Tadd Dameron

Air Date:  2/7/2021

I first became aware of Tadd Dameron upon listening to the 1957 Prestige release Mating Call. This was during my years-long obsession with listening to everything ever recorded by John Coltrane. With Coltrane's style edging closer to the 'sheets of sound' for which he later became famous, this CD is a landmark recording, pairing the great saxophonist with one of the most influential jazz arrangers/composers.

In this week's edition of the Sunday Jazz Brunch, you'll hear a selection from a CD that I have been meaning to air out for you, Paul Combs' 2019 release Unknown Dameron
Mr. Combs, who plays saxophone, had published a book about the arranger in 2012, titled Dameronia: The Life and Music of Tadd Dameron. While writing the book, Combs discovered songs that had never or rarely been recorded, which formed the basis for the CD.

During hour one, the track Never Been In Love is very pretty and one would wonder why such a sweet song seemingly was ignored. On this recording you'll hear the smooth, warm voice of Danielle Wertz. 

Georgia Mancio and Alan Broadbent
Also this week I continue to explore the work of Alan Pasqua. The show opens with a track from his 2017 release Northern Lights, and he is featured a bit later on Judy Wexler's 2019 release Crowded Heart.
Also of interest is the 2015 release Songbook from vocalist Georgia Mancio and Alan Broadbent. Ms. Mancio is new to me, and it is a delight to hear her sweet voice float above Alan Broadbent's piano. I'll be playing more from this CD, but in addition, we just got in a follow-on release, and so there will be plenty to choose from these two artists making great music together. 

New material this week comes from the 14 Jazz Orchestra and vocalist Zoe Scott during hour two, The Brazilian Trio during Brazil/World hour, and Richard Elliot during Groove Hour.

A few other points of  note:
  • I'm still very much enjoying big band/large ensemble music from Jim Waller, Antonio Adolfo, the Uptown Jazz Tentet, Josie Falbo, Andrew Neu, and now the 14 Jazz Orchestra.
  • Lori Bell and Ron Satterfield's ode to James Taylor is still getting airtime after coming in nearly a year ago. This is a great CD.
  • Check out the Mads Vinding number during hour two. Not only is the bass playing exceptional, but listen to the piano playing of Enrico Pieranunzi! It's an energetic take on an old ballad.
  • If you like Sade, you might enjoy Alicia Olatuja's version of the Sade hit No Ordinary Love during Groove Hour.

You might consider sending me some email (marty@wicn.org) and let me know how I'm doing. I do hope you are enjoying the show and also these notes. 




HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

  1. Alan Pasqua-Northern Lights-06 Hope-2017
  2. Alan Broadbent\Songbook - with Georgia Mancio\Forever 2015
  3. George Kahn Quartet-DreamCatcher-10 EVA-2020
  4. Adam Glaser Trio-Wide Awake-03 I Got a Name-2020
  5. Dan Baraszu and Dave Ellington - Organ Trio - For Us 2014
  6. Al Di Meola-Across the Universe-11 Julia-2020
  7. Judy Wexler feat Alan Pasqua\Crowded Heart\Stars 2019
  8. Peter Eldridge-Decorum-Surrender 2005
  9. Paul Combs-Unknown Dameron-06 Never Been in Love 2019 feat Danielle Wertz
  10. The Vivino Sisters-DNA-03 Who We Are 2019
  11. Sheléa-Pretty World-05 What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life 2018
  12. Carol Welsman-I Like Men- Reflections of Miss Peggy Lee-10 Dance on Your Own 2009

HOUR TWO: New For You

  1. The 14 Jazz Orchestra\Cartoon Bebop\I'm All Smiles 2021
  2. Brandi Disterheft\Surfboard\12 Where or When 2020
  3. Jim Waller\Bucket List\Waltz for Laura 2020
  4. Antonio Adolfo - Bruma - Celebrating Milton Nascimento - 06 - Tres Pontas 2020
  5. George Kahn Quartet-DreamCatcher-10 Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight 2020
  6. Lori Bell,Ron Satterfield-Close Your Eyes James Taylor Reimagined-08 Mud Slide Slim-2020
  7. Mads Vinding, Alex Riel, Enrico Pieranunzi-05 My Foolish Heart (1997)
  8. Uptown Jazz Tentet-What's Next-01 Uptown Bass Hit-2020
  9. Zoe Scott\Shades of Love\This Girl's In Love With You 2021
  10. The 14 Jazz Orchestra\Cartoon Bebop\Infant Eyes 2021
  11. Brandi Disterheft\Surfboard\Surfboard 2020
  12. Gregory Porter-All Rise-11 Phoenix-2020

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

  1. Hendrik Meurkens-Manhattan Samba-01 Clear of Clouds-2020
  2. Claudio Roditi-Simpatico-11 Vida Nova 2010
  3. Zoe Scott\Shades of Love\Wave 2021
  4. Jim Waller\Bucket List\01 Samba For Suzell 2020
  5. The Brazilian Trio-Aguas Brasileiras-06 Baden-2020
  6. Nina Ernst\A Diva's Mind\Mambo Italiano 2020
  7. Chiara Civello-Canzoni-16 Mentre tutto scorre 2014
  8. Josie Falbo\You Must Believe In Spring\Tristeza 2020
  9. Andrew Neu\Catwalk\Zebrano 2018
  10. Fleurine-Brazilian Dream Blooms-02 Dreaming-2020

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

  1. Richard Elliot\Snapshot\Elegant People feat Rick Braun 2021
  2. Chris Standring-Real Life-01-is-there-a-doctor 2020
  3. Justin Lee Schultz\Gruv Kid\Better Days 2020
  4. Brian Simpson-Unified-09 Cafe Du Monde 2020
  5. Cassandre McKinley-Til Tomorrow- Remembering Marvin Gaye-14 If This World Were Mine 2006
  6. Chuck Loeb-All There Is-02 Sierra Nevada 2002
  7. Alicia Olatuja-Intuition Songs From The Minds Of Women-02 No Ordinary Love 2019
  8. Incognito-In Search of Better Days-09 Echoes of Utopia 2016
  9. Planet Zu\In The Light Of Day\Morning_Song
  10. Richard Elliot\Snapshot\Walk With Me 2021
  11. Andrew Neu-Everything Happens for a Reason-06 Night Of The Mojito 2013
  12. Chris Standring-Sunlight-04 The Revisit (Featuring Bob James) 2018


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