Finding The Best, For You

Air Date: 12/6/2020

It's really what the Sunday Jazz Brunch is all about. Finding the best new jazz that is out there. For you. 

Tune in to the SJB at any given moment during the four hours of the show, and it is likely you will hear a track that was released just this year, by a living artist that you can probably see perform somewhere. It feels like we are on a voyage of discovery together. 

A CD comes into the studio from a group with the name Idle Hands - how interesting. Jazz groups typically are named for the lead artist, so right there we have something of an oddity. 

Let's see who is on it. Oh, there's Behn Gillece. I've heard his excellent vibes playing through the years.

And there's Boris Kozlov. I know the name. And Art Hirahara has played on a few CDs that I liked. I can't remember which ones but I do remember that I liked Mr. Hirahara and that he had a few of his own good releases.

So I'm convinced, and I take a listen. That would be a speed listen - no time to mull each tune as I have quite a number of new CDs to check out. But the speed listen reveals at least two tracks that would fit nicely into the first two hours of the show. 

Because of this, the rest of the CD will get a more in-depth listen. And you'll hear Stevie Wonder's You and I during Hour Two.

That's a rough summary one instance of  new material selection. To be honest, I'm not sure if this interests you. But I thought that if you really love jazz the way I do, then it is totally worth tuning in to hear the latest. 

It seems to me unlikely that you would have heard of Idle Hands. I certainly had not prior to receiving this CD. But now we both know about them. And you can hear them this Sunday through the miracle of radio and the internet. That's got to be worth something.

Which leads me to our Twelve Days of Giving fund drive. 

When you tune in this Sunday you'll hear all the great new music to which you have been accustomed. And when you listen to WICN I am betting that you will feel it obvious that this radio station is a real gem, a very valuable service that all jazz lovers can use and enjoy.

Can you support us? Can you donate any amount?  

OK, let's have some fun. Will you accept the following dare? 

I dare you to make a pledge to support WICN if you really like at least a couple of new songs you hear on the SJB this coming Sunday.

To pledge your support during the show, you can go to our online form:

WICN Donation

Even better would be to phone in while the show is playing, as you might then have a chance to chat with one of our volunteers. I'm not sure about you but I love talking jazz!

A giant chunk of our revenue comes from listeners just like you. So we need you very much. Needless to say, we cannot do this without you!

Be well, and thanks for your support.



HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

  1. Phil Haynes-Daydream-06 Last Lullaby-2020
  2. Pete Malinverni\Candlelight Love In the Time of Cholera\Oblivion 2020
  3. Earl Klugh-Sounds And Visions Vol. 2-18 Postlude 1993
  4. Mon David-Coming True-07 Moonlight Suite- Moonlight-2009
  5. John Coltrane-John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman-06 Autumn Serenade-1963
  6. Rick Gallagher-Sweet Potato Eyebrows-09 My Heart Is With You 2002
  7. Brandi Disterheft\Surfboard\02 Prelude to Coup de Foudre 2020
  8. Kurt Elling-Flirting With Twilight-09 Blame It on My Youth 2001
  9. Eddie Daniels-Night Kisses-07 Cantor Da Noitge-2020
  10. Gregory Porter-All Rise-09 Modern Day Apprentice-2020
  11. Bob James Trio-Espresso-04 One Afternoon 2018
  12. Karrin Allyson-Collage-12 Live for Life 1996
  13. Leslie Odom Jr.-Mr-10 Entr'Acte (The Joyful Messenger) 2019
  14. Earl Klugh-Sounds And Visions Vol. 2-11 Interlude in E 1993

HOUR TWO: New and Newer, Plus

  1. Stephane Spira\Improkofiev\4-master 2_Gymnopédie n°1 2020
  2. Uptown Jazz Tentet-What's Next-04 Change-2020
  3. George Kahn Quartet-DreamCatcher-02 JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS-2020
  4. Kandace Springs-The Women Who Raised Me-01 Devil May Care-2020
  5. Jeff Ellwood\The Sounds Around The House\07_Barcelona 2020
  6. Idle Hands-Solid Moments-07 You And I-2020
  7. Bobby Watson-Keepin' It Real-04 Someday We'll All Be Free-2020
  8. Tom Ranier\This Way\04 Yes Kloose 2020
  9. Douglas Olsen\2 Cents\02 2 Cents 2020
  10. Lee Ritenour-dreamcatcher-11 storyteller-2020
  11. Kenny Washington-What's the Hurry-07 Invitation-2020

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

  1. Keith Oxman\Two Cigarettes\05 Bossa For Baby 2020
  2. Dan Costa - Live in California - Garota De Ipanema 2020
  3. João Gilberto-João-07 You Do Something to Me 1991
  4. Charlie Byrd-Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros-09 Bim Bom 1963
  5. Charlie Byrd-Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros-11 Ela Me Deixou (She Has Gone) 1963
  6. Phil Haynes-Daydream-08 Bossa 21-2020
  7. Behn Gillece-Walk of Fire-02 Fantasia Brasileria 2017
  8. Phil Haynes-Daydream-08 Bossa 21-2020
  9. Al Jarreau-09 Brazilian Love Affair , Up From the Sea , It Arose and Ate Rio in One Swift Bite (2014)
  10. Chico Pinheiro-City of Dreams-10 Farol 2020
  11. Tanaóra-Día Real-04 Dia Real-2009
  12. Carol Welsman-Journey-06 Volons Vers La Lune 2012
  13. Chiara Civello-Canzoni-14 Senza fine 2014
  14. Joe Carter-Two for Two-11 Estrada Do Sol 2001

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

  1. Jazz In Pink featuring Gail Jhonson - Roll Out 2020
  2. Gregory Porter-All Rise-11 Phoenix-2020
  3. Brian Simpson-Unified-10 A Distant Love 2020
  4. Carol Welsman-Carol Welsman-06 Cafe 2007
  5. Leslie Odom Jr.-Mr-13 Freedom 2019
  6. Brian Bromberg-Jaco-02 Continuum 2002
  7. Phil Perry-09 Dreaming's Out Of Season (2015)
  8. Euge Groove - Sing My Song - Rise  2020
  9. Andrew Neu-Everything Happens for a Reason-04 Orchestral Prelude to What Would I Do 2013
  10. Andrew Neu-Everything Happens for a Reason-05 What Would I Do 2013
  11. Andy Narell-The Long Time Band-02 Jenny's Room 1995
  12. Anita Baker-Rhythm of Love-01 Rhythm of Love 1994
  13. The Sax Pack-Power of 3-01 Sooner Or Later 2015



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