Roberto Menescal 

Air Date:  5/9/2021

Once you get past Antonio Carlos Jobim as perhaps the greatest and most prolific of Brazilian jazz artists, there are a number of amazingly talented folks who are considered pioneers of Bossa Nova. Roberto Menescal is one of them. 
O Barquinho (Little Boat) is likely his best known song. The subject matter involves the sea, as is the case with many songs written by Mr. Menescal.  We have a number of versions of the song in the WICN music library, and on the upcoming show we'll hear two of them. 

Opening Brazil/World hour we have guitarist Charlie Byrd playing the tune from a 1963 recording. 
Mr. Byrd is credited with Stan Getz for popularizing that irresistible Bossa Nova beat in the United States after a cultural exchange tour of Brazil and their subsequent 1962 recording Jazz Samba.
Also included in the four-track mini-tribute are two songs performed by Eliane Elias, Rio and her version of O Barquinho.

Finally, we have the new release from guitarist Diego Figueiredo, with his own tribute song entitled My Friend Menescal. This song is a thing of beauty and if you have been listening to SJB during the past few weeks you will recognize it.


I would like to point out some tracks in the latest crop of jazz releases. Vocalist Veronica Swift's new CD  This Bitter Earth is getting very good reviews and has moved  close to the top of the jazz charts. She's a fine singer.

We also have guitarist Jocelyn Gould's new release. She is quite good and also she has a number of excellent YouTube videos illustrating her agility on the fretboard.

I have been enjoying the latest release from trumpeter John DePaola. Listen to his version of Bacharach and David's Wives and Lovers during Hour Two.

Emmet Cohen's song Little Angel from his new release Future Stride is a keeper - listen for it toward the end of Hour Two. 

We have a new single from Marc Antoine called Groovy Sunday. How could I ignore a song with that title?

Happy Mother's Day! May your day be filled with happiness and great jazz!


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Edward Simon\25 Years\25 Years [Disc 1]\Govinda 2021
Veronica Swift-This Bitter Earth-01 This Bitter Earth-2021
Rossano Sportiello-That's It!-12 How Do You Keep The Music Playing-2021
Mark Winkler and David Benoit - Old Friends- I Think it is Going to Rain Today 2021
Alan Broadbent\Songbook Feat Georgia Mancio\Lullaby for MM 2017
The New Faces-New Sounds-09 Runaway-2021
Tim Ray-Excursions And Adventures-06 Unconditional Love-2020
Jon Schapiro\Human Qualities\A Bounce In Her Step_Mix2_111219 2021
Zoe Scott\Shades of Love\In My Life 2021
Out To Dinner-Play On-10 Visions-2021
Alan Broadbent\Quiet Is The Star Feat Georgia Mancio\02_When You're Gone From Me  2021

HOUR TWO: New for You

Sam Hirsh-Quite Frankly - Inroducing Sam Hirsh-09 Song For Sophie-2020
Lauren White\Ever Since The World Ended\06 - Some Of That Sunshine 2021
Robby Ameen-Diluvio-07 Into The Clear-2020
Jocelyn Gould-Elegant Traveler-06 A Fleeting Moment-2020
Rebecca Kilgore\Trio Volume 1  2021\That Sunday That Summer
John DePaola\Take Two 2021\Wives and Lovers
Uptown Jazz Tentet-What's Next-04 Change-2020
Isaiah J.Thompson-Plays The Music Of Buddy Montgomery-06 What If-2020
Veronica Swift-This Bitter Earth-10 Everybody Has The Right To Be Wrong-2021
Quincy Davis-Q Vision-06 The Message-2020
Emmet Cohen-Future Stride-10 Little Angel-2021
Alan Pasqua\Day Dream 2020\10 When I Grow Too Old To Dream
Rossano Sportiello-That's It!-16 The Sheik Of Araby-2021

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Mini Tribute to Roberto Menescal:
    Charlie Byrd-Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros-06 O Barquinho (Little Boat) 1963
    Eliane Elias\Made in Brazil\Rio
    Diego Figueiredo-Antarctica-09 My Friend Menescal-2021
    Eliane Elias-Love Stories-08 Little Boat 2019
Zoe Scott\Shades of Love  2021\Wave
The Brazilian Trio-Aguas Brasileiras-05 Aninha-2020
Kenny Polson\Colors of Brazil - 2021\Bicycle Ride
Chiara Civello\Eclipse\08 La Giusta Distanza
Diego Rivera-Indigenous-10 Melina-2021
Andrew Neu\Catwalk 2018\Wasamba
Hendrik Meurkens\Manhattan Samba 2020\Bonita

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Frank Colon-Latin Lounge-01 Emerald Coast-2020
Chris Standring-Sunlight-08 Moon Child 2018
Kenny Polson\Colors of Brazil - 2021 - 10 Luz Do Sol
Al Jarreau with Metropole Orchestra-Live-03 Flame 2012
Najee\The Morning After\Paseao Nuevo 2013
Will Downing-10 Don't Let it Go To Your Head (2016)
Marc Antoine - Groovy Sunday 2021 (single)
Jack Gates-Ocean Blues-02 Ocean Blues 2018
Steve Gadd\Blue Note Live Tokyo 2021\Doesn't She Know By Now
Zoe Scott\Shades of Love  2021\This Girl's In Love with You
Reza Khan\Imaginary Road 2021\Somewhere East
Eric Reed-For Such a Time as This-01 Paradox Peace-2020



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