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Notes About the Sunday Jazz Brunch Radio Show

Tune in: Sunday September 27, 2020 8am - 12pm EDT 90.5 FM in Central Mass USA. Live Stream Here. Missed the show? Replay from Archives.
Gregory Porter has been nominated for a Grammy award six times, for Best Jazz Vocal Album, Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album, and Best Traditional R&B Performance. He won twice for the albums Liquid Spirit (2014) and Take Me To The Alley (2017).
The new CD is as good as the two Grammy winners, so there will be no surprise if he is nominated and maybe wins again. The CD is really great in the usual Gregory Porter way: nice mix of ballads and up-tempo numbers, great melodies, and powerful lyrics. You’ll notice that just about all of the songs are originals. The strings on a few of the ballads are delicious. The upcoming show contains a number of tracks from this fine new CD.
Another fine new release, The Women Who Raised Me, comes from vocalist Kandace Springs. Her last album, Soul Eyes, garnered a lot of attention, and not just from jazz fans. Her vocal style and choice of arrangements have a little bit of a pop feel, even though many of her songs might be considered jazz standards (Solitude, Devil May Care, The Nearness of You). She brings a fresh and inviting sound to these classic tunes.

Another vocalist of note with a new CD is Paulette McWilliams. Called A Woman’s Story (signalling a possible current theme), the release is quite good and I feature several tracks from it. 
Brand new music besides Porter and Springs is featured this week from The Adam Glaser Trio, Eddie Daniels, and Billy Childs.
Every now and then I like to throw in a great classic track or two. In hour one you’ll hear Johnny Hartman from 1964 release The Voice That Is!  I cannot get this song out of my head. I dare you to listen to the song toward the end of the first hour and see if you can get it out of your head either!
Have a great week and stay safe!

HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

  1. Adam Glaser Trio-Wide Awake-06 Before the Dawn-2020
  2. Gregory Porter-All Rise-04 If Love Is Overrated-2020
  3. Antonio Adolfo - Bruma - Celebrating Milton Nascimento - 07 - Cais 2020
  4. Eddie Daniels-Night Kisses-07 Cantor Da Noitge-2020
  5. Kandace Springs-The Women Who Raised Me-08 Solitude-2020
  6. Paulette McWilliams\A Woman's Story\07 - In The Name Of Love 2020
  7. John Carrozza\Defining Moment\05 The Promise
  8. Dan Baraszu and Dave Ellington - Organ Trio\06 For Us 2020
  9. Gregory Porter-All Rise-09 Modern Day Apprentice-2020
  10. Johnny Hartman-The Voice That Is!-06 The Day the World Stopped Turning-1994
  11. Carmen Lundy-Modern Ancestors-04 Flowers And Candles 2019

HOUR TWO: New and Newer, Plus

  1. Billy Childs-Acceptance-04 Do You Know My Name-2020
  2. Eddie Daniels-Night Kisses-03 Maos-2020
  3. Kandace Springs-The Women Who Raised Me-04 Pearls-2020
  4. Gregory Porter-All Rise-12 Merry Go Round-2020
  5. Graciliano Zambonin\Angico\Mung Beans 2020
  6. Paulette McWilliams\A Woman's Story\04 - Chasing The Sun 2020
  7. Lauren Henderson-The Songbook Session-01 While We're Young-
  8. Adam Glaser Trio-Wide Awake-08 Lullaby for A Littrle Boy-2020
  9. Kandace Springs-The Women Who Raised Me-05 Ex Factor-2020
  10. Seba Molnar-Level Up-05 A Town Walk-2020

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

  1. Luiz Bonfá-The Bonfá Magic-04 Fat Tuesday's Theme [Instrumental] 1992
  2. Ricardo Silveira-Noite Clara-06 Bom Partido ( From a Certain Kind of Samba) 2003
  3. Marisa Monte-Infinito Particular-02 Vilarejo 2006
  4. Carol Welsman-The Language of Love-12 Chanson De Maxence 2003
  5. Antonio Adolfo - Bruma - Celebrating Milton Nascimento - 06 - Tres Pontas 2020
  6. Diego Figueiredo-Compilation-02 Vivencia-2020
  7. Chico Pinheiro\City Of Dreams\06 Invisible Lights 2020
  8. Ivan Lins-Awa Yiô-10 Agua Doce (I Love You) - Spring Water 1993
  9. Vanderlei Pereira\Vision for Rhythm\03 - Chapéu Palheta 2020
  10. Hélio Alves-Musica-09 Chan's Song-2010
  11. Kenny Barron-Sambao-04 Belem 2008
  12. Jackie Ryan-Doozy (CD 2,2)-03 Brigas Nunca Mais, A Felicidade 2008

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

  1. Norman Brown\Heart To Heart\02 She's Mine 2020
  2. Ray Obiedo-Carousel-03 Villa Capri 2019
  3. Brian Simpson-Unified-05 Last Summer 2020
  4. Ken Navarro-All the Way-07 Bringing Down the House 2003
  5. Chris Standring\love-paragraphs\Cake
  6. Gregory Porter-All Rise-11 Phoenix-2020
  7. Chris Big Dog Davis - FOCUS - 09 - Fall Back - 2020
  8. Mike Ricchiuti-01 Forward Motion (2003)
  9. Najee-Rising Sun-08 Still in Love 2007
  10. Natalie Cole-10 Better Than Anything (feat. Diana Krall) (2002)
  11. Nnenna Freelon-Homefree-01 The Lamp Is Low 2010


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