McCoy Tyner  (1938–2020)  

Air Date: 11/8/2020   

Like many jazz fans, I was introduced to McCoy Tyner via John Coltrane and his famous 1961 quartet, which also featured Elvin Jones and Reggie Workman. Although Coltrane was a powerful artist whose sound was great no matter who he was playing with,  I always felt that he sounded his best when McCoy was on the keys. And I share the opinion of many that Coltrane's finest moments were often with this particular quartet.

Tyner's comping and solos with Coltrane were simply perfect. A good example would be on the well-known album Ballads, released in 1961, featuring Jimmy Garrison as well as Workman on bass. The album received the Grammy Hall of Fame award in 2008, for being a recording of "lasting historical significance." 

On the next edition of the Sunday Jazz Brunch, you'll hear a track from Mr. Tyner's 1997 release What the World Needs Now: The Music of Burt Bacharach. As you may have noticed if you listen to the Sunday Jazz Brunch much, is that now and then I enjoy playing lush orchestral music during your Contemplative Hour. The track A House Is Not a Home fits the bill perfectly, and Mr. Tyner's playing, along with the sound of the beautiful string orchestra, will have you in deep contemplation!

Patricia Barber opens up the hour. Her release Nightclub is a favorite of audiophiles, because it is so well engineered and also there are just a few instruments, so the sound is very clean and crisp. Next up is vocalist Lauren Henderson's slow and very pretty version of Blossom Dearie's dreamy Inside a Silent Tear. And then we hear Forgotten, an emotional song from Lili Anel, followed by Mr. Tyner's track. This first set then closes down with Earl Klugh and you will feel like you have just heard some outstanding and rather emotional music.

During new music hour I have new material from Josie Falbo. Her new release You Must Believe In Spring has a really interesting sound. It veers between old-time big band sound with vocals, and straight ahead Brazilian jazz. The arrangements are wonderful, the band is tight, and Ms. Falbo's interpretations are unique. 

Also I have a fine new pianist, Adam Glaser, who is also a conductor and composer. There's more Gregory Porter of course, with his new CD All Rise, Eddie Daniels on clarinet, a great vocal from Jenna Mammina, and more from Mike Metheny.

Brazil/World hour opens with pianist Al Daniels, from his new release Brasiliana. I've got a very well engineered CD from Carol Bach-Y-Rita. 


Also featured is a track from Leny Andrade, described by Tony Bennett as the "Ella Fitzgerald of Brazil." After Ms. Andrade I have a really pretty song from Luiz Bonfá.

Highlights from groove hour include Fourplay, Rick Braun Carol Welsman, Najee, Phil Perry, Chris Standring, and David Sanborn. Included is brand new music from Jazz in Pink.

You know, I do really enjoy hearing from you. Shoot me an email ( if you like. 

I hope you and yours are safe and healthy. 



HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

  1. Patricia Barber-Nightclub-10 So in Love 2000
  2. Lauren Henderson-Arnane-07 Inside a Silent Tear 2018
  3. Lili Anel-Another Place, Another Time-04 Forgotten 2017
  4. McCoy Tyner-What The World Needs Now - The Music of Burt Bacharach-06 A House is Not a Home 1997
  5. Earl Klugh-HandPicked-09 But Beautiful 2013
  6. Alan Broadbent-Developing Story-07 Lady in the Lake 2917
  7. Carol Welsman-I Like Men- Reflections of Miss Peggy Lee-06 Why Don't You Do Right 2009
  8. Steve Kuhn Trio Love Walked In 09 Lines 1998
  9. Lorca Hart Trio\Color of Jazz\Dew Drop 2020
  10. Mark Sherman-Family First-04 With Hope 2007
  11. New York Voices-A Day Like This-06 Love You Madly 2007
  12. Nicole Henry-The Very Thought of You-08 All the Way 2008
  13. Joanna Tatham-The Rings of Saturn-02 Summer in New York 2018

HOUR TWO: New and Newer, Plus

  1. Josie Falbo\You Must Believe In Spring\07 Heaven 2020
  2. Adam Glaser Trio-Wide Awake-02 November-2020
  3. Gregory Porter-All Rise-10 Everything you Touch-2020
  4. Paulette McWilliams\A Woman's Story\04 - Chasing The Sun 2020
  5. Eddie Daniels-Night Kisses-13 Ivante-2020
  6. Saltman Knowles\Its About The Melody\Brighter Days 2020
  7. Bill Cunliffe Trio-Sunrise Over Molokai-03 Here's That Rainy Day 2019
  8. Jenna Mammina-Inner Smile-03 I Found You 2004
  9. Mike Metheny-Old Wine,New Bossa-12 From Then 'Til Now-2011
  10. Gregory Porter-All Rise-11 Phoenix-2020
  11. Tom Ranier\This Way\Yes Kloose 2020

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

  1. Al Daniels\Brasiliana\ 09 Viaje al Mar 2020
  2. Paulette McWilliams\A Woman's Story\07 - In The Name Of Love 2020
  3. John Carrozza\Defining Moment\03 Reflections
  4. Bill Cunliffe-Bill in Brazil-03 Leblon 1995
  5. Carol Bach-Y-Rita-Minha Casa , My House-01 Morning Coffee 2016
  6. Eliane Elias-09 Driving Ambition (2015)
  7. Kristine Mills-Bossanovafied-05 Burden of Choice 2009
  8. Leny Andrade- Bossas Novas-Bossas novas-08 o chines e a bicicleta 1998
  9. Leny Andrade- Bossas Novas-Bossas novas-01 e nada mais 1998
  10. Luiz Bonfá-The Bonfá Magic-12 Almost in Love [Instrumental] 1992
  11. Carmen Cuesta-Mi Bossa Nova-08 Tormenta 2010
  12. Tom Ranier\This Way\08 Desafinado 2020
  13. Chiara Civello-Last Quarter Moon-01 Here Is Everything 2005

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

  1. Fourplay\Esprit de Four\04 Sonnymoon (2012)
  2. Jazz Funk Soul-Life And Times-08 Room W Vu 2019
  3. Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance-01 Morning Dance 1979
  4. Rick Braun-Crossroads-09 Come With Me 2019
  5. Carol Welsman-Carol Welsman-10 With Me 2007
  6. Jazz In Pink featuring Gail Jhonson - Joy Joy! -  featuring Kim Waters 2020
  7. Jimmy Cobb's Mob-Cobb's Groove-05 Jet Stream 2003
  8. Ken Navarro-Slow Dance-07 Slow Dance 2002
  9. Najee\The Morning After\02 Rendezvous (2013)
  10. Phil Perry-Breathless-01-Breathless
  11. Chris Standring-Sunlight-05 No Explanation (Featuring Mica Paris) 2018
  12. David Sanborn-Time And The River-03 Drift 2015
  13. Euge Groove-Born 2 Groove-04 Slow Jam (2007)



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