The Day the World Stopped Turning

Air Date: 6/27/2021

Sometimes, a song with a melodramatic title actually lives up to its name. Such is the case with The Day the World Stopped Turning (,

Tune in during the first hour of the Sunday Jazz Brunch to hear both versions, back-to-back. To tell you the truth, I just can't get enough of this song.  

The segment opens with Jacqui Naylor's fine new CD - I really love the featured track, Love Look What You've Done. Ms. Naylor's CDs always have great engineering, so the sound is superb. The track kicks off a long set of vocal material, most of it quite new.

After Libby York and Johnny Hartman, we have Rebecca Kilgore from her Trio release in 2021. Her version of That Sunday That Summer is really great. And then we have Georgia Mancio's Songbook release from 2017. From a "collaboration-with-Alan-Broadbent" point of view, this CD is essentially Part One, with Part Two having been released this year as Quiet Is the Star. Both are excellent releases, as you can get a hint about during this segment of SJB. 

Then we have Lauren White, whose CD has the provocative title Ever Since The World Ended. I guess you could say this title is even more melodramatic than the song title I was just talking about! But that's ok. I read somewhere that the title is a reference to the early days of the pandemic. In that perspective, the song title Remembering the Rain begins to make sense.

The set continues with Joanie Pallatto's CD, and also Jane Monheit's new one. Ms. Monheit's version of Let's Face the Music and Dance is quite different from those of other singers, such as Diana Krall. 

The set closes down with Judy Wexler's new CD Back to the Garden, her sixth. I was introduced to Ms. Wexler when we got her last one, Crowded Heart

I like the new CD for the same reason I liked the last one - there is an overarching sense of purpose that allows the project to cohere. 

The new one is a tribute to jazz/pop songs from the 1960s, written by the likes of Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, and Steven Stills. Here, we have something from the pen of Bob Dylan.

Delicious Brazilian Jazz

I have a special treat for you during Brazil/World hour this week. You are going the love the hour, especially when I start playing the 2018 release by Sergio Pereira Nu Brasil. First, I open with another Pereira, that being Susan Pereira with her fine CD Tudo Azul. I've got two tracks from Sergio Pereira, with Sergio Mendes sandwiched in between. 

Then comes Hendrik Meurkens, from his new CD Manhattan Samba, with Clear of Clouds, which I can't get out of my head. The set closes down with the dexterous guitarist Diego Figueiredo.

I have been making some subtle changes to groove hour. If you listen to groove hour and you notice any difference, please let me know and give me your feedback! Basically I'm trying to mix up the hour a bit more, and have wider variation in song choice. 

I hope your summer is going well. Enjoy the beautiful warm days.



HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Reggie Quinerly-New York Nowhere 2021-05 Celso
Paul Silbergleit\Hidden Standard 2021\08 Sometimes It Snows In April
Lee Smith-Faith in the New Day 2021-03 Child's Play
Jacqui Naylor\The Long Game 2021\05 - Love Look What You've Done
Libby York-Here With You 2008-02 The Day the World Stopped Turning
Johnny Hartman-The Voice That Is!-06 The Day the World Stopped Turning-1994
Rebecca Kilgore\Trio Volume  2021\10 That Sunday That Summer
Alan Broadbent\Songbook Feat Georgia Mancio 2017\Close to the Moon
Lauren White\Ever Since The World Ended 2021\Remembering the Rain
Joanie Pallatto\My Original Plan 2021\About a Song
Jane Monheit-Come What May 2021-05 Let's Face The Music And Dance
Judy Wexler\Back to the Garden 2021\05 - The Times They Are A Changin

HOUR TWO: New For You

Benito Gonzalez-Sing to the World 2021-03 Father
Greg Abate-Magic Dance 2021-06 Sonia Braga
John Patitucci, Vinnie Colaiuta & Bill Cunliffe-Trio 2021-05 7 Steps To Heaven
Lee Smith-Faith in the New Day 2021-07 The Lamp is Low
Adam Glaser Trio\Excursions 2021\Lay Low
Paul Silbergleit\Hidden Standard 2021\03 Happiness
Josh Nelson\I Hear a Rhapsody\09 Lullaby Ludvig
Jane Monheit-Come What May 2021-01 I Believe In You
Behn Gillece-Still Doing Our Thing 2021-07 Event Horizon
Greg Germann-Tales of Time 2021-07 Time to Move On
Serafin LaRiviere\Because You're Mine 2021\06 Take On Me

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Toninho Horta-To Jobim with Love-10 Modinha 2008
Paul Colombo Group-Rio Crystal 2021-01 Rio Crystal
Libby York-Memoir 2014-07 My Little Boat
Claudio Roditi\Bons Amigos\Ligia 2011
Tom Ranier\This Way\08 Desafinado 2020
Susan Pereira\Tudo Azul\05 Nada Sera Como Antes 2006
Sergio Pereira-Nu Brasil-05 Nu Brasil 2018
Sergio Mendes-Timeless-13 Lamento (No Morro) (featuring Maogani Quartet) 2006
Sergio Pereira-Nu Brasil-09 14 Clicks Away 2018
Hendrik Meurkens\Manhattan Samba 2020\Clear of Clouds
Diego Figueiredo-Antarctica-10 Old Watch-2021

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Euge Groove\Sing My Song 2020 \03 - Rise
Brian Simpson - So Many Ways 2021 (single)
Dara Tucker-Dreams Of Waking- Music For A Better World 2021-09 Love's In Need Of Love Today
Andrew Neu - A to Z 2021 (single)
Justin Lee Schultz\Gruv Kid 2020\Quarantine featuring Michael Pipoquinha
Reza Khan\Imaginary Road 2021\I See Stars
Marc Antoine - Groovy Sunday 2021 (single)
Quincy Davis-Q Vision-04 The Creeper-2020
Richard Elliot\Richard Elliot - Authentic Life\Elegant People
Greg Abate-Magic Dance 2021-05 Magic Dance
Phil Perry-Breathless-10-Moments in the House of Love
Chris Standring\Real Life 2020\Out of the Blue


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