The Metheny Brothers 

Air Date: 10/25/2020 

On flugelhornist Mike Metheny's collection CD Old Wine, New Bossa (2011) - his tenth album as lead - there is one track that features his younger brother, Pat. You might have heard of the guitarist.

The next edition of The Sunday Jazz Brunch opens with this track, Ta-Ta For Now, recorded in 2001. If you are familiar with brother Pat's work from the eighties through the early aughts, you'll recognize the sound right away. A gentle bossa, the song features nice key/synth work from Paul Smith. It perfectly introduces your Contemplative Hour.

So, why flugelhorn? Mike says he likes that it has a darker sound than the trumpet, and that many of his heroes played it - folks like Art Farmer, Clark Terry, and Freddie Hubbard. 

And as far as the EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument) is concerned, Mike calls it it a 'wind synthesizer,' and notes that it has similar but more complex fingering compared to trumpet and flugelhorn. With an entirely unique sound, of course.

We'll be hearing more of this CD over the next few shows, and so you'll get a chance to check out the sound of this interesting musical instrument. That's Mike playing EVI in the photo above.

Later in the show, during the final set in Groove Hour, we sample Pat Metheny's track The Girls Next Door from his 1995 release We Live Here. The song grooves nicely from the first note to the last.

Also noteworthy during the first hour: Check out the bass playing on Kurt Elling's And We Will Fly, the strings on Steve Kuhn's Promises Kept, Shirley Horn's version of Ivan Lins' The Island, and Vanessa Rubin singing a Tadd Dameron tune at the end of the hour.

During New Music Hour, I have a couple more from Tom Ranier's excellent new release This Way. Also I have the first spins of Alan Broadbent's new CD Trio In Motion. More to come about this fine piano player!

Brazil World Hour opens with that great sixties sound from Tom Ranier on his version of Desafinado. Josie Falbo has new material from her latest You Must Believe In Spring. I've got a great Alfredo Cardim number followed by one of my favorite Brazilian singers, Carmen Cuesta.

Groove hour opens with a bunch of really great guitar players. I've liked Chuck Yamek ever since his CD Feels so Right came out in 2003. His music is a bit inspirational - check out the organ intro to the title track. Chuck Loeb and Chris Standring round out the guitar segment.

The show ends with an interesting mix. We have a vocal duet of Dianne Reeves with Gregory Porter, a very cool urban sound from Kim Waters, new material from Euge Groove, Sade, some vintage Spyro Gyra, the Metheny number, then Najee's biggest hit - Champs Elysee. The show ends fittingly with Euge Groove's Last Call.

It's so much fun putting these shows together for you. I hope you enjoy the music of these great artists. 

Be well!



 HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

  1. Mike Metheny-Old Wine,New Bossa-11 Ta-Ta For Now-2011 feat Pat Metheny
  2. Ashley Locheed & Chris Rottmayer-So In Love-07 Summer Wind-2020
  3. Kurt Elling-Nightmoves-06 And We Will Fly 2007
  4. Chris Standring-Blue Bolero-06 Regarding Tetchwick
  5. Steve Kuhn with Strings-Promises Kept-10-Pastorale
  6. Gregory Porter-All Rise-04 If Love Is Overrated-2020
  7. Francesco Cataldo\Giulia\05 Two ways (F.Cataldo piano solo) 2020
  8. Lynne Arriale Trio-Inspiration-04 A House Is Not a Home 2002
  9. Shirley Horn-Loving You-09 The Island 1997
  10. Silvio Amato\Variations of Relevance\07 Sonnet Melancholia 2020
  11. Sheléa-Pretty World-03 Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way 2018
  12. Vanessa Rubin-The Dream Is You Vanessa Rubin Sings Tadd Dameron-09 Reveries Do Come True (The Dream Is You) 2018

HOUR TWO: New and Newer, Plus

  1. Tom Ranier\This Way\03 This Way 2020
  2. Alan Broadbent Trio-Trio In Motion-02 I Hear You-2020
  3. Gregory Porter-Be Good-05-The Way You Want to Live 2012
  4. Massimo Biolcati-Incontre-05 Duke Ellington's Sound of Love 2020
  5. Tom Ranier\This Way\04 Yes Kloose 2020
  6. Gregory Porter-All Rise-10 Everything you Touch-2020
  7. Alan Broadbent-Better Days-01 Sonny's Step 1992
  8. Earl Klugh-Sounds And Visions Vol. 2-11 Interlude in E 1993
  9. Antonio Adolfo - Bruma - Celebrating Milton Nascimento - 02 - Nada Sera Como Antes
  10. Lori Bell,Ron Satterfield-Close Your Eyes James Taylor Reimagined-06 Shower the People-2020
  11. Judy Wexler\Crowded Heart\Crowded Heart 2019
  12. Earl Klugh-HandPicked-15 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 2013

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

  1. Tom Ranier\This Way\08 Desafinado 2020
  2. Josie Falbo\You Must Believe In Spring\Tristeza 2020
  3. Chico Pinheiro\City Of Dreams\06 Invisible Lights 2020
  4. Dan Costa\Suite Três Rios\02 Chorinho
  5. Eliane Elias-Love Stories-03 Bonita 2019
  6. Graciliano Zambonin\Angico\01 Angico (Angico Tree) 2020
  7. Antonio Adolfo - Bruma - Celebrating Milton Nascimento - 04 - Cancao do Sal (Salt Song) 2020
  8. Karrin Allyson-Imagina- Songs of Brazil-01 A Felicidade (Happiness) 2008
  9. Dan Costa\Live in California\05 Sete Enredos v2 2020
  10. Alfredo Cardim Trio-05 Batida Diferente (1995)
  11. Carmen Cuesta-Mi Bossa Nova-11 Meditaçao 2010

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

  1. Chuck Yamek-Feels So Right-01 Feels So Right (Intro) 2003
  2. Chuck Yamek-Feels So Right-02 Feels So Right 2003
  3. Chuck Loeb-When I'm With You-03 Uppercut 2005
  4. Chris Standring\Don't Talk, Dance!\02 Inside Outside (2014)
  5. Dianne Reeves-Beautiful Life-04 Satiated (Been Waiting) 2014 feat Gregory Porter
  6. Kim Waters-03 Rhythm and Romance (2016)
  7. Euge Groove\Sing My Song\Hey Boo 2020
  8. 03 Sade - Hang On to Your Love
  9. Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance-08 Little Linda 1979
  10. Pat Metheny Group-We Live Here-03 The Girls Next Door 1995
  11. Najee\The Morning After\06 Champs Élysée (2013)
  12. Euge Groove-Groove On-07 Last Call 2017


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