Joe Alterman

Air Date: 3/7/2021

Some songs capture emotions so perfectly, you can listen again and again and still experience those emotions, even when you know every note of the song.

This was the feeling I had when I heard Take Good Care of My Baby from Atlanta-based pianist Joe Alterman's 2015 release Comin' Home to You. The title of the CD describes the feeling - coming home. I always imagine stepping into a cabin in the middle of winter with a roaring fire and smiles from visiting friends and family that keep the abode warm and inviting. 

There are other piano trios that capture the same feeling. In fact, back in 2005 Bill Mays came out with Going Home - an entire CD devoted to the emotion. 
Every now and then I like to put a bunch of these tracks together so we can revel in such pleasant emotions, and I plan to do that again. This week the pretty Joe Alterman number appears early in the first hour of the show. In fact, the show starts off with four fine pianists - Jeff Colella. Tom Ranier, and Alan Broadbent along with Mr. Alterman.  

Further Exploration

You may recall my big band and large ensemble show from a few weeks ago. I continue to explore these large ensembles, as we have gotten a great deal of this type of material in recently. So we hear more from the David Angel Jazz Ensemble, the Vinnie Riccitelli Octet, and the Andrew Neu Big Band.

The new CD from Mark Winkler and David Benoit is very good, and we hear a few tracks from that. Also I dig a bit deeper into the new releases from pianist Yoko Miwa and vocalist Georgia Mancio.

Brand new for this week is Bruce Brown, who has been described as having a voice like that of Chet Baker.

Thanks for tuning in to the Sunday Jazz Brunch.


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

  1. Putter Smith-Lotus Blossom-03 The Very Thought of You-2014 feat Jeff Colella
  2. Tom Ranier\This Way\Rhapsody 2020
  3. Joe Alterman-Comin' Home to You-05 Take Good Care Of My Baby 2016
  4. Alan Broadbent\Quiet Is The Star Feat Georgia Mancio\If I Think of You 2021
  5. Yulia Musayelyan\Oblivion\Oblivion 2021
  6. Mark Winkler and David Benoit-Old Friends-Some Other Time 2021
  7. Zoe Scott\Shades of Love\06 The More I See You 2021
  8. Reza Khan\Imaginary Road\Seven Miles Road 2021
  9. The 14 Jazz Orchestra\Cartoon Bebop\Infant Eyes 2020
  10. Allegra Levy\Lose My Number\Ukelele Tune 2020
  11. Wayne Alpern\Jukebox\Wonderful Guy\2020

HOUR TWO: New For You

  1. David Angel Jazz Ensemble\Out on the Coast\4 A Flower is a Lovesome Thing 2021
  2. Yoko Miwa Trio\Songs of Joy\07 The Rainbirds 2021
  3. Alan Broadbent Feat Georgia Mancio\Quiet Is The Star\Quiet Is The Star 2021
  4. George Kahn Quartet-DreamCatcher-08 STARDUST-2020
  5. Mark Winkler & David Benoit\Old Friends\Old Friends 2021
  6. The Brazilian Trio-Aguas Brasileiras-08 Aguas Brasileiras-2020
  7. Vinnie Riccitelli Octet\For the Record\Along Came Betty 2020
  8. Roditi Ignatzek Rassinfosse-Light In The Dark-12 Time Will Tell 2005
  9. Bruce Brown\Death of Expertise\Giving Up is Not an Option 2021
  10. Andrew Neu\Catwalk\Blue Sesame 2018
  11. Mark Winkler and David Benoit-Old Friends-Better Than Anything 2021

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

  1. Zoe Scott\Shades of Love\Once I Loved 2021
  2. The Brazilian Trio-Aguas Brasileiras-06 Baden-2020
  3. Hendrik Meurkens\Manhattan Samba\Bonita 2020
  4. Veronneau-Jazz Samba-04 Mas Que Nada (2012)
  5. Sergio Mendes-Celebration- A Musical Journey (Disc 2)-14 Só Tinha De Ser Com Você 2011
  6. Rosa Passos-Amorosa-09 Essa É Pr'o João 2004
  7. Ricardo Peixoto-Scary Beautiful-09 Noturna 2018
  8. Ray Obiedo-Carousel-06 Cho's Cha 2019
  9. Matt Bianco-Matt's Mood-01 Ordinary Day-2004 Feat Basia
  10. Mark Sherman-Family First-04 With Hope 2007
  11. Kristine Mills-Bossanovafied-07 You Are 2009
  12. Marco Figueira-Brazilliance-13 Romance (Instrumental Version) 2004

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

  1. Andrew Neu-Everything Happens for a Reason-09 Bring It On 2013
  2. Richard Elliot\Authentic Life\Authentic Life 2021
  3. Zoe Scott\Shades of Love\My Cherie Amour 2021
  4. Chris Standring\soul-express\Constellation
  5. Brian Simpson-Out of a Dream-05 Just One Wish (2015)
  6. Zoe Scott\Shades of Love\I'll Stand By You 2021
  7. Najee-Center of the Heart-07 One Note Love 2019
  8. Molly Johnson-Another Day-07 Melody 2002
  9. Richard Elliot - Authentic Life - Move Ahead - 2021
  10. Andrew Neu-Inspire-Mystic Days-2000
  11. Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance-05 Starburst 1979
  12. Rick Braun-Crossroads-07 Family 2019


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