Best of 2020, Part 2

Air Date: 1/10/2020

Clockwise From Left: Frank Kohl, Daniel Nissenbaum's Duotrio, Jeff Hamilton, Luba Mason, Otmaro Ruiz and Bruno Mangueira, Vanderlei Pereira, Douglas Olsen.
I hope you were able to hear Part 1 from last week. The response was enormous and thank you so much! I can't tell you how satisfying it is to put these shows together for you. 
The level of talent in the jazz world today is astounding. And if you listen carefully to this music, you will find copious rewards. But you know that already.

This week we'll have some overlap in terms of a few artists who also appeared last week. However, there is a whole new batch of material to digest. 
Pianist Yoko Miwa starts us off with a single from her upcoming CD Songs of Joy, to be released in February.  This is a good place to say thank you Yoko for your Friday night Facebook concerts from home during the beginning of the pandemic. Way to go Yoko!

We have fine guitar work during hour one, kicking off with a self-released CD of solo guitar from Frank Kohl. Lee Ritenour's new one, called Dreamcatcher, consists of mostly acoustic material, typically on the more mellow side. And then we have Chris Standring's version of the Bach Prelude for Cello Suite No. 1.

You may be familiar with the Bach piece as played by Yo-Yo Ma on the originally-intended instrument. I have heard that piece by other very well-known cellists, and none compare to Yo-Yo Ma's version. Have a listen to the cello work and contrast with what Chris Standring does with it on guitar. Either way, it is a beautiful and inspiring piece.

Lorca Hart
We have a several superb drummers in the the show. 
Joe Farnsworth and Jeff Hamilton are absolute professionals, and you'll enjoy both of their tracks that I have for you.
Midway through the first hour we have Lorca Hart and his trio, featuring saxophonist Ralph Moore. 
I just had to reproduce the image from an earlier blog, showing Lorca with that look - you know, when cosmic alignment occurs within the confines of a jazz ensemble. Man I wish I was at that gig! You'll like the original Duke and Billy from Josh Nelson, the pianist on the release. 
And what a talent we have in Josh Nelson. He is in great demand, and rightly so. Listen to the wonderful arrangement of Duke and Billy, and keep that in mind when you listen during hour 2 to his work with vocalist Mon David. 

Speaking of pianists, you'll hear more fine talent in Billy Childs on the title track from his latest release, Acceptance. John DiMartino gets another listen from his tribute to Billy Strayhorn Passion Flower, featuring Eric Alexander on a few tracks. There's Adam Glaser and his trio, new to me and quite good.  

Also of interest during hour one is the jazz waltz original TJ by Javon Jackson that highlights pianist Jeremy Manasia in trio format, minus Jackson for this one track.

I have to admit, there aren't quite the typical number of vocalists in 2020's crop of top artists. I did cover several in last week's show, including of course the unmatched talent named Gregory Porter, as well as Paulette McWilliams, Sinne Eeg, and a few others. 
This week we have the one-of-a-kind vocalist Mon David. If you have never heard him, prepare for a sound that is completely original.

Also on the agenda is vocalist Annette Murrell, who accompanies Keith Oxman and Houston Person on the ballad Everything Happens to Me. During Brazil/World hour you'll hear Luba Mason sing the classic Waters of March. And then in Groove Hour we have Tony Lindsay, who sings So Sweetly written by Ray Obeido.

The decision is in: Next week's show includes Part 3 of the Best of 2020. There is that much great material to play for you. Also I will feature a discussion with an artist that many of you know and love, who hails from the Big Apple and plays one of the more interesting instruments from which the sound of jazz has issued forth. 

Until the next time, health and happiness to you in 2021.


HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

  1. Yoko Miwa Trio\Songs of Joy\05 The Lonely Hours 2020
  2. Frank Kohl - Solitude - City Lights 2020
  3. Billy Childs-Acceptance-02 Acceptance-2020
  4. Lee Ritenour-dreamcatcher-11 storyteller-2020
  5. Lorca Hart Trio feat Ralph Moore\Colors of Jazz\Duke and Billy 2020
  6. Lynne Arriale Trio-Chimes of Freedom-10 American Tune-2020
  7. Pete Malinverni & Julie Kurtzman\Candlelight Love In the Time of Cholera\Candlelights 2020
  8. Chris Standring\Real Life\Bach Prelude Cello Suite 2020
  9. John Dimartino-Passion Flower-14 Lotus Blossom-2020
  10. Joe Farnsworth-Time to Swing-09 Star Crossed Lovers-2020
  11. Javon Jackson-Deja Vu-06 TJ-2020
  12. Art Bergeron\Cheap Thrills\3. Widow's Walk 2020

HOUR TWO: New and Newer, Plus

  1. Adam Glaser Trio-Wide Awake-02 November-2020
  2. Mon David & Josh Nelson\DNA\11 I Chose The Moon 2020
  3. Daniel Nissenbaum\In the Bright and Deep\03 Ach Kesem 2020
  4. Seba Molnar-Level Up-02 Level Up-2020
  5. Eddie Henderson-Shuffle and Deal-05 Cook's Bay-2020
  6. Keith Oxman\Two Cigarettes\03 Everything Happens to Me 2020
  7. Randy Brecker and Eric Marienthal-Double Dealin'-07 True North-2020
  8. Bobby Watson-Keepin' It Real-04 Someday We'll All Be Free-2020
  9. Douglas Olsen\2 Cents\04 Rat-Race 2020
  10. Karl Sterling\Karl Sterling\08 Little Star 2020
  11. Jeff Hamilton\Catch Me If You Can\Catch Me If You Can 2020

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

  1. Otmaro Ruiz, Bruno Mangueira\Essência\06 The Simple Life 2020
  2. Ricardo Grilli\1962\07 Lunàtico 2020
  3. Andrea Brachfeld-Brazilian Whispers-09 Girl From Ipanema 2020
  4. Lolly Allen-Coming Home-08 Mambo Inn 2020
  5. Luba Mason\Triangle\Waters of March 2020
  6. Stephane Spira\Improkofiev\4-master 2_Gymnopédie n°1 2020
  7. Chico Pinheiro\City Of Dreams\09 Vila Madalena 2020
  8. Michael Wolff-Bounce-08 Milton 2020
  9. Ken Fowser-Morning Light-07 That Was Then-2020
  10. John Fedchock\Into The Shadow\Manaus 2020

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

  1. Peter Bernstein-What Comes Next-01 Simple As That-2020
  2. Alexa Tarantina-ReachWithin-09 Send One Your Love 2020
  3. Idle Hands-Solid Moments-07 You And I-2020
  4. Brian Simpson-Unified-03 What the Wind Knows 2020
  5. Najee-Center of the Heart-01 Bella Vista 2019
  6. Vincent Ingala-Echoes Of The Heart-02 Maybe You Think-2020
  7. Al Di Meola-Across the Universe-11 Julia-2020
  8. David K Mathews\The Fantasy Vocal Sessions Vol. 2\Tk 5 So Sweetly 2020
  9. Euge Groove\Sing My Song\The Journey Ahead 2020
  10. Chris Standring\Real Life\02-out-of-the-blue-M 2020
  11. Randy Brecker and Eric Marienthal-Double Dealin'-01 Double Dealin'-2020
  12. Kim Waters\Shakedown\With Open Arms 2020


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