Clowns
Jacqui Naylor\The Long Game 2021\Love Look What You've Done
Paul Silbergleit\Hidden Standard 2021\Love Boat
Rebecca Kilgore\Trio Volume  2021\That Sunday That Summer

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Lorraina Marro\Love Is For All Time 2021\10 Esta Tarde Vi Llover (Yesterday I Heard The Rain)
Wayne Alpern\Frankenstein 2021\Thinking Out Loud
Amber Weekes\Round Midnight 2021\Summer Samba
Tanya Dennis-White Sails Blue Skies 2021-03 Slow Reckless Tango
Georgia Mancio\Trapeze 2007\Senza Fine
Chiara Civello-Last Quarter Moon-09 Sambaroma 2005
Diego Figueiredo-Antarctica-09 My Friend Menescal-2021
Sergio Pereira-Nu Brasil-06 Per Te 2018
Wendolina-Tenderly-02 Samba de Verao 2005
Juan Carlos Quintero - Caminando - 04 - Hermanos
Diego Rivera-Indigenous-10 Melina-2021
Eric Alexander-Song of No Regrets-05 Mas Que Nada 2017

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Brian Simpson\All That Matters 2021\Sunlit Sea
Judy Wexler\Back to the Garden 2021\Big Yellow Taxi
Richard Elliot - Authentic Life 2021 - Right On Time
Jacqui Naylor\The Long Game 2021\I'll Be Loving You
The Jeff Lorber Fusion-Impact-10 Valinor 2018
The Jeff Lorber Fusion\SpaceTime 2021\SpaceTime
Basia\The Sweetest Illusion 1994\Simple Pleasures
Euge Groove\Sing My Song 2020\Of Course
Urbanity Albare & Turcio-Urban Soul-05 Something Sweet 2017
Thom Rotella_Street Talk 2020 (Single)
The Sax Pack-Power of 3-05 Like Old Times 2015
Rick Braun-Crossroads-09 Come With Me 2019
Euge Groove-Groove On-06 Euge One Oh One 2017


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