Let's Talk: Bruce Brown

Air Date: 4/11/2021

Are you familiar with the music of Tom Lehrer or maybe David Frishberg? If so then you will recognize the clever wit of several tracks on Bruce Brown's new CD, Death of Expertise. For example, all you need to know about the track Losers are People Too is contained within the title.

On the other hand, some of the songs are rather sincere, perhaps even sentimental. Would you like to guess which three things Mr. Brown suggests in his song Find Three Things to be Grateful For?

But cleverness wins the day, and his ditty We Click is both sincere and clever at the same time, using the title phrase in all its glorious meaning. And the melody is very catchy!

Please join Bruce Brown on the Sunday Jazz Brunch with Marty Friedman on April 11 starting around 9am ET. Mr. Brown has some very interesting ideas about songs and songwriting. You'll be treated to his wit and wisdom as well as his music. Don't miss this interesting conversation!

New This Week

Brand new material for this week comes from Jon Shapiro and his 17-piece big band - but don't expect your typical big band sound here during the first hour. 

Also new are pianist Roberto Magris, the young saxophonist Jack Brandfield, Larry Newcomb, and Juan Carlos Quintero.

I'm continuing to focus on new music since there's so much. Notice how most of the release dates are 2021 and, to a lesser degree, 2020. 

This is really fun - there is nothing like going through a pile of new material and finding the gems hidden away there.

Well, it almost feels like things are slightly returning to normal. Let's hang in for the last gasps of this darned virus. I hope you got your vaccination or will get it soon. Good luck to us all!



HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

Edward Simon\25 Years\25 Years [Disc 1]\Govinda 2021
Veronica Swift-This Bitter Earth-01 This Bitter Earth-2021
Rossano Sportiello-That's It!-12 How Do You Keep The Music Playing-2021
Mark Winkler and David Benoit - Old Friends- I Think it is Going to Rain Today 2021
Alan Broadbent\Songbook Feat Georgia Mancio\Lullaby for MM 2017
The New Faces-New Sounds-09 Runaway-2021
Tim Ray-Excursions And Adventures-06 Unconditional Love-2020
Jon Schapiro\Human Qualities\A Bounce In Her Step 2021
Zoe Scott\Shades of Love\In My Life 2021
Out To Dinner-Play On-10 Visions-2021
Alan Broadbent\Quiet Is The Star Feat Georgia Mancio\02_When You're Gone From Me  2021

HOUR TWO: Let's Talk: Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown interview throughout the hour
Rossano Sportiello-That's It!-07 I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night-2021
Bruce Brown\Death of Expertise\Losers Are People Too 2021
Snorre Kirk-Beat-08 Zanzibar 2018
Bruce Brown\Death of Expertise\Death of Expertise 2021
Johhny O'Neal-In the Moment-05 After the Love is Gone 2017
Dave Frishberg-Classics-16 My Attorney Bernie 1991
Roberto Magris\Shuffling Ivories\The Chevy Chase 2021
Bruce Brown\Death of Expertise\Find Three Things to Be Grateful For 2021
Bruce Brown\Death of Expertise\We Click 2021
Dave Frishberg-Classics-16 I'm Hip 1991
George Kahn Quartet-DreamCatcher-07 GOING BAROQUE-2020
Jack Brandfield\I'll Never Be The Same\I'll Never Be The Same 2021
Lauren White\Ever Since The World Ended\Remembering the Rain 2021
Larry Newcomb\Love, Dad\Soiree 2021
Zoe Scott\Shades of Love\7 Lives 2021

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

Diego Figueiredo-Antarctica-09 My Friend Menescal-2021
Joao Gilberto-Joao voz e violao-03 Eclipse-2000
Antonio Adolfo - Bruma - Celebrating Milton Nascimento - 03 - Outubro (October)
Zoe Scott\Shades of Love\Triste 2021
Juan Carlos Quintero - Caminando - 04 - Hermanos 2021
Karrin Allyson-From Paris to Rio-12 Catavento e Girasol (Windmill and Sunflower) 1999
Diego Figueiredo-Antarctica-11 From Rio To Paris-2021
Kenia-Kenia Celebrates Dorival Caymmi-14 A Vizinha Do Lado 2010
Kenny Barron-Canta Brasil-04 Until Then 2002
Lori Bell-The Music Of Djavan-04 Serrado 2008
Luiz Bonfá-The Bonfá Magic-07 Ruth's Waltz [Instrumental] 1992

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

Dave Stryker\Baker's Circle\Everything I Love 2021
Richard Elliot\Richard Elliot - Authentic Life - Walk With Me 2021
Chris Standring\Real Life\What Goes Around 2020
Will Downing\Black Pearls\Everything I Miss At Home 2016
Allan Harris-Kate's Soulfood-09 New Day-2020
Quincy Davis-Q Vision-02 Lost in Thought-2020
Theo Hill-Reality Check-07 Superwoman-2020
Zoe Scott\Shades of Love\09 My Cherie Amour 2021
Richard Elliot\Richard Elliot - Authentic Life - Right on Time 2021
Andrew Neu\In Clear View\Babe 2019
Fourplay\Silver\Windmill 2015
Reza Khan\Imaginary Road\Broken River 2021


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