Focus: Piano Trios

Air Date: 1/24/2021

I love a good piano trio. As you may know, you'll always hear a few during Your Contemplative Morning. But I got a little tired of holding back all the time, so here goes. Today's focus will be the piano trio, with the first hour dedicated to that marvelous collection of instruments: piano, bass, and drums. 

There will be a few exceptions. For example, Helio Alves features acoustic guitar on his album Musica. But it's Romero Lubambo! And Bob James' beautiful One Afternoon features a background of lush synthetic strings, but I guess that can be considered keyboard, no?

The hour opens with one of my favorites, a song written in 1954 by Arthur Schwartz and played here by the John Harrison Trio. The rest of the hour continues with one great track after another. Look at the list of piano players! And all of these tracks feature exceptional bass and drum playing as well. For example, check out George Mraz's big fat bass sound on the Steve Kuhn number. Then you have Eddie Gomez with Eugene Maslov later in the hour.

During hour two we have a new CD from vocalist Sue Maskaleris. Also I dig a bit deeper into the new release from Randy Brecker and Eric Marienthal. And we just got in a CD that was released in 2015, a vocal from Georgia Mancio featuring Alan Broadbent on piano.

I have to say I am really enjoying the new release from the Uptown Jazz Tentet. Also, new release of the David K. Mathews vocal collection is one that I intend to give some more playing time. 

Brazil/World hour goes truly international with Camaroon-born multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Richard Bona. Coming after the classic trio sound of Claudio Roditi, Klaus Ignatzek, and Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Bona sounds unique as always, and sings in his native tongue. 

You'll definitely want to stick around for the Gal Costa track, one of those Brazilian songs that has 'that sound,' which you'll definitely recognize.

Richard Elliot
Tom Ranier's great new version of Desifinado leads us into an Italian song from Andrea Bocelli, featuring  Stevie Wonder on harmonica. Then you'll hear Eddie Gomez again on a Portuguese track by pianist/vocalist Tania Maria, and a bit later you have a French number from vocalist/pianist Carol Welsman.

Groove hour features new material just out a few days ago from Richard Elliot, a single called Snapshot. I'm still airing out the new release from Chris Standring, called Real Life.

That's it for now. Be well.


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning, Focus: Piano Trios

  1. John Harrison Trio Going Places 09 Alone Too Long
  2. Hélio Alves-Musica-05 Flor Das Estradas-2010
  3. Alan Pasqua-My New Old Friend-11 Smile-2005
  4. Steve Kuhn-Seasons Of Romance-02-Romance 1995
  5. The Ellis Marsalis Trio-The Ellis Marsalis Trio-01 Syndrome 1990
  6. Alan Broadbent-Better Days-09 Mendocino Nights 1992
  7. Bill Mays Trio-Going Home-03 Shohola Song 2003
  8. Bob James Trio-Espresso-04 One Afternoon 2018
  9. Christian Jacob-Contradictions- A Look at the Music of Michel Petrucciani-05 Brazilian Suite 2006
  10. Eugene Maslov-When I Need to Smile-09 Sweet Lana 1999
  11. Gary Brunotte-Smile-01 Ditty for the Kitty 2005

HOUR TWO: New For You

  1. Sue Maskaleris\Love is the Key\Fly Away 2021
  2. Randy Brecker and Eric Marienthal-Double Dealin'-04 Mind the Fire (For Chuck)-2020
  3. Jeff Ellwood\The Sounds Around The House\U-R 2020
  4. Uptown Jazz Tentet-What's Next-04 Change-2020
  5. Alan Broadbent\Songbook - with Georgia Mancio\2. The Last Goodbye (Broadbent_Mancio,Songbook album) 2015
  6. Steve Kuhn Trio Love Walked In 02 Land Of The Living Dead 1998
  7. Antonio Adolfo-Hybrido - From Rio To Wayne Shorter-03 Beauty And The Beast 2017
  8. David K Mathews\The Fantasy Vocal Sessions Vol. 2\Tk 1 For The Love Of You 2020
  9. Kenny Washington\What's the Hurry\Invitation 2020

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

  1. Roditi Ignatzek Rassinfosse-Light In The Dark-13 Amor Da Nada 2005
  2. Richard Bona-Reverence-02 Bisso Baba (Always Together) 2001
  3. Putumayo Presents-Acoustic Brasil-01 Gal Costa - Aquele Frevo Axe 2005
  4. Tom Ranier\This Way\Desafinado 2020
  5. Andrea Bocelli-Amore-09 Canzoni Stonate (feat. Stevie Wonder on Harmonica) 2006
  6. Tania Maria-Tempo-07 Bronzes E Cristais 2011
  7. Ivan Lins-I'm Not Alone-09 Noturna 1996
  8. Brazilian Trio-Forests-09 Flying Over Rio 2008
  9. Brian Simpson-08 Rio Sway (2015)
  10. Carol Welsman-Carol Welsman-03 Dans Cette chambre 2007
  11. Clara Moreno-Meu Samba Torto-13 Ela Vai Pro Mar 2006
  12. Earl Klugh-The Best Of Earl Klugh Vol. 1-07 Angelina 1991

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

  1. Richard Elliot-Snapshot-Snapshot-2021 (single)
  2. Andrew Neu-Everything Happens for a Reason-11 Date Night 2013
  3. Randy Brecker and Eric Marienthal-Double Dealin'-09 Jetlagged-2020
  4. Gregory Porter-Take Me To The Alley-14 Insanity (2016)
  5. Chris Standring\Real Life\04-in-other-words-M 2020
  6. Euge Groove\Sing My Song\Of Course 2020
  7. Najee-My Point of View-08 Emotional 2005
  8. Rick Braun-Around the Horn-01-So Strong 2017
  9. Rick Braun-Crossroads-05 I Wish 2019
  10. Will Downing-Soul Survivor-03 I'm Feeling The Love 2017
  11. Brian Simpson-Unified-04 Fired Up 2020
  12. Pieces of a Dream-Just Funkin' Around-06 A New Day 2017


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