The Third Stream

Air Date: 5/30/2021

Video: Clarinetist Eddie Daniels with orchestra.

The first stream is classical music. That makes sense, because classical music predates jazz, which is the second stream. And the third stream? As Gunther Schuller explained when he coined the term in 1957, it is "a new genre of music located about halfway between jazz and classical music." 

The Paul Winter Consort
That's what is in store this Sunday - works that combine aspects of both classical music and jazz.

The segment begins during your contemplative hour at 8am and stretches into the second hour. You'll hear Alan Broadbent and Steve Kuhn with their trios plus string orchestra. On tap for the segment are artists like Eddie Daniels and Weber Iago, whose third stream music has a Brazilian flavor.

Also in the mix are tracks that integrate string quartet into the jazz idiom. For example, we have Pablo Aslan playing bass with string quartet, as well as the group Quartet San Francisco playing the music of Chick Corea.

Mr. Schuller found that defining third stream music could be aided by stating what it is not. Here is what he came up with:
  1.     It is not jazz with strings
  2.     It is not jazz played on "classical" instruments
  3.     It is not classical music played by jazz players
  4.     It is not inserting a bit of Ravel or Schoenberg between be-bop changes—nor the reverse
  5.     It is not jazz in fugal form. It is not a fugue played by jazz players
  6.     It is not designed to do away with jazz or classical music; it is just another option amongst many for today’s creative musician

So based on this list, it appears that I may be committing a heresy of sorts. For example,  we have Quartet San Francisco playing a song by Chick Corea. That would seem to violate item 2. Some would argue that the work with strings of Mr. Broadbent and Mr. Kuhn does not qualify as third stream, that it contradicts item 1. I would disagree, although I can appreciate the argument.

No matter. I'm a practical guy and won't let academic quibbles get in the way of putting together a great show for you. The key to Sunday's special segment is that we have classical and jazz mixed together, in some way, shape, or form. 

I have been thinking of doing this segment for some time. When we got in John Daversa's new CD All Without Words, I went into action! Mr. Daversa has won several Grammy awards, and here he works with Justin Morell, the latter known as a composer who frequently blends jazz and classical music in his compositions. The new CD uses melodies that Mr. Morell noticed as they were produced by his nonverbal son Loren. He built a complex score on top of the melodies.

You don't have to be a lover of classical music to enjoy these pieces. In the end, music is music, and it either will or will not touch your inner being, which is our goal after all. 

So prepare your inner being for Sunday's show.


May you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend with friends, family, and loved ones nearby.


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Emmet Cohen-Future Stride-02 Reflections at Dusk-2021
Jacqui Naylor\The Long Game 2021\Love Look What You've Done
Gil Goldstein\Pure as Rain 2021/1977\Alas
Ricardo Silveira-Outro Rio (Another River)-07 O Monstro E a Flor 2007 
Third Stream
    John Daversa\All Without Words 2021\04 - Seeing It Again for the First Time
    Alan Broadbent-Every Time I Think of You-05 Last Night When We Were Young 2006
    Steve Kuhn with Strings-Promises Kept 2004-01-Lullaby
    Eddie Daniels-Heart Of Brazil-07 Adagio 2018
    Quartet San Francisco-Whirled Chamber Music-02 Spain 2007
    Pablo Aslan-Contrabajo, Works For Bass And String Quartet-06 Come Sunday 2018
    Oregon-Prime-07 Moonrise 2005

HOUR TWO: New for You, Plus

Third Stream Continues
    Weber Iago-Os Filhos do Vento-13 Os Filhos do Vento (Children of the Wind), for ensemble- Part III. Aura Lilas (Purple Aura) 2004
    Tal Babitsky-Moments-12 Diagonal Stride 2010
    Stefano Di Battista-Round About Roma-Romeo And Juliet 2002
    Paul McCandless-Morning Sun-16 Morning Sun 2017
    Silvio Amato\Variations of Relevance 2020\Sonnet Melancholia
    Randy Weston-Earth Birth-09 Portrait of Vivian 1997

Eric Reed-For Such a Time as This-08 Come Sunday-2020
Rebecca Kilgore\Trio Volume  2021\Old Soft Shoe
Lauren White\Ever Since The World Ended 2021\Take Love Easy
Bruce Brown\Death of Expertise 2021\To Find Things Out
Zoe Scott\Shades of Love  2021\Baby It's You
Jacqui Naylor\The Long Game 2021\All My Life

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Joe Carter-Embrace of Rio-06 Joyces Samba 1996
John DePaola\Take Two 2021\Samba for Poochi
Diego Figueiredo-Broken Bossa-13 Samba Do Aviao 2015
The Brazilian Trio-Aguas Brasileiras-02 Sampa 57-2020
Hendrik Meurkens-Manhattan Samba 2021-Dona Palmeira
Juan Carlos Quintero - Caminando - 08 - Caribbean Sun Dance 2021
Steen Rasmussen Quinteto-Canta-04 Canta 2018
Diego Figueiredo-Antarctica-04 Bryant Park-2021
Joe Carter-Two for Two-01 Feitio de Oração 2001
Diego Rivera-Indigenous-10 Melina-2021
Ricardo Silveira - Solo - 02 - Preciso Aprender A Ser Só copy
Eric Reed-For Such a Time as This-01 Paradox Peace-2020

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Basia\The Sweetest Illusion 1994\Yearning
Al Jarreau All I Got 01 Random Act Of Love 2002
Alexander Zonjic-Reach for the sky-01 This is the Day 2001
Alicia Olatuja-Intuition Songs From The Minds Of Women-02 No Ordinary Love 2019
Chuck Loeb-All There Is-03 True or False 2002
Caribbean Jazz Project-Afro Bop Alliance-05 Picture Frame 2008
Charles Langford-That's Wassup-02 Someone 2 Luv 2008
Chuck Yamek-Feels So Right-03 2003
Craig Bailey-Brooklyn-10 Forbidden Love Affair 2001
Earl Klugh-Peculiar Situation-02 Now and Again (featuring Roberta Flack) 1999
George Benson-Bad Benson-02 Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams 1974


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