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Notes About the Sunday Jazz Brunch Radio Show

Tune in: Sunday October 4, 2020 8am - 12pm EDT 90.5 FM in Central Mass USA. Live Stream Here. Missed the show? Replay from Archives.
A few weeks ago pianist Dan Costa sent me his latest CD Live in California, and I’m glad he did. Right away, while listening to his version of O Barquinho - the most famous song written by Roberto Menescal - I knew that Costa has a unique concept. Most versions of the song sound pretty much the same to me, always great since the song is so good, but here Costa just goes slightly somewhere that nobody else typically goes.
So after thoroughly enjoying Live in California, I beseeched Dan for his other releases, and you’ll hear samples from all three of them in this and following editions of the Sunday Jazz Brunch.

Dan’s debut came in 2016, with Suite Três Rios, recorded in Rio De Janeiro. The CD features top-flight musicians, such as Ricardo Silveira. And in 2018 while in Italy he recorded Skyness, with such talent as Romero Lubambo and none other than Roberto Menescal himself. Born into an Italian and Portuguese family, Costa must have really enjoyed his subsequent tour, around the world really. Just this year he recorded with the great Ivan Lins.

We continue with new material from some really great artists: Antonio Adolfo, Billy Childs, Eddie Daniels, Kandace Springs, Gregory Porter, Lori Bell and Ron Satterfield, Graciliano Zambonin, Al Daniels, Miguel de Leon, and a slew of other tremendous jazz artists. I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m very excited by the quality of the material I’m getting in.

 Thanks so much for tuning and, and I hope you are safe and in good health.

HOUR ONE: Contemplative Morning

  1. Antonio Adolfo-Tema-05 Alem Mares (Beyond Seas) 2015
  2. Billy Childs-Acceptance-04 Do You Know My Name-2020
  3. Antonio Adolfo-Tema-10 Variations on a Tema Triste 2015
  4. Eddie Daniels-Night Kisses-07 Cantor Da Noitge-2020
  5. Kandace Springs-The Women Who Raised Me-11 Killing Me Softly with His Song-2020
  6. Paulette McWilliams\A Woman's Story\09 - Life Is The Fountain 2020
  7. Lori Bell,Ron Satterfield-Close Your Eyes James Taylor Reimagined-09 Secret O' Life-2020
  8. Bill Cunliffe Trio-Sunrise Over Molokai-11 Aren't You Kind Of Glad We Did 2019
  9. Johnny Hartman-The Voice That Is!-06 The Day the World Stopped Turning-1994
  10. Stacey Kent-I Know I Dream-08 I Know I Dream 2017

HOUR TWO: New and Newer, Plus

  1. Jorge Garcia\Crossover\04 From The Beginning 2020
  2. Gregory Porter-All Rise-11 Phoenix-2020
  3. Adam Glaser Trio-Wide Awake-06 Before the Dawn-2020
  4. Brian Landrus\For Now\For Now 2020
  5. Orice Jenkins\Centennial Cole\sMILE 2019
  6. Antonio Adolfo - Bruma - Celebrating Milton Nascimento - 02 - Nada Sera Como Antes 2020
  7. Jorge Garcia\Crossover\03 Living In The Past 2020
  8. Ken Fowser-Morning Light-07 That Was Then-2019
  9. John Fedchock\Into The Shadow\03 Manaus 2020
  10. Joe Henderson-Page One-04 Recorda Me 1963

HOUR THREE: Brazil/World

  1. Kandace Springs-The Women Who Raised Me-07 Gentle Rain-2020
  2. Diego Figueiredo-Compilation-12 Estudion-2020
  3. Miguel De Leon\Malandro\10 Coraçao de Malandro 2020
  4. Jules Hay-From London To Little London-08 Accidental Citizen-2020
  5. Harold Lopez-Nussa-Te Lo Dije-07 Un Dia De Novembre-2020
  6. Chico Pinheiro\City Of Dreams\06 Invisible Lights 2020
  7. Dan Costa\Dan Costa Suite Três Rios\03 Samba 2020
  8. Eddie Daniels-Night Kisses-02 Pano de Fundo-2020
  9. Antonio Adolfo - Bruma - Celebrating Milton Nascimento - Caxanga 2020
  10. Dan Costa\Live in California\06 Barquinho 2020
  11. Diego Figueiredo-Compilation-08 Borboleta Azul-2020
  12. Graciliano Zambonin\Angico\02 Partiu, já foi 2020
  13. Al Daniels\Brasiliana\02 Con Pasion 2020

HOUR FOUR: Groove, Baby

  1. Citrus Sun feat Deborah Bond - Thinking of You (Radio Edit, Single) 2020
  2. Chris Big Dog Davis - FOCUS - Blue Light Special (feat. Kim Waters) - 2020
  3. Karl Sterling\Karl Sterling\05 For A Child
  4. Chris Standring\velvet\10_Victoria Road
  5. Euge Groove\Sing My Song\The Journey Ahead 2020
  6. Gregory Porter-All Rise-01 Concorde-2020
  7. Walter Beasley-In the Groove-04 Her Presence-2010
  8. Dan Costa\Skyness\01 Prologue
  9. Kirk Whalum-Romance Language-01 They Say It's Wonderful 2012
  10. Johnny Hartman-The Voice That Is!-10 Let Me Love You-1964
  11. Joyce Cooling\Living Out Loud EP\02 Marina's Dream 2020
  12. Leslie Odom Jr.-Mr-01 Stronger Magic 2019
  13. Marion Meadows-Soul City-01 Soul City 2018


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